Just before Christmas, I went down to the grocery store to purchase some things. I had planned on buying only a few items and as such I did not bring much money with me.

As I went to check out I noticed that the amount was more than the money I had
with me. So I told the clerk to take two items off of my purchase and I would put them back.

Just then I heard "Don't do that, I will pay for them." I turned to see a lady behind me telling the clerk that she would cover the cost of them. I thanked her for her generosity but explained that I had the money, but just not with me, and I was ok with putting them back.

As I said this, to my surprise, another lady on the next aisle over said "Wait, I want to pay for his items," and had the clerk hand them over to her, as she proceeded to pay for them.

I was pretty astounded that these two ladies were vying with each other over who was going to pay for my two extra items. Neither one of these ladies recognized me as the Mayor.

As I could not stop the second lady from paying for me, I thanked her, took my two extra items and left the store.

I have never had this kind of experience before this event. As I thought about it, I was so surprised and appreciative of these two fine people willing to help me out. It made me realize how many wonderful people there are in our city who are willing to help out those in need.

Over the years I have watched residents of Orem donate money to many good causes, help build houses through Habitat for Humanity for those in need, donate barrel after barrel of food for those in need at Thanksgiving, and donate many shoes and books to help others.

Just as importantly, I have watched as families in Orem have helped each other clean up their neighborhoods, volunteers who have served at hospitals and nursing homes to care for the sick, needy, and elderly, parents who have served as local scout leaders and have served to teach and guide our youth to build good characters and to learn valuable skills.

I am also thankful for the many parents who volunteer and help at our
schools, the many residents who serve on church, community, and civic committees to help build those around them, and the many wonderful and strong families in our city.

Thank you to all those who serve and volunteer in so many ways to make our city a better place to live, grow, and come together in, over the many years of our lives.

Orem truly is a wonderful city for us all to to work together, watch over, and look out for each other.

And thank you to the two nice ladies who took care of me at the grocery store.

Mayor Brunst