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Upcoming environmental-related events and information for Kansas businesses are listed below. If your small business has environmental compliance questions, give us a call at 1-800-578-8898 or email us at  sbeap@ksu.edu

For pollution prevention technical assistance or P2 intern program information, email KSU-PPI@ksu.edu
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PPI seeking host companies for P2 internships O

EPA's P2 program for 2021-22 will focus on five industry types
for pollution prevention action. The Pollution Prevention Institute, or PPI is funded by EPA's P2 program and will follow EPA's focus to provide technical assistance to these industries. PPI's intern program places trained engineering and environmental students with Kansas industries to help identify solutions and cost savings in air emissions, water, energy and natural resource conservation, and hazardous waste and wastewater disposal. The business application to hire a P2 intern is open through Jan. 31 with extensions to Feb. 12 for companies needing additional time to apply. Contact us at sbeap@ksu.edu or 800-578-8898 to discuss projects and intern hiring options for your company.

Need training this year? The Pollution Prevention Institute hosts a KDHE-approved online training that offers an immersive reader option and provides a "Certificate of Completion." The cost of the training is $50 per participant. Questions, email Nancy at
Environmental Compliance and P2 in Metal Fabrication and Finishing

On Nov. 5, 2020, PPI hosted a live workshop on environmental compliance, P2 and best practices for industries engaged in metal fabrication and finishing. You can view the recorded workshop on the PPI YouTube channel. For more information or technical assistance, please contact us at sbeap@ksu.edu or call 800-578-8898.
Great Plains TMC Services and K-State TDI

If you are a small business in Kansas and the KC metro area looking for business and technology resources, the Great Plains Technology and Manufacturing Cluster, or Great Plains TMC, is a business networking hub hosted by the K-State Technology Development Institute, a partner of K-State PPI and Kansas SBEAP. Through the U.S. Small Business Administration's Regional Innovation Cluster program, Great Plains TMC provides critical resources for small businesses including engineering, workforce development, business support, website assistance and mentoring resources. The Great Plains TMC has several partnerships throughout the region and offers monthly newsletters, access to in-depth information about its resources and programs, registration links to educational workshops, and the opportunity to "find and be found" by other members seeking your services as well as finding the services your company needs. To access the Great Plains TMC networking hub, companies and individuals can register for free membership. For additional information about Great Plains TMC, contact Courtney Swanson at caswanson@ksu.edu or 785-532-1249. 
TCE Roundtable - Aerospace Focus

Many aerospace and other manufacturers use trichloroethylene (TCE) as a degreaser. EPA has recently published the TCE final risk evaluation and will present results of the evaluation at the TCE Roundtable. Register for this Jan. 26, 2021, event here.
Saving Energy is a New Year's Resolution You Can Keep!

Saving energy for your home or business is a great New Year's resolution. The Kansas Energy Program (KEP) can help you achieve your energy goals by providing free energy assessments for Kansas rural small businesses and helping those businesses apply for U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grants. Check out our Kansas Energy Program to see how we have helped Kansas companies reduce energy costs. For information or to learn how we can assist you, please contact us at ksenergyprog@ksu.edu or 785-532-6026.
PPI has launched its updated website - check it out here!
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Tier II reporting due annually March 1
Class I and II air emission reports and fees due annually April 1
TRI reporting due annually July 1
January 2021

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Established in 1989 within the College of Engineering at Kansas State University, the Pollution Prevention Institute (PPI) has been providing environmental compliance and pollution prevention (P2) technical assistance to Kansas and Region 7 industries, communities and institutions for 30 years.
Entirely grant-funded, PPI provides a number of services including, 
P2 technical assistance, P2 engineering interns, P2 and environmental-compliance training. 

PPI partners with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to host the Kansas Small Business Environmental Assistance Program known as SBEAP and with U.S. EPA to support the National SBEAP.