Grace Outreach Grant Partnerships
9-Month Update
December is the 9-month mark for our 2022 Grace Outreach Grant Partnerships!

At our 9 month mark, we are excited to share one of many stories of connecting with our partners.
God Is Great and Jesus Is Good
-Ron Hartman's Story

Helping the hungry and homeless is my passion, but when the opportunity arose to be a back-up driver for Life House Women’s Shelter, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. 

We transport homeless women from “The Cottage” (a trailer supplied by Hope Fellowship Church) to Pathways where the ladies can shower, eat, and do their laundry. We also drive women staying at The Shelter on Wilson Street to their jobs. I guess in the back of my mind I anticipated what is shown on TV -- where they are depicted as drug addicted outcasts with psychiatric disabilities.
My experience was quite the contrary. While many of these ladies have had hard breaks in life and are toughened by past and present situations or mistakes, I find them to be some of most thankful and appreciative people I have ever met. Each day when I’m greeted by “Hello, Mr. Ron” and “God bless you for doing this” it warms my heart that I can make a difference in their lives and bring them some comfort. I’m saddened by how many have become homeless because rent has become unaffordable. (Think about it... It could be your next-door neighbor.) Sure, there are some who are a little lost right now, or “rough around the edges,” but as I get to know them and hear their stories, I become more inspired doing my part in giving them a needed assist.
A recent volunteer day was the day after Thanksgiving. As I dropped the ladies off at Pathways, one said “Good- bye, Mr. Ron. This is my last day at The Life House. I found a place to live. Jesus is good.”

And that’s what it’s all about.

In the photo above, one of the women Ron drives shares a message of hope.
Below, you'll find a 9-Month Update for each of our three partners.

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Palmetto Community Health Care (formerly York Free Clinic)
$10,000 grant
Linda Ranges, liaison

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Bethel Men's Shelter
$5,000 grant
Larry Winsch & Doug Gay, liaisons

A special "Thank You!" to everyone who donated items to our drive for Bethel these past few weeks!

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Life House Women's Shelter
$5,000 grant
Ron Hartman & Bob Wasserman, liaisons

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Thank You once again for your ongoing support of our Grace Outreach Partners!
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