Training Center
January 13, 2023 | Issue 2
Portia's Tiny Tidbit #2
Hello again!

In January, we are celebrating National Train Your Dog Month at Redfern and part of our celebration is what you are reading right now! Each Friday in January, I (Portia) will be sending out Portia’s Tiny Tidbit—a one topic mini-newsletter!

Just checking.....Did you get out for a walk this week? Hope so!!!

This week I want to remind you of some things that are important to remember about our feet during the winter months.
  1. Our paws can become dry and cracked in cold weather. Consider using balms on our feet. Just be sure that the balms are designed for dogs.
  2. Road salt can be sharp, irritate our pads, and may be toxic if we lick our paws after a walk. Avoid salted areas if possible and wash off our feet after a walk. Be sure to use dog-safe salts around your home to control ice.
  3. We can suffer from frostbite, just like humans. If it is really, really cold, teach us to wear boots or consider having some indoor activities in your closet! We love puzzles, interactive toys, and Nose hide and seek!

For some more winter safety tips, check out this article!

I don't know about all of you, but I am tired of all this rain and mud--I am ready to play in the snow!
Love, Portia