Heart to Heart
I simply love my Gray Cats!
I appreciate you so much for your continued support with this amazing journey. I'm just about to wrap up my summer and wanted you to be first to see my very first music video, Je T'adore from my album World Blue. I can't tell you enough that I was so thrilled with the opportunity to create, vision and actually make this video become a reality. For an Indie artist, it is very tough and I am determined to live my dream. I am so blessed to have accomplished so much but I have so much more that I desire to accomplish in my career.  This is where you come in.
I need your support and I need your help.
I am simply asking for all of my Gray Cats fans to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Numbers speaks volumes in this industry. That means promoters, sponsors and even booking agents are looking at an artist's fan base, YouTube channel subscribers and Facebook likes, fans and activity! This creates opportunities to share the love of performing music almost anywhere which results in more opportunities to share with you! 
Believe it or not, being a single mom with 2 careers is beyond what I can even explain how challenging my life is. I am determined, motivated and inspired to be a blessing to others through music. Even when I'm tired and feel like it's not going to work, there's something inside of me that will never let it go and I believe the 'music' will not let me go. I am humbled and I love you for staying with me! 

Sax-cerely yours,