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The Weekend Update


The journalists killed in Gaza — and what they tried to show the world

Journalists in Gaza have been killed covering the war and sheltering from it. Some have died with their colleagues; others, with their families. They tried to report any way they could,...

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2024 Wall Street Green Summit

The Super Bowl Ads, Ranked

The journalists killed in Gaza — and what they tried to show the world

Abu Dhabi AI Firm to Pare Back China Presence in Pivot to US

Trading Technologies expands into clearing technologies, services with acquisition of ATEO

Retail Traders Are Losing Billions in India’s Booming Options Market

Watch Out, There’s a New Short Volatility ‘Gone Too Far’ Trade In Town

How to do climate policy in the age of the green backlash

La Salle Street Blues

Barchart Announces Strategic Updates to Its Executive Leadership Team


Sally Duros

Miami International Holdings, Inc.

Corties Draper

Mike Gill


Two Retirees Consider Their Nightmare: What Will We Do if One of Us Dies First?

IMF warns that any action on Russian assets needs 'sufficient legal support'

There is No Way to Thank Everyone, but Some People Must be Mentioned

How Elon Musk quickly destroyed the Twitter that Jack Dorsey built

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From Humble Beginnings to Trading Success: The Journey of Leonard Kok

Leonard Kok came from a humble background, with working parents, and thought he might be a policeman when he grew up. However, when he went into the Army for his national service, he read that the highest paid people were not doctors or lawyers, but traders.

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There is No Way to Thank Everyone, but Some People Must be Mentioned

I wish I could share this news of my being named to the FIA Hall of Fame with my mother and father, but both have passed, my mother in 2022 and my father in 2003. Even though my father has been gone for nearly a generation, his light shines through me via his wisdom, tolerance, community service, faith and love of family. I always said that using both of my college degrees, one in finance, the other in journalism, made my mother happy. As a teacher, education was important to her. But my parents insisted the only thing they were going to give me besides love was an education and then I was on my own.

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The FIA sure knows a Hall of Fame Way to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day

The FIA sure knows how to say I love you on Valentine’s Day. Shortly after the newsletter was published yesterday, the FIA sent a press release announcing the names of the 2024 inductees into the Hall of Fame and my name was on the list. 

OK, I knew I was being named already because I was on the committee that picked the inductees. For the record, the committee did not hold a vote name by name, so I did not have to recuse myself on the vote. 

I was very pleased that two people I nominated were named to the Hall of Fame. This is not to say other people did not nominate these two also, but I nominated Leslie Sutphen and Wiliam J. Mallers, Sr. for the Hall of Fame. Mallers is a former employer of mine when I was at First American Discount, a firm he founded. 

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From Open Outcry to Electronic Evolution: Insights from Marcus Goi, CEO of Orient Futures International

In an Open Outcry Traders History Project interview conducted in Singapore during the FIA ASIA week, Marcus Goi, managing director and CEO of Orient Futures International, shared his career journey and insights into the evolution of electronic trading. The interview took place at SGX’s offices, with Robert Lothian from John Lothian News conducting the interview..

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