Thursday, January 12th

Meeting Time

Saturday, January 14th

Memory Bookshelf Quilt Class

Meeting Location:

St Matthew's Episcopal Church

786 Hughes Road, Madison

5:00 pm Join your friends for dinner at Sam & Greg's Pizzeria/Gelateria - Madison, 364 Hughes Rd, Madison

6:00-6:30 pm - Meet at St Matthew's, and sign in

6:30 pm - Meeting begins

Class Location:

Southern Charm Quilting

Cost: $30

Time 9:30 AM-4:00 PM

More information will be provided at the meeting.

Renew Your Membership

Class Signup and Payment

A Word from our President

Happy New Year! We welcome everyone to the guild this year at our new home, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Madison.

We first need to reflect on 2022. The Christmas party in December was a total hit. We got a taste of the new meeting place as well as a great party. Everyone who cooked did an amazing job. Luckily I sat by the dessert table so I got first dibs on the sweet stuff and a meal is always better when you start with dessert. The game and the exchange were a blast.

We also need to thank Sonya O’Sheilds for a great year as President. I would like to say that we grew closer as a group and a large part was due to her (and Creepy Baby) who I have been informed, will still join us for meetings.


With the New Year, we have great speakers starting with our own Sam Swieszcz who will present at the January meeting and follow up with a her class "Memory Bookshelf Quilt" on January 14th at Southern Charm Quilting. Class fee will be $30. Use this link to sign up:

While you are there - please complete your membership renewal by clicking on this link:


The 2023 Board is listed below, along with contact info -- please be kind - it's the first time serving for some of our board members.

Thank you to everyone and may 2023 bring Peace in our hearts and a spring in our step.


Treasurer's Report

MSQ began 2022 with $14,449.50 in the bank.  Income from membership dues and various fundraisers =$8,962.21. Expenses totaled $7,415.82.  Therefore, the balance is $15,995.89 at the end of 2022.

December Report

Secretary's Report

No report for December as it was our annual Christmas Party.

Hilton Collaboration

For the 4th year in a row, we have exchanged quilts for hotel nights with our local Hilton Hotel. We received 2 nights at the Hilton Garden and 2 nights at Homes 2 Suites in exchange for 4 small quilts. We use these nights when we bring in teachers from out of the area.

The Hilton partners with the Salvation Army at Christmas to help families. So this is a win win for us and the families. They look forward to continuing this agreement in years to come.  

Helen Codier

MSQG Board

President: David O'Dell 256-457-1202

Vice President: Sue Bartlow 256-371-4432

Secretary: Lian Bonds Monikowski 303-829-4083

Treasurer: Kathy Cook 256-337-0486

Membership: Sally Bruer and Pam Dean 256-772-0411 256-541-0841

Members at Large: Tom Ramsby and Helen Cordier 256-694-7450 256-508-3913

Charity: Lorna Vickers


Swag: Susan Yell and Leigh Hubbard 256-509-1289 256-426-3256

Project table: Lynnette Cobb

Facebook: Cindy Otwell and Lisa Rummell 256-924-9006 256-797-5286

Website and Newsletter: Diane Loehr 650-678-9683

Support your local quilt stores!

3 Hens and a Chick

1114 Hwy 31 South, Suite B

Athens, Alabama 35611


Barb's Sewing Center

2310 A, Whitesburg Dr.

Huntsville, AL 35801

(256) 539-2414

Patches and Stitches

603 Humes Ave NE,

Huntsville, AL 35801

(256) 533-3886

S&R Sewing and Vacuum Center

1407 Memorial Pkwy NW # 1

Huntsville, Alabama 35801


Southern Charm Quilting

1847 University Drive NW

Huntsville, AL

(256) 536-3757

Sweet Home Quilting and Supplies Inc.

893 Capshaw Road NW

Madison, Alabama 35757