Ready Theatre Systems
January, 2015

RTS is your point-of-sale solution. We provide ticketing and concessions software for every movie theatre. In addition, RTS now provides your digital signage package as well. 

RTS was developed in a theatre so we understand your needs. RTS licenses include upgrades, hardware and software support, back office management, online ticketing through your website, and direct integration with industry partners. 

With 20 years in the business, we work with more than 1500 theatres in the US and Canada. Please visit our website or contact sales for further product information.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're kicking off the new year with a face lift.
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Digital Signage
Does your theatre need a boost into a more digital age? Update your mylars and push pin menu boards to Auditorium Signs and Concession Boards! 
  • Menus created for your theatre
  • Custom Built
  • Real Time Updates for Auditoriums
We know schedules change, take the work out of changing every sign. RTS' Digital Signage package allows you to make a schedule change that takes effect immediately. Say goodbye to wrong showtimes. 
Internet Ticketing
Sell tickets online. Allow your patrons the ease and accessibility to purchase their tickets online and avoid the line.   
  • Shorter Line Times
  • Increase Advanced Sales
  • Keep ALL your service fees
  • Updates Sales in real time
  • Site linking options
  • Purchase using Gift Cards 
Explore our new layout and enjoy more information at your fingertips.
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Software Changes
Check out our News Tab at for information on software changes. 

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