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New Beginnings.

2020. Enough said.

Some of us are still lost in the fog which blurred and derailed us from our original plans, some of us experienced enough pain to last a lifetime, while some were just okay (which is not a bad way to be).

2020 seemed to be an impossible year that most were just “trying" to get through. As we faced the pandemic at its peak, our Club stepped up and adapted to the unexpected. Creating events and Livestreams that we posted on our FB page to keep us as connected as possible. 

Our President John Mercer has done a phenomenal job in adapting to the pandemic. Where others see an impossible task, John sees opportunities for innovative ideas. Read his message in the Prez Corner to see what the Tri Club was able to accomplish given the current climate of 2020. 

Some changes have been made to the newsletter, which includes a Coaches Corner and Safety Corner which are featured below. Make sure to check out our FB page as members may have some great ideas for safety while training.

Our member spotlights are still going strong. Click on our member’s names to learn more about them. You never know what valuable information you can gain from novice and veteran athletes.

As we gear up to get ourselves race-ready, don't forget to give some extra attention to the ones who stood beside (or under) us this season—our bikes! Call Velofix for a bike tune-up, or upgrade your wetsuit to an Xterra!  Don't forget to use our Clubs discount code. 

Let's change the narrative for 2021! So gear up, blast some Eye of the Tiger and #Letsmakethishappen!!!

Here is to a better year! 

Happy training!

Socials/Training Events/Education

Save the Date!

Our next Strava club time trial will be February 14th! Mark your calendars and monitor our FB page for more information.

LV5 Ghost Bike Unveiling & Memorial

Please join Ghost Bikes Las Vegas in honoring our LV5.

Together we will memorialize and forever remember our friends Tom, Erin, Aksoy, Mike, and Gerrard.

This ceremony will not have a single large 0ride. Instead, many clubs, shops, groups, and single riders will be choosing their own routes and meeting up.

Grab a non-cyclist friend, and join us next to the LV Ballpark far South Lot. S. Pavilion Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89135
Or join us from afar with the live stream at

**Taken from Ghost Bikes Las Vegas Events page**
Coaches Corner:

Normally, this would be a period in which our community’s triathlon enthusiasts might discuss the best ways to conduct ourselves in the off-season of our sport. Normally, Winter suggests attaining growth in our competitive abilities to be showcased in the racing season. Normally, as a coach, I would be listing the growth outlets for such an endeavor.

However, as everyone knows…the ‘normal’ is gone for a while.

The ‘normal’ is pushed away for the sake of our health as a species being a priority over ANY athletic endeavor. And our Winter ‘Off Season’ has (and rightly so) been redefined:

The ‘Off’ season training as we know it is in fact, off in many ways.

Off normal race calendars

Off usual workout group outlets

Off the whatever ‘work/train/race balance’ conundrum we once felt as our main or only athletic threat

And most definitely ON The Calendar of Covid

Now, whilst it might appear as though this perspective so far conveys that of only doom and gloom and sadness. While this coach is admittedly grieving for what ‘once was’ in terms of our lifestyle and athletic gathering. I assure you this note intends to bring forth the exact opposite. This coach is actually aiming to present a lens for perspective on the current amateur athlete tough disposition. This coach feels strongly that just like in a tough race, we can always draw strength and positivity from seemingly horrible circumstances.

And like a race finish so clearly tells the full story of the racer and all their strife along the way, so do I feel we are the main protagonists in a long…difficult…race to the finish. Priceless lessons of the race/Covid 19 pandemic can provide some of the following gems:

-The hidden blessings for the athlete unattached to a race

-The benefits to recognize and celebrate in being an endurance athlete amidst a life-threatening pandemic.

First to be recognized by everyone same as I remind my own clients all the time is the fact that we should all pat ourselves on the back for taking care of our health well enough to build a decent pulmonary and cardiovascular system in the first place- Good job.
Next, there has been an independence grown in all athletes to handle their training on their own since their group or codependent relationships in training haven’t been as available- Good job.

Then, because that ‘A race’ hanging in the balance of our year’s athletic purpose, is suddenly removed or moved to another unreliable date/venue, we are forced to stare at our naked and race-free agenda. We are forced to ask ourselves ‘what are we if we don’t have this race?’. Will all our equipment and money and time crumble with that date of our race when it joins the Covid race graveyard?

Or are we true endurance athletes. Are we a breed that’s aligned our identity not with racing, but with ENDURING. Are we sad because we don’t have a racing box to check, or will we create another challenge with or without a podium/score/post.

Perhaps this period of the pandemic has given us the opportunity to return to what brought us to this wacky and wonderful lifestyle in the first place. We didn’t begin triathlon or endurance racing with a race result in mind. We started because the wind felt good on our face and learning something new felt good and covering ground/yards felt good.

And perhaps it’s to that truth we ought to return.

Off-season or not.

Covid or not.

Happy training, everyone!

~Nancy Jones
Safety Corner

We are going to start a new feature in our Newsletter: The Safety Corner. Amanda Lynn came up with the idea to provide safety information and ideas to members. Each month, she’ll write about some safety tips that we can all benefit from. Simple things like using a swim-buoy for open water swims (and how to use them!), setting your bike helmet chin strap correctly to the finer points of safety like being safe riding through Bike Aid Stations during race or knowing where the ‘watering holes’ are when riding during desert summers!

Amanda has some great triathlon experience (check out her ‘Member Spotlight’):

The Safety Corner will be a great added feature to our club newsletter.

Prez Corner:


What a year 2020 was.

As a club, we started off the year with a fantastic Kickoff Dinner during which we celebrated the 2019 season and laid out plans for 2020. We had a great time during the dinner looking forward to 2020 and talking about so many great personal goals members had. I know I left the dinner inspired to hear the stories and goals people had.

Of course, COVID-19 changed all that.
Looking back, I can tell you that I am so very proud of the way the club responded. Your support of the club was unwavering even though we had to cancel events and/or modify them in a way that we could have small events.

We adapted.

As a club, we shifted our focus away from our regular events to things that we could still do despite COVID-19 and the restrictions that came along with the pandemic. Some examples:
  • We started the weekly ‘Las Vegas Triathlon Club Member Spotlight’ as well as a weekly podcast that turned into ‘The Evidence Based Triathlete’ podcast.
  • We did virtual events through Ironman as well as club specific Strava segment challenges.
  • We did some Scavenger Hunts (I still don’t know where some of those pics were!).
  • Who can forget ‘Epic October’? Which turned into ‘Epic Fall’!
  •  It was fun to see other sports members were doing during ‘Multisport November.’
  • We were able to hold two swim time-trial events and were able to do some educational Swim Clinics.

Yes … we adapted for sure! We have such a great triathlon community – and I have to thank all of you because throughout the 2020 season, I did not get a single complaint about the cancellations or the shift if focus. Instead, many of you were reaching out to suggest more ideas that we could focus on! What a great response you all had.

Now that we have reached 2021, we are looking forward. None of us knows when that first race will be, but many of us suspect that we will race in 2021. As a club, we are going forward with planning for events and will carry forward some of the unique events we started in 2020.

Which brings me to membership. With your membership, all our events are free (and you have to be a member to enter any of our triathlon training events). We have seen a dip in membership over the 2020 season mostly because we did not have our events – and we fully recognize the financial challenges many of you are faced with.

As we go forward in 2021, I do hope you renew your membership even before we have any of our triathlon training events. The club does have operating costs (e.g., storage, insurance, web costs, etc.) – but fortunately, we are financially sound.

In 2020, we focused on ‘calling out’ the great things that members were doing by using the hashtag #thatsthevegasway … please continue using that hashtag!

For 2021, we are going to focus on being fit and ready to race and being in control of our training using the moto ‘Lets make it happen!’ … #letsmakeithappen

I really hope to toe the start line with you all in 2021 at one of our club events! Thank you again for your support in 2020 and I know the club will ‘make it happen’ in 2021.

~John Mercer
Where in the World Has Our TRI Club Raced ?

Check out the map below to see where our athletes have raced!
LVTC Member Spotlight

Get to know our club members as our President sits down with the following members to talk about tris and life.

Click on the names to view the video.
The Evidence-Based Triathlete

The Warm-Up

Indoor Cycling

Consistent Training

Types of Power meters

How to use power meters
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