Hello Friends!
I hope you are all having the best New Year possible. In the spirit of the New Year I thought I would remind us all of one of the things I've heard Raymon say many many times over the years... "Think about what you want, not what you don't want". This applies to all times of the year but since our minds may be on resolutions or goals for 2021 it a great time to remind ourselves of how to best achieve them.
Put your energy toward what you want and the person you want to be.

Best wishes for a great year.

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April Grace
Director of Communication, Raymon Grace Foundation
A Note From Raymon

Howdy Folks,

Meeting the right people changes our lives. 

During my life, I have met some interesting people. Thought about writing a book about them and call it ‘Heroes & Friends’, but after being on Coast to Coast Radio, my life changed and there wasn’t time to write another book. 

Some of the people were common folks, unknown outside their community and some were quite well known, due to their accomplishments. 

I wrote about Bill & Winnie, in chapter 8 of my book, ‘The Future is Yours~~ Do Something About It’. This couple lived in the wilderness of Northern Alberta, Canada without running water or electricity. I learned more about ‘energy’ from them than from all others combined. 

When my friend Jeff and I visited them in 1997 it changed both of our lives for the better. 

Then on the same trip, we met Evelyn, an Indian Medicine Woman from B.C. and we worked together in Canada and the US. We are still friends after 23 years. 

Since my day starts around 5:30 am. and ends around 10:30 pm, and I never get caught up with the requests for help, it doesn’t seem the book will be written. 

A phone call this morning changed things. Why not write about one person at a time and put them in the newsletters?

The call was from a World Champion rodeo cowgirl ~~my friend Charmayne James. 

Chamayne won her first World Championship in a rodeo sport called 'Barrel Racing' at the age of 14 ~~ And continued to win the World Championship for 11 years. 
She won more money in Barrel Racing than any woman in the history at that time.
Below are a couple of links about her.

How did she do it? Probably the same way I have energized water for people around the world. We both believed we could and didn’t know we couldn’t.

 I asked her to give you some tips on being a WINNER. Below are her comments. 


I won 10 straight Women’s Professional Rodeo Association World Championships from 1984 to 1993 on a horse named Scamper. When I retired Scamper many people said it would end my rodeo career. I believed I could train a second horse to win another World Championship. I did just that, in 2002 I won my 11th World Championship on Cruiser. I held the record amount of most money won, until recently. Prize money in the sport of barrel racing has increased significantly over that past few years. I hold the most World Championships by any professional female barrel racer.
My greatest asset was optimism and a love for my horses. I never let people influence me into their projected outcomes. I always did things outside of what everyone else did. Some of what I did came from learning, following intuition and accepting things that helped me grow. I was never lazy and I always went above and beyond the normal. Winning at barrel racing isn’t just about having athletic ability and fast horses. You must be mentally strong and have great knowledge of how to take care of yourself and your horse.
I retired from professional competition in 2003 to raise my family. I now teach other barrel racers how to improve their barrel racing skills. I want to raise my boys, Tyler and Austin to be kind and to make the world a better place. I love to help my boys and students with the mental game. 
You may wonder why I would be calling Raymon. At age elevan I attended a Silva mind control class. I learned I could do amazing things with my mind. When one of my horse’s broke his leg, I tried to fix it with my mind. When he couldn’t be saved, I was devastated and stopped the Silva method and never went back. Until a few years ago I noticed many things taking place that is not common knowledge. I knew after listening to Raymon on YouTube I needed to learn more from him. I call Raymon one of my very good friends and am so fortunate to have connected with him. 
Charmayne James
Energy Clearing Project
The Energy Clearing Project is still going on with amazing results. Below are a few comments from some of our subscribers. If you're interested in more information just click below.
  • "Thanks for the Energy Clearing Update and explanations. Please know that we appreciate all that you do, and it gives me confidence to know the there is a source of good intent coming our way.
Kitchen water – I do believe it has changed a little. It has a more clear, natural character. I might not have paid attention but for your letting us know, so I'm glad to have the confirmation that it’s not just me. We have a filter that improves the pH for us, but sometimes the taste has been a little tangy in the past. I have noticed the opposite recently."
  • "Just to inform you that our water from the kitchen faucet tastes much better. There is a significant improvement. Please keep up your amazing work". 
A Thank You Video From Raymon
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One of my friends grew a field of hemp and VA Tech processed it into hemp oil [CBD oil]. I spoke with a knowledgable person in Switzerland who had researched it and found it among the best available anywhere and priced reasonably. 
If you are interested in this, here is the website.  www.clinchmountainhemp.com