~ January 2024 ~

Hello CVOA,

Message from the President . . . . .

Greetings CVOA members,


Happy New Year CVOA!! Patti and I hope today finds you healthy, happy, safe, and ready for some 2024 CVOA fun! The end of 2023 was a little rugged for our beloved Valley, but everyone pulled together to help make it through. Thank-you Maine DOT, Towns of Carrabassett Valley, Kingfield and Eustis, CMP, Jordan Construction, EL Vining, Sugarloaf Mountain and all the others who worked to restore our community to a semblance of normalcy after the devastating rainfall, snow melt and wind that swept through our Valley.


The CVOA Board met on December 16 to prepare a calendar for 2024, adopt a budget and review the financial results for 2023, take stock of the ski trips and activities in motion for 2024, and consider:

  • Future capital and cash needs especially for Range repairs and improvements
  • Operating cash needs
  • Recruiting board members and officers
  • Dues necessary to support the planned levels of activity.

Like most all organizations, CVOA has not been spared from rising costs and it should not be a surprise that increasing dues is being considered. We have had the same levels of dues for several years and the times are catching up with us. If dues are increased, this will be effective for the 2025 calendar year.


There are many events planned to lift the spirits, all of which are included in the Future Events section. Please join us, introduce yourselves if you are new to CVOA, and enjoy the winter season with new and old friends. Best wishes for 2024!




Happy New Year CVOA Members. Our membership numbers are strong and growing. If you have not renewed your membership for 2024, right now is a good time to do so. CLICK HERE TO RENEW NOW.You can choose between joining online or printing the paper form and mailing it to CVOA at the address provided. There are so many events planned this winter around Carrabassett Valley. If you know of folks who would like to meet people, who love the our-of-doors and the Sugarloaf area encourage them to become members. See you around the Valley!!


Membership Secretary

Patti Johnston

Calendar of Events

January 2 9:00 Meet Ski Go at Super Quad

January 7 2:00-4:00 Bowling at the Sugarbowl

January 9 9:00 Meet-Ski-Go at Super Quad

January 13 1:00-3:00 Yonder Knoll Hike

January 13 5:00 - 8:00 Winter Social

Jimmy Buffett Tribute Dance w/DJ (CVOA member) Steve Kolenda

at AOEC Yurt

January 14 2:00 - 4:00 Bowling at Sugarbowl

January 16 9:00 Meet-Ski-Go at Super Quad

January 18 4:30 -6:00 3rd Thursday Social Shipyard Brew Pub

January 21 2:00 - 4:00 Bowling at Sugarbowl

January 23 9:00 Meet-Ski-Go at Super Quad

January 24 - Feb 3 Val Gardena Ski Trip

January 28 2:00 - 4:00 Bowling at Sugarbowl

January 30 9:00 Meet-Ski-Go at Super Quad

Click here: CVOA Calendar of Events

Future Events

CVOA Sunday Afternoon Bowling …

The SugarBowl is reserving two lanes for CVOA members.

2:00 - 4:00 – $10 includes shoes

Come join the fun Sunday afternoons!

January dates: 7,14 21, 28

**Reminder: Tufulio’s Sunday Twofers starts at 4:00.

Ross Horne bowled 6 Strikes in a Row on Sunday, December 10th. The crowd went wild! Well done, Ross!!

Yonder Knoll Hike

Show ‘N' Go Hike 

January 13th

Meet at the Stratton Brook Hut Parking lot, just north of the Loaf Access Road. Head out at 1:05 pm. Cleats and/or snowshoes are recommended, depending on the amount of snow. Poles are important for navigating any uneven ground. We travel 15 minutes on the Narrow Gauge Pathway, then about 30 minutes up, some of which is moderately steep, but not tricky related to footing. We see the incredible view for 15 minutes or so. It’s an outstanding panorama of the Crockers, the Loaf, Burnt Mountain, and the peaks of Bigelow. The trip down is about 30 minutes. Total time is no more than 2 hours, so we will be back around 3:00 or so. This is a Show ‘N Go event, so there is no signup required.  We do this no matter the weather.

Feb 10 and March 9 Hikes the second Saturday of each month. 

Friendly dogs are welcome.

Trip leader Jan Mildram...207-491-6798 

Hope you can make it!

Meet Ski Go Tuesday Mornings

January 2, 9,16, 23, 30 Promptly at 9:00am Meet At The Super Quad

Calling all CVOA skiers! 

Please join us for a’Ski Around The Mountain’. 

Join in and ski your favorite trails for a few runs or a few hours with other CVOA members.

No sign up…just "Show and Go"!!

Watch WSKI or go to the Sugarloaf website: https://www.sugarloaf.com/mountain-report to review the weather, trail and lift reports. If the mountain is having issues, we will not ski together as a group.


Saturday January 13, 2024

At the AOEC Yurt 5:00 - 8:00


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

When you think of Margaritaville, you're most likely not thinking of the YURT!! Come see how the Yurt transforms to PARADISE…

Palm Trees, Beach Balls, Flamingos and more..🦩🦩


DRESS TO IMPRESS ….. in your best beach attire, Hawaiian Shirts, Board Shorts, Sundresses and Flip Flops.


Dance To Island Vibes with Sugarloafer & DJ Steve Kolenda!!.

Party Favors ~ Gift Cards ~ Door Prize

No admission fee - Donations accepted for AOEC (jar on site)
BYOB and bring an appetizer to share
Due to the limited space at the yurt, RSVP'S REQUIRED No Walk-Ins!
Time is running out! 40 people have RSVP'd already!!
RSVP to Jeannette Parker jparker16seabreeze@gmail.com
The parking lot at the Yurt is expected to be full to accommodate overnight guests participating in AOEC programs. Due to the limited parking, a shuttle is available for transport to and from your vehicle upon arrival and departure

3rd Thursday Social, Food & Trivia

January 18 at Shipyard Brew Pub


Join us at the CVOA mid-week Socials on the third Thursday of each month December through March 4:30 – 6:00 pm. Appetizers provided by CVOA.

CVOA social events have drawn a strong showing from our members exceeding our expectations. Some of our later arriving members have missed the appetizers. We budget for a certain amount of appetizers to be shared among members. Please be moderate in partaking of the appetizers. Please consider supporting the venue by having dinner there after the social.

Trivia & Prizes! Door Prize: $25 Shipyard Gift Card. Come join the fun!

Ski Trips 2023

Val Gardena Italy

January 24-February 3, 2024

The Val Gardena trip is full, and there are six couples on the wait list. If you want to find out how to add your name to the wait list please contact:

Trip Leader Mike Parker for details


Heavenly, Lake Tahoe

February 27-March 5, 2024

The CVOA Heavenly Ski Trip has just one spot available for a single male traveler. If you are interested or wish to be added to the wait list, email trip leader, Bonnie Farrar at bfarrar7@aol.com.


Quebec 2023 Trip

The trip is currently Full with 29 members signed up. However, if you would like to join the Quebec trip, a waiting list is being established. If you’re interested, read through the brochure (click on it) and send in a reservation form. The trip leader, Thom Johnston, will then get in touch with you. If you have questions, you can contact him at 207-852-3595 or tandpjohnston@gmail.com .

Trip Leader: Thom Johnston


Alaskan Cruise 2024

May 31-June 7

"Join this Epic CVOA Adventure before it's too late"

There are now 24 CVOA members signed up for the “top-rated” Alaskan Dream Cruise trip May 31-June 7th, 2024, and most of them have made their flight and hotel reservations as well. There are five AA cabins (double occupancy) still available for anyone wishing to go on this adventure. Full cruise details have been in the last few newsletters. If you would like additional information, visit the website at https://www.alaskandreamcruises.com/cruises/2024-last-frontier-adventure/ or email Bonnie Farrar, trip coordinator at bfarrar7@aol.com. Reservations cannot be made online, but by calling (815)345-4113 and mentioning CVOA to get discounts. Because this is not a CVOA-sponsored trip (just CVOA friends traveling together), it is the responsibility of each member to make their own reservations for the cruise/hotel/flight. It is sure to be a great adventure!

Range News


Hello Range Members, 

2023 was a very successful year for new memberships! Welcome to all our new and returning shooters.

Please use caution. The Pistol Range was flooded when we got the "Big Rain" recently and it has turned into a large skating rink. I recommend using ice cleats or other winter traction shoe slip ons. You can get to the targets around the ice if you go to the far right. Another option is to go down range on the 50yard or 100yard Rifle Ranges to use those targets.

Remember, Pistol and Rifle Ranges will remain open throughout the winter. Steel targets have been reinstalled on the 100yd Rifle Range. The "plink" from hitting the target is very satisfying! Remember to follow all posted safety rules and maintain at least 25 foot distance while shooting at metal targets. For paper targets, you may move as close as you like.

Folks are getting used to the new electric gate. Please do not try to drive around the gate. Boulders will be moved to both sides and you may damage your car if you do so. Also, when exiting, the gate will remain open while multiple cars exit. The same is not true of cars entering. The gate will close after 12 seconds and may damage your car and/or break the gate. Only one car at a time should enter.

I need your help. A member or guest has shot up one of our yardage signs. The help I need is for members to do a little education to those who you think might not take the need to respect the property like they should. Our security cameras are not at an angle for us to see the misuse. The cost to repair and replace items comes from all of us. Our current membership fees are some of the lowest in the State. So we run on a razors edge to cover our yearly costs. We want to maintain the highest quality range at the lowest price. Thank you again for all your help in keeping up the conditions at the Range.

Happy New Year!

Diane Stone

Range Secretary



Celebration of Don Fowler

Peter Weston and Don Fowler were musing about Don’s lifetime of skiing. Peter wondered how many vertical feet Don might have skied. They came up with a range and thought about 75 million Vertical Feet was a fair estimate. That’s an impressive accomplishment.

From this casual conversation, Peter advanced the idea to Bruce Miles of the Sugarloaf Ski Club that Don’s lifelong commitment to Sugarloaf and achievement of skiing 75 million vertical feet was worthy of recognition and a celebration. On December 9 over 250 people gathered to celebrate Don. The vertical feet discussion became an impetus to celebrate Don’s contributions to and friendships in Kingfield and Carrabassett Valley. One of his contributions was the creation of CVOA. Don was one of a group of close friends who skied, hiked, fished, camped and traveled together in Carrabassett Valley and elsewhere. As more people joined them they decided there was enough interest and energy to formally establish an association of like-minded enthusiasts that became the Carrabassett Valley Outdoor Association. Along with his enthusiasm, Don contributed the legal framework for the organization.

The celebration honoring Don’s commitment to Sugarloaf and passion for skiing included the hospitality of Sugarloaf Mountain in the King Pine Room and the recollections and stories from friends with modest rebuttals from Don. The event, with contributions from CVOA members, raised over $30,000 for the benefit of the Maine Ski and Snowboard Museum, where Don is recognized in its Hall of Fame

One never ‘accomplishes’ skiing. Don continues to show up near the front of the Super Quad line almost every morning and joins the give-and-take with his friends. 75 million is not enough.

Past Events

Ugly Sweater Party

Forty-seven members attended the club’s first Ugly Sweater Party December 2nd at the Library. This was the first CVOA event for 11 new members that joined us. Per usual for almost all CVOA events, food was plentiful and delicious. A great variety of holiday appetizers and sweet treats were available for all to enjoy. If you were unable to attend, you can see from the photos the fun that you missed (photos courtesy of Bonnie Farrar and Suzanne Gabriel).

Winners were determined by ballot vote (tallied by non-contestants Shirrin Blaisdell, Tracy Goller and Mike Parker).

Couple: Tom Anderle/Candy Fontaine

Funniest: Peter Kracoff

Ugliest: Jim Listowich

Vintage: Peter VanAlstine 

Trophy for most votes as Overall Ugliest: Peter VanAlstine

Thank you to everyone who attended, competed and contributed to the success of this event.

To view more pictures of this fun Ugly Sweater event, CLICK HERE

Jeannette Parker

Annual Cookie Swap

Tom and Candy Andrele hosted the Annual Cookie Swap on Thursday, December 7th. Forty-two members attended. There were cookies, cookies and more cookies!!!!….in addition to a fabulous display of appetizers provided by our hosts. Thank you to Mike Giles for bringing his legendary holiday eggnog…mmmmm! This cookie swap was, by far, the most well attended in many years! The success of these events is the result of our wonderful, fun members! Thank you to all that attended and brought your beautiful and tasty Christmas cookies.

After multiple years of hosting the cookie swap, Tom and Candy “passed the torch” (more accurately, a spatula!) to Peter Weston who offered to host the cookie swap next year. Thank you, Peter!

3rd Thursday Social

There are many events planned to lift the spirits, all of which are included in the Future Events section. Please join us, introduce yourselves if you are new to CVOA, and enjoy the winter season with new and old friends. Best wishes for 2024!

The first of four 3rd Thursday Socials had an unexpected, great turnout! Forty-nine members attended at the SugarBowl! Conversation, camaraderie, food, trivia and FUN. Thank you all for coming. More fun to come at future socials.

CONGRATS to trivia winners led by Team Captain Leslie Knowlton. Nancy Gagne was the winner of the $25 SugarBowl gift card.

Click Here for more photos from the social.

***Your generous tips to the SugarBowl bartender and our waitress, Maura, were greatly appreciated.

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