Happy New Year!  As we begin a new decade, we're grateful for all the families that have entrusted the training of their four-legged family members to us.  This year, we're adding more classes to keep up with all those new puppies, as well as old favorites that provide opportunity for training, skill advancement, and just plain fun.  Welcome!

Happy New year from Betsy, Roseanne, Cheryl, and Lee!
Do you know where the month of January gets its name? the first month of the year was named after a Roman god, Janus who is often shown having 2 faces so that he can look both to the past and to the future. His focus on new beginnings should be a call to all of us to resolve to spend more time with the people and pups that mean so much to us!
So promise yourself and your pups that you will take time to smell the roses, try something new, do something just for fun each day, and celebrate the love and relationships we all share!
Betsy and all the pups!
New Year, New Training
Come inside and have some fun!

We offer training classes ranging from brand-new puppy to canine tricks to beginner/advanced obedience, and so much more!

We have classes for dogs that have never had any formal training, and dogs that could teach us a thing or two. And we'll do it all inside, no jackets or gloves required!

Click the link below for detailed class descriptions,  training dates and registration.

See our complete training class descriptions and register right here at redferncanines.com

Here are just a few of our classes:

  • Puppy
  • Advanced Manners
  • Rally
  • Agility
  • Reactive Rover
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Tricks
  • K9 Sampler
  • Nosework
  • Therapy Dog Preparation
Portia's Piece


Hi everyone!!


    I am SOOOOO excited right now! My 'mom', Betsy just told me that we are going to have PUPPIES here around Valentine's Day! My 'little' Lab sister, Hanna, is expecting 4 or 5 puppies. Although they won't look at all like me, I

am looking forward to helping them grow up from little, wiggling, sightless, deaf, little larvae to cute, friendly black and yellow Labrador puppies!

   But right now, I want to remind everyone who wants to get a new puppy (or older dog) that they really, really need to make sure that they get their new friend from a breeder or rescue group that has taken the time and effort to be sure that their new friend has the best possible start for their new life. I was really mad and upset recently when 'mom' brought home two puppies that were only a little over 4 weeks old. These babies were rescued by a vet who said they had an orthopedic condition called "swimmers" and the breeder did not want them any more. In addition to their orthopedic condition, the babies had open sores on their bellies caused by laying in urine! THAT was what made me mad! These 2 puppies were really lucky, though. After only 3 weeks of good food, physical therapy, and lots of love, they are able to walk and play normally and their sore bellies are all healed.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do your part to help make sure that no more puppies or dogs ever have to go through this!                      

Love,    Portia

Snowy Weather is the Perfect Time...
To Register for Our Kids' Summer Camp!

Check this off your to-do list now and get your child enrolled into one of the friendliest, furriest camps around this summer.  Spaces are limited to allow for plenty of one-on-one training time with each team.  Don't have a dog, but your kiddo keeps asking?  Give responsibility a test drive and borrow one of our pups for camp, if you don't have one of your own.

Beginners' Camp will run from 10-4, July 6 - 10. Cost is $300.

Advanced Camp  will run from 10 -4, July 20 - 24.  Cost is $275.

For further information, contact us at betsy@redferncanines.com


Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Register online in your comfy pants, with your Furry Friends!

Unsure what to do next with your dog? Can't tell if Fido is cut out for Rally? 
No worries.  
New features on the website have consolidated class descriptions and registrations so you can get started, and finished, quickly and easily.   
Visit our new, improved website!
And the Award Goes To... 

Congratulations to the Redfern teams that have worked so hard together.   We recognize the work and effort that goes into training and working together.  Well done! 
Canine Good Citizen--
    Alisa Bell & Sabio & BB
   Betsy Howell& Blanche
                                            Karen Kangas & Yuki
                                            Wendy Royer & Ellie

Novice Trick Dog & Intermediate Trick Dog--
   Debra Farrington & Gracie

Rally Advanced Excellent-- Sharon Sipple & Reese
Scent Work (Novice Containers)--Deb Stranger & Eve
Best of Breed Lebanon Valley Kennel Club--Deb Hanna & Duncan
STAR Puppies--
   Vicki Bolinger & Finn
   Jeanne & William Brown & Gunner
   Paul Dintiman & Rookie
   Jason Eisenhour & Sammy
   Amber & Richard Espigh & Sgt. Kilo
   Steve Longenecker & Cooper
   Lois Mason & Maui
   Taylor Paul & Kimber
   Emma Pietsch & Toby
   Lori & Kris Reichert & Chloe
   Kelly Rissinger & Baxter
   Heidi Ritter & Zuko
   Lindsey & Sam Smith & Gracie
   John & Joanne Talabar & Luna
   Lorraine & David Weidman & Wyatt
   Doug & Leslie Whitman & Ellie Mae
It's Not too Late: January is
National Train Your Dog Month

Come celebrate with us at Redfern Canines and treat your furry family member, and yourself, to a fun class.  New family members, both puppies and older dogs, can benefit from our Puppy/Beginner class.  None of us are ever too old to learn something new.  Click here to see our upcoming training schedule.

Spotlight: Instructor Lee Livingood

We are happy to announce two courses taught by behavioral consultant and author Lee Livingood right here at Redfern Canines. Lee also teaches some of Redfern's Advanced Manners and Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Preparation courses.


Greyhounds 101

Designed for retired racing greyhounds or sighthounds from similar situations to help in the transition from kennel to couch. The course includes an Introduction to Training seminar and 6 weekly sessions. It focuses on basic skills like focused attention, down, come, loose leash walking, and no jumping.   

Livingood, the author of Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies , will help owners assist retired greyhounds and sighthounds from similar situations to adapt to their new world. In addition, adopters will learn how to socialize their dogs, build a positive relationship with them, and learn how to teach basic skills.

Greyhounds 101 begins March 15th.  Click here to register.

Reactive Rover

Reactive Rover is a course is for dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs when on leash.

The course will help you, the owner, develop appropriate training and management skills in a controlled setting and will help you teach your dog to respond more appropriately in the presence of other dogs.

Reactive Rover is not for dogs who are reactive to people, have a bite history, or are aggressive to other dogs in your home.

Behavior consultant Lee Livingood will lend her expertise to teach owners how to best manage their reactive dogs in a positive way and help dogs learn how to better manage their own behavior.

To register for the Reactive Rover course beginning February 11th, click here . Currently, we have one spot remaining.
Redfern Canines