Legal Harborside

Jarmak Reclaimed Wood In Boston's Seaport District
When visiting the Seaport District in Boston,  it's difficult not to see and enjoy Jarmak Wood reclaimed products. Whether you are sitting down to eat, having a cold one, visiting a financial advisor, or touring a historic Tea Party ship, Jarmak Corp wood is prevalent in the Seaport.

In fact, not only is it installed there, we sourced it from Boston Harbor! Pilings from the old Jimmy's Harborside Restaurant, the Tea Party Museum site, and more recently, an 1800's commercial building designed by Charles Bulfinch.

Whether you want a wall, a floor, a countertop, or a restaurant full of tables, if it is locally sourced, reclaimed wood, we can provide it!

We still have 5000 ft of Boston Harbor Oak available for purchase!

Legal Harborside

When Jimmy's Harborside was demolished, the piles were pulled from the water were cut, dried, and made in to flooring for Legal Sea Foods.  

"The floor literally held up Jimmy's Harborside for 85 years and we hope it provides solid grounding for Legal Harborside for another 85," said Roger Berkowitz, president and CEO of Legal Sea Foods. 

Gather @ District Hall

District Hall is a dedicated civic space where the innovation community can gather and exchange ideas. Inside you'll find open workspace, classrooms, assembly space, and a restaurant called Gather.

Gather was created to give creative minds and innovators that work in District Hall a place to enjoy top quality food and drinks, and collaborate with other innovators in the area. 

We collaborated with the people behind Gather, and decided our Tea Party Oak would be a great fit for behind the bar, since it was sourced locally.
Pricewaterhouse Cooper
When Price Waterhouse Cooper was planning to move to the Seaport, t hey asked their architects and designers to include reclaimed wood in the project.

Wanting to use a locally sourced product, the designers fell in love with our Boston Harbor Oak.

They used it on every floor of the building as wall accents and furniture components.

Pictured here is the main lobby. W e think the design is extraordinary!
Historic Tea Party Ships

When the shipwrights in Gloucester were building The Eleanor and The Beaver for the Tea Party Museum,  they wanted to use locally sourced wood for this incredible Boston historic site.

The Jarmak Corp supplied fir planking sourced from a local school in Auburn, MA that was being demolished. T he heart pine planking and bulwarks came from a local textile mill that was being taken down in Fall River.

Read more about this project here.
Fort Point Cafe Uses Jarmak Wood

An international chain of coffee shops has set up shop in Boston, and they have chosen to use a variety of wood from Jarmak Corp to outfit their new locations, including their location in Fort Point

Our reclaimed spruce was used to make the table tops in this very busy location. 

Our barnwood siding, along with Oak wall cladding is also used throughout the shop.

333 Summer Street

333 Summer Street in the Fort Point neighborhood was ravaged by a devastating 8-alarm fire, destroying many of the original old-growth heavy timbers. 

We at Jarmak Corp found 45,000 square feet of high quality, old growth timber to match the existing look of the original heavy timbers. 

Seaport Shake Shack 

The newest Shake Shack opening in the Seaport.
Jarmak reclaimed wood installed in the Shake Shack

Historic Bulfinch Building 

The Bulfinch building isn't in the Seaport district today,  but when it was built in 1802 it was directly on the harbor.

The building was designed by Charles Bulfinch.

Because the exterior walls were kept intact in the new building design,  we were able to salvage the framing timber that has been holding up the old warehouse for over two hundred years.

The last use for the ground floor of this building was The Littlest Bar 

The wood has  great  provenance and will make for some amazing reclaimed lumber.
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