January 2021
A Message from the Executive Director
Happy New Year from Waterford! I had planned to start this newsletter off by thanking everyone who sent in a donation during our end of year appeal. But after the insurrection at the capital on Wednesday, I am even more grateful for the community of dedicated supporters we have. I wrote in December of the difficult year we had in 2020, adapting to the pandemic with a virtual Fair, reduced or virtual Waterford Craft School classes, and suspending the Second Street School Living History Program. I asked, and so many of you answered! You all understand the importance of preserving history in these historic times. Thank you for enabling us to continue to preserve and share Waterford’s history with the world. You make our work possible!

In this month’s newsletter, we invite you to learn more about the work we do and, if you are so inclined, pick up a hammer or paintbrush, your glasses or computer, a ferule or walking tour book, and help us achieve our mission. Throughout the year, our volunteers preserve and share Waterford in a variety of ways, and you can, too! See our lead article for more information and to learn how to get involved. 

Also in this newsletter, learn about exciting upcoming Waterford Craft School classes to keep you engaged through the winter. Meet one of our Board members, learn about the work of our holiday volunteers, and find tributes to two Waterfordians we lost in 2020. Be sure to mark your calendar for an in-person Waterford Fair this October! And, as always, read to the end to find a story from Waterford’s past. This time we look back at winter activities and learn what summer luxury was harvested in the coldest part of winter.

Stay safe, and enjoy!

Stephanie C. Thompson
Executive Director
Be Part of the Waterford Foundation
Founded in 1943, the Waterford Foundation is one of America’s first community-based historic preservation organizations. Our mission is to preserve the historic buildings and open spaces of the National Historic Landmark of Waterford, Virginia, and, through education, to increase the public’s knowledge of life and work in an early American rural community. We invite you to join us in fulfilling this mission as a Waterford Foundation member, donor, and/or volunteer.

The Waterford Fair, the Second Street School Living History program and the Waterford Craft School, are our core education programs. Ticket sales from the Waterford Fair and tuition fees from the Waterford Craft School support these programs and generate revenue to fund our preservation and education mission. 
Volunteer Opportunities
Whether your interests or expertise lay in the areas of historical research and preservation, land use and planning, education, sustainable agriculture, habitat restoration and management, communications, development, or events management, you can find a place among our volunteers and share with them a love of Waterford.
Board Committees
Attend monthly virtual meetings and help make planning and policy recommendations to the Board of Directors. Or, provide operational support to the staff to carry out our mission. Choose one or more of the opportunities listed below:
Committee Responsibilities
Operations Support

  • Oversee appeals to members, donors, grantors to raise funds for our mission
  • Plan/host fundraising events
  • Help with the Historic Waterford Trail Run
  • Sell Waterford Foundation memberships during the Fair

  • Oversee educational outreach programs
  • Propose and oversee new publications
  • Conduct research
  • Lead walking tours
  • Lead Second Street School classes as Miss Nickens

  • Strategic planning of the Waterford Fair 
  • Propose new initiatives to improve the success of the Waterford Fair as an educational outreach program and income source
  • Serve as a Homes Tour docent
  • Sell tickets
  • Act as a cashier for a consignment venue
  • Serve as an area chair
  • Many, many more!

  • Oversee financial policies 
  • Monitor accounts and budgets
  • Research/analyze budget proposals
  • Research opportunities for increasing income/reducing expense

  • Oversee and recommend strategies for the management and preservation of WF properties, historic artifacts, and for the Landmark as a whole
  • Archives: oversee and recommend a collections management policy
  • Land Use: recommend and monitoring landscape preservation policies for Waterford Foundation properties
  • Phillips Farm: recommend and monitor stewardship policies and plans for the 144 acre Phillips Farm
  • Properties Planning and Management: recommend policies and plans for the preservation, restoration, use, and rental of Waterford Foundation properties.
  • Catalog artifacts in the Archives and Local History Collection
  • Transcribe historic documents
  • Repair historic documents and artifacts
  • Review easement language
  • Design Review Committee: review plans and property covenants
  • Maintain the Phillips Farm trail
  • Remove invasive species
  • Monitor wildlife
  • Lead tours
  • Repair Foundation buildings (carpentry, painting, etc.)
  • Research and review contractors for major restoration work
  • Perform seasonal maintenance
  • Clear storm debris
  • Prepare buildings for Waterford Fair use.

Craft School
  • Recommend plans and policies for the successful operation of the Waterford Craft School
  • Help with outreach to new instructors and students
  • Welcome students during classes and provide administrative support
  • Organize lunches for students and instructors
Let us know how you would like to help, and we’ll put you in touch with the staff and volunteers so vital to our mission of preservation and education. Opportunities are available for a wide range of interests and time commitments.

Contact: oldschool@waterfordfoundation.org; 540-882-3018, Ext. 2
Volunteers of the Month:
Holiday Decorators
Even in the midst of the chaos that 2020 brought us, we are so incredibly thankful for those who, year after year, decorate the buildings and street signs around Waterford to bring about some Holiday Cheer. From the lights in the windows, to the wreaths hanging about the village, we always appreciate the Holiday Decorators who brave the cold and spread the Holiday Spirit around the village!
Meet Our Board: Annie Goode
Ann Goode is a graduate of Northwestern University and received her Masters in Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As part of her professional career, she was a senior manager in the Community Planning Division of the Loudoun County Planning Department, where she was responsible for the administration of the Loudoun County Historic District Review Committee (HDRC). She has been active in land use issues throughout the state as a Board member of the Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association. Her professional experience has made her a valuable volunteer and staff member at the Waterford Foundation. She has served in many volunteer capacities, including as chair of the Land Use Committee and the Phillips Farm Committee and as an area chair during the Fair. As Director, Development Programs, she was instrumental in guiding the Foundation through the early days of fundraising for the Old School and auditorium. She and her husband, Joe, have two children. The Goodes have established a small horse farm on property they acquired from the Waterford Foundation, which was eased to preserve the agricultural land in the Waterford National Historic Landmark.
What’s new with the Waterford Craft School
The Waterford Craft School welcomes the New Year, excited by the promise of the vaccine rollout! We are finalizing the details of our 2021 classes, stretching out the season to better accommodate physical distancing, expanding our Summer Camp options for young people, and collaborating with the Waterford Fair again this fall. Look for the schedule at the end of January and sign up for the Craft School newsletter to make sure you get first dibs on the classes and workshops of your choice.

In the meantime, we have you covered this winter. Roll up your sleeves, put on that apron, and pull out the flour, because Jerry Bond returns to our YouTube channel in February with Yeasted Pumpkin Bread and Bagels. Both workshops wrap up with a live Zoom Q&A at the end of the month. The quiet winter months also lend themselves to planning, so let us help you set some intentions with two online AND very social classes.
There are still a few days left to register for January's online Tea Time for Kids! and the four week Beginning Small Space Gardening with instructor Megan Wakefield.

(REGISTRATION DEADLINE for both of Megan's classes: Tuesday, January 12th.)

As always, if you have suggestions for classes, or have created something that was inspired by a Craft School workshop, we'd love to hear from you. Send your comments and images to lkovatch@waterfordfoundation.org.  Waterford Craft School gift certificates are available on our website in $25 increments.
2021 Waterford Fair
In Memoriam: Dr. Bill Beaver
Today’s Waterford fireworks continue the tradition started by Bill Beaver and Mark Beach. Photo by Sky Richardson
We were sad to hear of the passing of longtime Waterford resident Dr. William T. Beaver. Many Waterford residents from the 1960s on will remember Bill’s patriotic contribution to the community, summed up in his obituary by Margaret Morton:

Over the years, the Beavers became an integral part of Waterford, and it was Bill and his close friend Mark Beach, who began the annual fireworks show in the field below the latter’s house. In those early years, Bill would set off a dazzling round of pyrotechnics to light up the sky—home-made fireworks of his own composition.

While not homemade, the fireworks tradition continues most years, organized by the Waterford Citizen’s Association. Read more about Bill’s rich life here:

In Memoriam: John Middleton
Few Waterford descendants have provided as much support to building our understanding of Waterford’s Black community as John Middleton. We were sad to hear of his passing in November 2020. John was born in Waterford in 1924 and attended the one room schoolhouse on Second Street, now home to the Second Street School Living History Program. John’s memories, along with those of a few other Black descendants, helped us to recreate the school as accurately as possible for this education program that has served over 50,000 students. 

Thank You to Our New & Renewing Members!
Memberships provide a vital portion of the Waterford Foundation's funds to pay for the upkeep and repair of thirteen properties protected by the Waterford Foundation, as well as programs like the Second Street School living history program, the Waterford Craft School, the Waterford Fair, and special programs throughout the year. We would like to thank the following new and renewing members who have joined or renewed in September & October 2020!
New & Renewing Members: December 2020
Ms. Debbie Robinson
Mr. & Ms. Dino Sammarco
Dr. and Mrs. Ernie J Smith
Dr. and Mrs. William Beaver
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas J
Ms. Kristen Tiscione
Dr. David Crowe
Dr. Kevin P. O'Connor and Ms. Irene Alexine von Keszycki
Dr. Charles and Ms. Nancy Naeser
Mr. & Mrs. John & Sally Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Justin & Diane Blue
Mr. Kevin MacMillan
Mr. & Ms. Kurt & Beth Erickson
Dr. Lee Spangler & Mr. Jonathan Daniel
Ms. Lisa Van Alstyne
Ms. Melissa Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Van Huyck
Mr. and Mrs. Armand
Ms. Tracy Balboni
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McIntosh, II
Mr. and Mrs. David Bednarik
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Elaina R Goldrick
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Shannon Mesecar
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R Hutchinson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Couser
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Beth Boland
Mr. and Mrs. Geary Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. George & Susan Herbert
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Dew
Mr. and Mrs. James P Lucier
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Jim & Linda Starmer
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Charlotte Carriker
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Souders
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pepper
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W Getty, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Clare Synge
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Megeath
Mr. and Mrs. O. Leland Mahan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T Gillespie
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Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Chaudet
Mr. and Mrs. W. Joseph Coleman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hockersmith
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kenis
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel & Courtney Wayland
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Holly Roeder
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dudek
Mr. and Mrs. John B. L. McClain
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Marty & Anna Rathmann
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kozar
Mr. and Mrs. Priscilla & Dennis B Godfrey
Mr. Brett Burley
Mr. Charles & Katherine Wellford
Mr. Charles Harenza
Mr. Frederik 'Erik' Van Weezendonk
Mr. John & Amanda Metelski
Mr. Lee D. Stone
Mr. Michael Cowell and Ms. Patti Psaris
Mr. Nathan Epling
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Mr. Russell T. Beal
Mr. Thomas Cafferty
Mr. Thomas Dill
Mr. Thomas N Edmonds and Ms. Schuyler Richardson
Mr. Walter Halfmann
Mr. Wayne Parsons
Mr. William Gordon
Mrs. Michelle Lewis
Ms A. Anderson Bishop
Ms Antonia F. Walker
Ms Barbara Ross-Cersley
Ms Beverly Mattson
Ms Carol Smoots
Ms Cheryl Ford
Ms Cynthia DiCola
Mr. Don Rawlings & Ms. Tracy Kirkman
Ms Donna L. Petruska
Ms Eleanor M Adams
Ms Elizabeth Whiting
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Ms Jere Gibber
Ms Josephine & William Henry
Ms Karen K. Schwartz
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Ms Leigh & David Duncan Roller
Ms Louise M Bradford
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Mr & Mrs. Peter & Elizabeth Hohm
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Rev. and Mrs. W. Brown Morton, III
Ms. Whitney Chamberlain
Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Tara Novotny
Our Sustaining Members are: Mr. John Caron & Ms. Nancy Doane, Mr. and Mrs. Goode (Joe and Annie), Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hale (Bob and Susanne), Ms. Joan Kowalski, Mr. Ed Lehman and Ms. Edith Crockett, Robert and Stephanie Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sutton, and Mr. & Mrs. Brandon & Clare Synge.

To become a sustaining member, click here and choose "recurring donation" to set up a monthly gift!

Next month, we will acknowledge our new and renewing January 2021 members!
Stories from Waterford:

A century or more ago, winters were colder, and creeks and ponds routinely froze over, allowing ice skating for all, including the summer mud puddle in front of Flavius Beans’ house (15575 Second Street) that froze in the winter. Norman Weatherholtz (1914-1998) remembered winters when he was able to walk from field to field over the tops of fences. With all that snow, there were no snowplows, or else modest wooden ones drawn by horses.  

About 1910, Rose Charlton Wellman Chamberlin and her new husband , Roy, were dairy farming at Clifton just southeast of the village along Clarke’s Gap Road. She wrote in her diary in January of the temperature being 30 degrees below zero and of the shoveling that Roy, their Black hired help and others dug in deep drifts from Clifton to get their milk to the train station in Paeonian Springs.

During these colder winters, ice was gathered for the 20 ice houses in town with help from the horses. From the December 22 1881 issue of the Loudoun Telephone: 

“Ice gathering has been part of this week’s work in this vicinity—the quality has been good. From 4-6 inches thick and a great deal has been housed” Waterford column, Loudoun Telephone

In later years, John Divine’s father “Eb” , invented and had one of the village blacksmiths make a giant ice tong, which clamped the ice. The horses’ pulling on the handles tightened the grip perfectly to keep hold of the ice. Packed tightly with sawdust or straw in the below-ground icehouses, the harvested ice would last into the summer in a time before refrigeration.

Find more recollections like these in When Waterford and I Were Young by John Divine.
Waterford Foundation Staff
COVID-19 Action Plan
Due to safety precautions for COVID-19, the Waterford Foundation office is closed is closed to the public. The staff are teleworking and we are available via email, phone or on video calls and are happy to help with anything you need!

Our staff has updated all of our policies and procedures to make sure the Old School is clean, sanitized and ready for events and programs. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns! Check out our newest website page introducing our Waterford Staff.
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