Jennifer Mullins joins the SelecTech  
We recently welcomed Jennifer Mullins to the SelecTech, Inc. team. She’ll be working with us as an inside sales representative. One of her roles in this position will be to work with prospects looking to install or replace commercial or lab flooring—AKA our FreeStyle products.

Jennifer has extensive experience in both sales and retail management. That gives her a nice perspective in terms of listening to the customer’s needs and finding a solution.

Jennifer will work out of our headquarters in Avon, Mass. You can reach her at 508-583-3200 or by e-mail.

Welcome aboard, Jennifer.
Testing ESD flooring
We put our ESD flooring through several tests to determine effectiveness. SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli demonstrates the first initial test in the video to the right.
Automotive and transportation
The use of electronics in the automotive industry is expanding at a tremendous rate as new systems are being added annually. These systems have to function properly to meet comfort and safety requirements, all while working in a mobile environment that is subjected to more stress than a typical electronic device. Failures in devices can have far-reaching impacts. Having a reliable ESD Protected Area (EPA) is critical and often required by the end-users of the products being made.

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Avon, MA 02322
Telephone: 508-583-3200