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2020 Triathlon Season

Congratulations to all our club members for their races in 2019. The Club's board members and ambassadors are planning an action packed 2020 season. We started the New Year with our first Club Time Trial Strava event and we had a great turnout. Next is our annual Kick Off Dinner on February 1, 2020. Please buy your tickets as soon as possible and let's get all dressed up in real nice clothes that are not spandex! The banquet will cover the successes of our members in 2019 and what we have planned for 2020 - and there will be a lot of raffles and fun tri related activities. Our Raffles Include, an IM St. George 140.6 entry, another Ironman entry, and a 70.3 entry!
On the Calendar:
LVTC Events: 
Feb. 1, 2020
Club Kick-off Dinner
New Location: Revere Golf Course in Henderson
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Dinner and program start at 6:30 pm
Raffle prizes
Pre-dinner triathlon themed games
Plenty of time for socializing before and after the dinner.
January 17th , Online store for new 2020 tri kit will open for purchases. Watch Facebook group for link when it goes live. If you order this first time, the kit will arrive in time for Oceanside and Rage triathlons.
Socials/Training Events/Education

New Years Day Time Trial Results

1 Russell Burke 26:28:00. 26.0mi/h
2 Tedd Girouard 27:28:00. 25.1mi/h
3 Tom Trauger 27:38:00. 24.9mi/h
4 Ethan Klein 28:20:00. 24.3mi/h
4 Randall Lomax 28:20:00. 24.3mi/h
6 Todd Mitchell 29:26:00. 23.4mi/h
7 Mark Malone 30:04:00. 22.9mi/h
8 John Mercer 31:11:00. 22.1mi/h
9 Dennis Nelson 31:59:00. 21.6mi/h
10 Raymond Gamboa 32:12:00. 21.4mi/h
11 Matthew Olson 32:33:00. 21.2mi/h
12 Michael Snee 34:14:00. 20.1mi/h
13 Julie Marschner 34:25:00. 20.0mi/h
14 Colleen Takahashi 34:29:00. 20.0mi/h
15 L ori Schaeffer  35:04:00. 19.7mi/h
16 Chip Henry 35:22:00. 19.5mi/h
17 Bob Gamble 36:20:00. 19.0mi/h
18 Paul Brandt 42:23:00. 16.3mi/h

Featured LVTC Sponsors:

UNLV Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Science, The Biomechanics Laboratory is housed in the 3,000-square-foot Sports Injury Research Center facility on the UNLV campus. Co-Directors John Mercer, Ph.D., and Janet Dufek, Ph.D., share a research focus on lower-extremity function and injury prevention, which fosters a collaborative research environment for faculty and students. 

Velofix is here and ready to make sure you have everything you need to be successful during your 2020 racing season.
Why is a pre-race tune up important? Triathletes have many mental rigors on race day, and wouldn’t you like the piece of mind knowing that your bike is 100% race ready? It is just one less thing to worry about on race day and during the race itself!
Some of the most common things we see on triathlon bikes that we can address during your tune up include: wrong brake pads installed for race wheels, worn chains/bad shifting, brakes sticking, damaged tires and yes even missing bar end caps. 
We love supporting all of you in your racing endeavors, we look forward to seeing you on race days as well as at your home or office to tune up your bikes! Contact us directly for Tri Club specials. 
Velofix Las Vegas Tracy Fossen​ 702-613-6132

Prez Corner:

Thoughtful notes from a fearless LVTC leader.

When I trained and raced back in New York in the 80's, the first race of the year would usually be somewhere around June and the last race about November. Training during the off season was weather-limited … lots of cold, snow, and/or rain throughout the winter and spring months leading up to the start of the season. That meant a lot of training was packed in to the late spring and early summer months. 

Here in the Southwest – our season runs from March/April all the way through December! On one hand, that’s great – lots of races, lots of time to train. On the other hand, the long season can work against us because the end of one season blends into the beginning of the next season. If we aren’t careful, we can easily slip into losing that spark for training. 

Our Annual Kickoff Dinner (2/1/2020) is a great way to celebrate the 2019 season. We will take the time to recognize some great achievements by our members and give members the opportunity to celebrate individual accomplishments. We will also have some fun activities and great raffle prizes.

To ignite that spark for 2020, during our Annual Kickoff Dinner we will also lay out the plans for the 2020 season. We’ll go over the schedule for our multisport events, education sessions, and social events. Our theme for 2020 is ‘Build Success on Success.’ We want to provide some great events and opportunities for the endurance community to connect in a way that nurtures and grows the interest in multisport events. 

We very much want all our members to be engaged at some level with the club – whether that is racing, training, learning, or socializing – there are lots of different ways to be engaged. 

I am very much looking forward to the 2020 season and hope to see you at the Kickoff Dinner so we can celebrate 2019 and Kickoff 2020!

~John Mercer
L VTC New 2020 Kits:

A Message From Your Swag Ambassadors:
We have partnered with Voler for the Las Vegas Tri Club 2020 kit and swag! We will drop the new kit design and related swag on the LVTC Facebook page on January 17th. Also, the online store to buy all of this fabulous gear will go live on January 17th and will close on February 2nd (the day after the kick-off dinner).
We will be hosting a couple of socials to allow you to try on some Voler samples and figure out the best size for you. Be sure to keep an eye on the LVTC Facebook page, we will be dropping the event details there!
Welcome New Members!

We have quite a few brand new members to our club already in 2020. Looking forward to seeing you at our events and races.

Welcome Darrel, Robert, Alex, Jerald, Regino, David R. David D., Wing Shun, Todd, Navin, Dawn, William, Justin, Alison, Aaron, Erica and Quyen. 
2020 Member Survey
Please help us continue to provide helpful events and information to our members by filling out our annual survey.
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