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Howdy Folks

Writing a newsletter with useful information every month is not always easy. This month I am THANKFUL to have Ray Moore write it for me.

When I first saw Ray, he got my attention, wearing work boots, a Carhartt jacket, and carrying a BIG bullet pendulum. Looked like the type who might wrestle alligators for a hobby.


Both off us being older than dirt, we had a lot in common.

He wasted no time telling me he was a former sniper for the Marines and had a hearing loss from shooting a .50 caliber rifle.

Told him I had a similar problem from shooting guns and running chain saws and we would get along fine. Come on in and get a front seat so he could hear ok.

Here is his story. 

Wish there were more people like Ray on the planet, it would be a better place.


Ray's Story

In November 2022, my wife, Angie and I attended a Raymon Grace Seminar in Virginia.  There were about 30 people from all walks of life in attendance, many of whom had worked with Raymon on their own personal experiences. We were also encouraged to share our issues and worries in hopes he may help. I had recently drilled a new well on my property and brought a few bottles of the well water for Raymon to energize. From the beginning, our new well had a terrible sulfur smell and taste.

Raymon performed a dowsing and "found something" on our property and got rid of it. However, we noted no change in the water at home.

So we shared the story of the Darr Mine disaster with Raymon, who immediately felt the miners spirits were still in the mine. We live in rural Southwestern PA, directly on top of the Darr Mine where 239 local coal miners lost their lives in a major mine explosion in December 1907. Raymon and I each dowsed to release the miners. While I was dowsing, I envisioned the last two miners leaving the mine, following a trail of yellow smoke leading a path in front of them and Raymon confirmed that he sensed that all the miners had left the mine. However, even after this, Angie and I still noted the smell in our water at home and we let Raymon know via email. That next morning, we checked again and the water was pure!  He let us know that after we had let him know the smell was still there, he had proceeded to release the trauma from the Earth that the mine disaster had caused. As part of this release, Raymon also did an energizing of the water, changing the well’s sulfur content to the frequency of pure water. Since these dowsings, our well water is sweet and pure now. 

I didn't have a doubt in my military mind. I just knew we had to find the right path of intention, which Raymon helped us achieve. Who would think releasing trauma from the Earth caused by a disaster 115 years ago would also be beneficial to water quality?

The Darr Mine Disaster has had a lasting effect on our local community to this day. My barber, Bill and his wife used to live about half a mile away from us. Their home sat over the Darr mines as well. Years ago, his wife talked about the miners' effect, believing they had caused her to levitate, and insisted their home was haunted by their restless spirits. Bill didn't believe her, but they did move - upon his wife's insistence. 

As an interesting side note, the Disaster occurred on December 19, 1907, which was the Feast of St. Nicholas. Some miners opted to go to church that day. The grandfather of Jim and Paul Reho (who drilled the well on our property) was one of the miners who went to church that day instead of the mine and was spared. Without meaning to, Jim and Paul may have contributed to finally releasing the last of the 239 spirits of their grandfather's fellow miners and friends who perished 115 years ago. (See attached article and photo).

- Ray Moore

Semper Fi

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Comments From Our Friends Around The World

  • I know you're a busy man so I will keep this short. Through your teaching videos and your book, "The Future Is Yours: Do Something About It," my life has been changed in more ways than I can count, for the better! I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you, so I hope my simple thank you, from one mountain dweller to another, will be a good start. nThank You for all you do, sir!! You are indeed a blessing!! R.

  • Thank you because I am really feeling the benefits of your daily clearing subscription. Things are on a more even keel where before we used to have great lows and the energy felt awful. I used to have to go and hide at it's worst and not felt the need to do that since I signed up!  ~~H~~ from UK

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