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"The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves."

Helen Keller

Spring, the Season of

Renewal and Growth!

Hello Sharon,

As we kick into Spring, we celebrate a new season filled with growth and optimism built on past successes!

The enrolment of younger students continues with 11 children now attending the primary class. With this success comes new funding challenges, including bringing onboard additional teaching support and a part-time psychologist. Extra curricular activities such as Chess Club, Karate, Coding Class and Art Class. as well as Vocational Training Workshops are, as you can imagine, very popular with the students. With the improvement of their physical and mental health, these activities are another important reason why the children continue to thrive at school.

August will also bring the second annual "Deaf Kids Science and Art Summer Camp". Children who are Deaf, our own students and many others from surrounding communities, are invited to be a part of a week of sharing and learning while having fun and building friendships. Last year's Summer Camp is attributed with bringing several new families to EEESMA who subsequently enrolled their children.

With your help we hope to continue to offer these highly beneficial educational and fun programs. We thank you for your past support.

I invite you to stay connected with the community we serve, please visit our website at and sign up for this, our quarterly newsletter. Your unwavering support fuels our endeavors and empowers our students to reach new heights.

With great appreciation,

John Doherty

Language Acquisition Project

Our latest razor-focused undertaking is gaining traction!

Because so many of the new enrollees at primary grade level have come with little to no sign language, primary teachers Laura and Eliel are starting the children from square one, language acquisition. As relatively new teachers themselves, developing their teaching and sign language skills is a priority for EEESMA.

To this end, we are again preparing for the return of Signs & professionals from the USA for their second "Training Teachers of Deaf Students in Mexico" conference this August. The week long seminar will include the EEESMA faculty as well as many other deaf educators and professionals from many cities in the State of Guanajuato. We anticipate over 30 attendees; creating a model for further development of Deaf Education in the State.

The creation of a Digital Mexican Sign Language Dictionary, a printed LSM Manual and "World Around You" storytelling reading programs are also a part of this meaningful project.

Escuela para Padres

As EEESMA broadens its reach, parents are joining their children at school.

Directora Juaniz is leading 12 bi-weekly classes for parents to help them better understand their Deaf child and the Deaf culture. Topics include: Navigating the Grieving Process When Your Child is Not Born Perfect, What Language Deprivation Means to a Child's Development, The Importance of Learning Sign Language, Parenting a Deaf Adolescent and How to Support Your Child with Homework.

Most importantly parents will be taught Mexican Sign Language at the appropriate level and receive a printed LSM Manual to help them and other family members with their communications.

So far the parents' involvement has been remarkable with over 30 family members attending!

Kudos to Directora Juaniz and her teaching team who designed and are running the classes. And, of course, to the parents for their participation!

Graduating to Teaching

Recent high school graduates Tony and Noelia, both in their early 20's, are eager to begin their new roles as teachers' assistants at EEESMA and also, we are excited to announce, as a married couple! Please join us in congratulating them on two very significant life events!

Noelia has eagerly taken on the role of assisting in primary class. Tony will take on the responsibility of assisting in high school class as well as the computer skills training class.

Who better than two young Deaf adults to "pay it forward" by learning to teach their underlings in their first language, Mexican Sign Language?!

We couldn't be prouder of you Noelia and Tony! It's been a long journey since you joined EEESMA together as fellow classmates 12 years ago to where you are today; reaching your personal goals of graduation and joining together as life partners.

You are an inspiration to the younger ones following in your paths. You are shining examples of how two Deaf students, with support to receive a good education, can succeed. Along with hard work and determination, you have developed into independent and productive citizens, poised to achieve and further your life goals. Well done! Felicidades!

You Can Be a

Student Scholarship Sponsor

With nine new primary students recently enrolled, resources are stretched.

You could play a big role in a child's development by offering to sponsor his/her education at EEESMA School for the Deaf. Remember, there is no government funding.

For as little as US$100/month or CDN$120/month, consider being that "special someone" helping to provide a youngster's education. Your help is guaranteed to change a life.

Please click on the Global Giving or the Amistad Canada button below to learn more about how to set up recurring monthly donations to support a student or if you prefer email Sharon at to discover more about the individual students needing sponsorship.

Volunteers Honored

It was hugs all around at the recent Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon held on March 21st for the many who generously offer their time and skills to EEESMA.

All at the school, including the board, teachers, staff and especially the students themselves, cannot thank you enough! Gracias!

Val Brodrick Joins the


It's with great pleasure that we announce Valerie Brodrick as the newest member of the Board of Directors volunteer team at EEESMA School for the Deaf.

Val brings insight, wisdom, knowledge and best of all a caring heart to the school. Her distinguished career as Special Education teacher and principal, not to mention raising four children of her own, provide valuable experience.

Thank you Val for offering your generous support!

Brayan Needs a Sponsor

Brayan, born on March 30th, 2017, lives in the city of Dolores Hidalgo, a 30-minute drive from San Miguel de Allende. Benefiting from the school's van transportation program, Brayan, together with other children from EEESMA School for the Deaf, commutes to and from school daily, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences.

Despite facing early challenges, including the adoption of a cochlear implant, Brayan's determination shines through. While adapting to oral communication presented formidable obstacles, Brayan's indomitable spirit is leading him to embrace the world of Mexican Sign Language, and his integration into the welcoming Deaf Community at EEESMA.

Exuberant and full of energy, Brayan has blossomed over the short time at school, finding comfort within his surroundings and forming meaningful connections with his peers, particularly his good friend Tadeo. His newfound agreeable and friendly demeanor reflects not only personal growth but also a genuine desire to connect with others. Navigating the intricacies of sign language, Brayan approaches each lesson with unwavering enthusiasm, absorbing every sign and gesture from his dedicated teachers and patient classmates.

The journey to proficiency may be gradual, but the transformative power of effective communication is poised to be lifechanging for him. Brayan's resilience and bright demeanor paint a promising picture of a future filled with limitless possibilities. As he continues to grasp the intricacies of sign language, the prospect of being understood and understanding others heralds a transformative chapter in Brayan's life, one that promises a future filled with connection and endless potential. 

Please consider sponsoring Brayan today. Thank you.

There are no government supported schools for the Deaf in the state of Guanajuato. Public schools offer little or no sign language instruction.

Opened in 2012, EEESMA offers kids who are Deaf a better chance in life.

We need your help to ensure EEESMA School for the Deaf continues to offer Deaf Education to children and young adults in the area.

There are no other options.

We are addressing the challenge to attract and retain well qualified teachers

with Mexican Sign Language skills by training the students themselves

to be teachers of the Deaf.

Please join us in continuing to build a great school for Deaf children.

Fundraising at EEESMA is accomplished exclusively by volunteers.




"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Sunitha B.

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