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Hamilton's Labour Force Information February 2023, Happy St. Patrick's Day, ABEA: Organizational Needs Assessment, Hiring In Hamilton, Happening in the Community: (Carmen's Hospitality Job Fair, Scotiabank Employment Information Session, Workshops for Seniors, Current Frauds Affecting Seniors, Income Tax Session for Newcomers, St. Charles Specialized Language Training Programs, Hamilton Public Library Now Hiring, HCCI Hamilton Youth Summit, ABEA: Better Jobs Ontario and News: "The hidden costs of workplace stress: Emotional trauma and its long-term effects" and "Creating a workplace learning and skills culture in 2023"

Labour Force February 2023

Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for February 2023

Review Hamilton's Annual Labour Force Stats for 2022

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day #HamOnt!

Did you know – Hamilton had an Irish population of 84,385 in 2021?

HYW wishes everyone a blessed St. Patrick's Day Weekend!

ABEA: Organizational Needs Assessment

Do you have skill gaps and retention issues in your company?

A successful employee is more likely to stay on the job and reduce your employee turn over. But sometimes skills gaps in communication, math or digital technology get in the way.

Through an organizational needs assessment we can create a customized training plan to increase your employees' skills now and for the future.

We partner with you to use your business as the foundation for skill-building. Your employees can get customized training to increase their skills, abilities and capacity for growth in your company.

Investing in learning helps your business grow and helps your employees feel valued. You are part of our community, and your success is our business.

Connect with ABEA today!

director@abea.on.ca 905-527-2222 x 1


Who's Hiring In Hamilton?

View WPH Job Board to explore more!

Canada Post is hiring for an Office Assistant.

Click here to view job posting!

Native Women's Centre is hiring a Brief Services Worker.

Click here to view job posting!

McMaster University is hiring a Parking Operations Supervisor.

Click here to view job posting!

Happening In The Community!

Carmen's Hospitality Job Fair



Presented by Carmen's Group

Date: April 5th, 2023

Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Carmen’s is owned and operated by Carmen’s Group, a leading

hospitality brand in Hamilton.

Established in 1978, Carmen’s Group has created some of the city’s

most beloved hospitality establishments: Carmen’s Banquet Centre,

the C Hotel by Carmen’s, Baci Ristorante, the Hamilton Convention

Centre, and Lakeview.

Scotiabank Employment Information Session

Scotiabank is a Canadian-headquartered bank with focus on high-quality growth markets in the Americas. Scotiabank is a top-five universal bank in each of its core

markets, and a top-15 wholesale bank in the U.S., delivering superior advice and services to help its customers get ahead.

In partnership with Scotiabank, VPI Employment Services

will be hosting a virtual information session on March

22nd, 2023 between 10:30am – 11:30am.

Workshops for Seniors

Are you an immigrant senior in Hamilton? Connect with the Hamilton Council on Aging!

The Hamilton Council on Aging (HCoA) is a non-profit charitable organization that was founded in 2005. A group of retired professionals, academics, and community leaders identified the need for an independent group that focuses on and addresses the systemic issues that affect the aging experience and recognized that some seniors fall through the cracks between existing agencies and government departments.

Check out these FREE upcoming workshops open for anyone 55+ on their dedicated EVENTS page!

Current Frauds Affecting Seniors

March is Fraud Prevention Month!

The theme for 19th edition of Fraud Prevention Month is “Tricks of the trade: What’s in a fraudster’s toolbox?”.  

This year’s campaign will expose fraudsters’ tricks, tools and tactics, to help equip Canadians their own toolbox to protect themselves.

Education and awareness are the strongest line of defence against fraud.

Join EAPOCNPEA and our partner the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) as we host an informative educational event for seniors, caregivers, and those working with older adults about the latest Frauds and Scams targeting seniors and how you can play a role to help stop fraudsters. 

Through highlighting stories of people who have become victims of fraud and scams, participants will be introduced to the different tactics and scams that older adults are falling prey to in Ontario.

Detective Constable John Armit of the Economic Crimes and Corruption Unit (ECCU – Ottawa), Anti-Rackets Branch (ARB), OPP along with OPP Constables Erin Fraser and Lisa Cruz from the Crime Prevention team at Ontario’s Serious Fraud Office will share prevention tips on how to recognize, reject and report fraud and provide participants with resources and supports.

Register early to join the conversation !

Register Now :  https://eapon.ca/Fraud_Affecting_Seniors_Webinar

Income Tax Session for Newcomers

JOIN Settlement program at the YWCA Hamilton will host an information session about Filing Income Tax in the next week. The guest speaker Nicole Patterson from the Canada Revenue Agency’s Outreach Program will provide important information on tax-related topics.

This session is available for newcomers who identify as women, gender-diverse, and non-binary.


The session will discuss the following topics:

  • Benefits and credits available, who & how to apply.
  • Canada's tax system.
  • Online services
  • Scams and frauds


Interpretation will be available from English to Ukrainian and vice versa.


Filing my income Tax

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Time: 3:00PM- 4:30PM

Location: At 75 MacNab St. S (Conference Room 5R) & Zoom Platform


For registration please click on REGISTER or scan the QR code on the attached poster.

St. Charles Specialized Language Training Programs

English for Everyday Living

Intro to Child & Youth Work Programs

ESL - Healthcare & Pre-PSW Class

English for Work

St. Charles will be offering many specialized ESL programs starting April 3. 

This includes

Hamilton Public Library Now Hiring

Looking for a summer job? The Hamilton Public Library is hiring ten Summer Literacy Workers. The role assists in planning the Library's Summer Reading Club and Reading Buddies Literacy programs, including conducting and promoting children's programming to the Hamilton community.

Applications are being accepted on or before March 31 at www.hpl.ca/jobs. 

HCCI Hamilton Youth Summit

The Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion's Black Youth Mentorship Program will be hosting the Hamilton Youth Summit for Community Building, a bilingual event, on March 30th, 2023, from 9 AM to 12 PM, at the Hamilton Public Library's Central Branch. The HYSCB is a unique event that will focus on empowering youth to use the tools in their communities to learn more about themselves, and the world around them. Through interactive workshops, engaging speakers, and opportunities for networking and collaboration, attendees will explore the importance of community building, identifying community needs, and developing community initiatives. 

Our aim for this event is to inspire young people to take an active role in shaping the future of our city while equipping them with the tools and resources necessary to make a positive impact. By bringing together a diverse group of youth from across Hamilton, we aim to create a dynamic and inclusive community that is stronger than ever. We believe that this event presents a fantastic opportunity for young people to connect with peers and learn from experienced community members, and gain valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to future endeavours.


ABEA: Better Jobs Ontario

Are you interested in training for a job?

ABEA will work with you to:

● find training programs

● explore the skills you'll need for the training

● develop a plan

● connect with an Employment Service to support you with your application

Contact us today!



#BetterJobsOntario #skillstraining #jobtraining


The hidden costs of workplace stress: Emotional trauma and its long-term effects

In today’s fast-paced and high-stress work environment, it’s not uncommon for individuals to experience workplace-induced emotional trauma. Workplace stress can have significant and long-term effects on individuals, including emotional trauma.

When people are subjected to toxic work environments, abusive supervision, or other forms of stress and trauma in the workplace, it can take a significant toll on their mental and emotional health. This can lead to a range of negative outcomes, including reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and higher levels of burnout and turnover.

The hidden costs of workplace stress extend beyond just physical and emotional exhaustion. Prolonged stress can have serious long-term health consequences, including heart disease, anxiety and depression. Toxic workplaces, imposter syndrome and burnout are just a few of the ways in which stress can have serious consequences for both individuals and organizations. As younger generations become more vocal about their struggles with mental health, the issue of workplace-induced trauma is gaining increased attention.

So, what can be done to address the hidden costs of workplace stress? This article aims to help you better understand workplace trauma and its impact, and provides several strategies to address it. 

Read more here!

Creating a workplace learning and skills culture in 2023

Nearly half of adult Canadians (48%) have literacy skills that fall below a high school level, which negatively affects their ability to function at work and in their personal lives. While research shows that people with lower literacy skills are more likely to be unemployed than those with higher skills, most of these individuals are indeed successfully employed – some for decades. Many are working in health-care settings, manufacturing plants and hospitality industries, and are coping well – until changing technology or other job demands reveal the limits of their skills.

The rise of automation

Some of the country’s biggest industries, including manufacturing, food services and retail, are shifting to automation. As a result, Canadians with lower literacy skills in positions most vulnerable to automation will have limited ability to transition to other jobs. According to the Conference Board of Canada, as many as one in five jobs in Canada are at risk of being automated.

In the past, many of Canada’s employment opportunities – such as natural resource-based work – didn’t require high literacy levels. However, as businesses begin to replace manual labour with new technologies and automation, literacy skills are now essential for most jobs in Canada.

The rise of automation will affect all jobs, not just those traditionally known as low-skilled jobs. All workers will need to be adaptable lifelong learners, as even the most low-skilled jobs will require a combination of transferable and specific skills.

Estimates say that around 84% of jobs in Canada currently require the use of a computer and basic technical skills and that even low-skilled jobs increasingly require a basic level of digital literacy.

Read more here!

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