Volume 28 | Jan 2021
January 2021 Spiritual Message
Suzanne Hunt, Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
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Embrace Your Creative Energy!
"What does that mean?" you might be asking. The word 'creative' may bring to mind painting, writing, singing, musical melody, dance, or any area of the arts. Creativity is also a main ingredient in many professional and business areas such as architecture, computer programing, product development, teaching, and scientific discoveries.

The definition I would like us to consider today is more about defining what you want in life and using your own intention to manifest it. Where are you going? What experiences do you want have? What brings meaning into your life?

The first step in embracing our creative energy is to define what we really, really want. And if we don't know what that is, we can use our creative energy to help us with the discovery.

Sometimes our creative energy opens with intuitive inspiration. An insight that appears to come from out of the blue. These inspirations may happen when you wake up, while cooking dinner or even while driving your car. We've all had those "ah-ha" moments where the light turned on -- and we knew something was right.

Creative energy may open with a vision of the future, a picture in your mind's eye, a sense or feeling about what would look beautiful, bring balance, restore harmony, solve a problem at work.. . . or an answer your heart's desire.

It is a wonderful sensation when creative energy appears and inspires us in a magical way like this. We may feel like it was a stroke of good fortune or that we were just "in tune" on that day. Yet on other days, we may be struggling to find anything that resonates. When we are feeling out of sorts or even lost, it is hard to remember those moments when we felt alive and empowered.

I'm here to tell you that your creative energy is always there. It is yours, you own it and can generate it again and again. If it is lying dormant, you can wake it up whenever you are ready. Your ideas, your insights and your visions spring from your unique ability to create which resides in your heart, your soul and your bones.

The secret to working with creative energy is to give it space and intention.

Give your creative energy more space:
1) Trust the insights and ideas are yours and that you can generate them anytime you like. Too often we enjoy a moment of inspiration or we manifest something fabulous and then wonder, could I really achieve something like that again? Yes, you can. The gift was yours and is yours the next step you choose to use it.

2) Make room for quiet time to go inward like engaging in meditation, yoga, prayer or even just a few minutes of silence. Today, we live at a faster pace than any culture in history. Information and demands for our time and attention comes at us from news, e-mail, social media, work and family. These demands are a constant interruption to whatever we are focused on at the moment. Making space for 15 minutes of quiet time during the day can help us re-ground, center, focus on our highest priorities. More importantly, these precious moments give us space to re-connect with our own divine flow and tap into our intuitive wisdom to create the best outcome in a challenging situation.

3) Let yourself daydream. Daydreaming creates space for receiving. Those moments when you are just relaxing on the couch thinking about nothing are actually fertile ground for your imagination. These moments open the gates for our creative energy to flow. Fresh ideas push up out of the ground and new pathways become visible when we allow ourselves to muse in the realm of possibility. Make it a practice to let yourself daydream.

4) Like yourself. This might be the most important part of today's message. Old self-judgments about who we are, how we look, what we did, block our ability to connect to our truest sense of self. When we like and appreciate ourselves better we can release those old criticisms, find peace and acceptance. And we open up our intuition and clarity.

5) Embrace failures as stepping stones. Failures are a normal part of life and they can become our greatest teachers. When things don't go as planned, a good question to ask ourselves is, "what am I learning from this experience?"

Bring intention to your creative energy:
6) Set crystal clear intentions. When we can get clear on what we want to manifest in our world, we start the process of bringing it into existence. I like to tell the story about the basket ball player who was interviewed about his technique for success. He said he imagined the ball going into the basket 100 times before he ever got onto the court. With his intention, he created the energy for what he wanted to happen, before it happened.

7) Your creative energy can help define your dreams. Sometimes we aren't yet sure what we want. We can use intention to help us with the discovery. Let your creative energy help you explore options and uncover the pathway that feeds your soul.

8) Nurture intentions with positive emotion. The power of enthusiasm is truly amazing. When you want to create something new in your life, let your excitement about the outcome start to build the energy. Enthusiasm creates positive emotions that help raise and hold our vibration to receive.

9) Allow your dreams manifest in divine timing. Once we have set an intention, it is easy to start wondering, "Well where is it?" This kind of questioning starts to create doubt in your mind. I invite you to let the energy build and allow your goals be created in divine timing. They will appear when you are ready to receive them.

Why not step into fresh energy for 2021!
Join me for a new 7 week Healing Meditation class on Saturday mornings on January 16th and we will use Zoom. Yes, it is about meditation. However, it is really more about discovering active and empowering tools to enrich the quality of your life. Put yourself back in the driver's seat for 2021 with this creative energy class. See more info below.

Blessings to each of you on your journey,
Upcoming Events
Healing Meditation 1
Saturday mornings for 7 weeks, 10:30 am to 12:30ish pm MT – over Zoom!
Jan 16th - Feb 27th 
Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
Energize your spiritual path. Reduce stress.
Find more clarity, peace and contentment.

Enter a journey of self-discovery. Create more of the life you want with these active, energizing tools. Bring healing into your space and open up more clarity. Great for empaths and healers!
Starts Saturday, Jan 16 – over Zoom

      Connect with like-minded souls in a small group limited to 8 people
      Saturday mornings for 7 weeks, 10:30 am to 12:30ish MT
    Jan 16th - Feb 27th  
      Early registration $99, until Jan 10 ($125 on Jan 11)
      Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt

Program topics include:
·       How to ground and clear the energy body
·       Open and expand your intuition
·       Learn about energetic boundaries and chakra centers
·       Release what doesn’t support and create more of what does
·       Manifest your goals and dreams
·       Connect with your own spiritual guidance
·       Learn to receive and give spiritual healing
·       Expand your horizons with growth inspiring concepts

What previous students are saying about Healing Meditation:
"I truly enjoyed the class. [These are] the tools that I had been looking for so long."
"Loved the class. So helpful & practical. Already making a difference."
“Wonderful class, very informative.”
“I enjoyed this whole experience. Great to learn to have more control in life's feelings.”
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