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Rabbi's Message
Jerry Cutler

Friday night services, my daughters felt, were getting too staid and was suffering from the problem of 'boredom and sameness.' So, being a good daddy, I listened to their mother who was in accord with them. I wasn't sure and felt that the room was too comfortable with couches for comfort and wine and cheese as an aphrodisiac to get into the mood.

Due to the difficulty of transporting the ark and Torahs to the church's lounge, we officiated the service without our cherished ark and priceless Biblical history recorded on the carefully wrapped parchments.

Fifteen minutes into our service, I noticed that a few of our cherished elderly, who had settled on the couches, were fast asleep. I asked our esteemed Cantor Paul Dorman to wake them up.  He told me it wasn't fair.  I asked him why he felt that way. Paul, who has a glorious voice and a penchant for humor answered, "You put them to sleep, you wake them up!"

After a few up-tempo prayers and songs from Cantor Paul, Nolan Porter and Chelsea Cutler, everyone woke up. We all sang, clapped hands and brought the service to a close. It was a noble effort at best, but the 'ruach', the Shabbat spirit, was missing.

So, it was decided to go back to the gracious and loving people at Belmont Village next door to the church, and have our next Shabbat service, January 6. We are looking for as many of you as possible to attend our services and help us pray for the success of our president elect, Mr. Trump and for our people who are caught in the hateful turmoil of anti-Semitism throughout the world. 

I look forward to personally greeting you and your family and friends as we embark on 2017 with hope that springs eternal within the Jewish community. At this time, may I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, thought provoking and successful New Year.  

Rabbi Jerry Ram Cutler

Shabbat Services
7:30 pm on Friday, 
January 6, 2017
Why  Tradition!

Turn into the driveway that has the sign "Church Parking" and park on levels P2 or P3. Take the elevator up to P1 (which is also the lobby). Services are in the Town Hall room directly across from the elevator.

We have decided to go back to Belmont Village since the parking and set up works well with our service.
Cantor Paul Dorman
Friday Night Cantor

We were all impressed with Cantor Dorman's beautiful voice and unique presentation at High Holiday services where he received rave reviews! 

If all goes well, Paul will be with us at next year's High Holiday services. 

Thanks to The Church, as we go and grow throughout the year we will be planning special events featuring Paul and many other talented people and celebrities. We have the facility and we have the ability and with your participation this will be a banner year for CAT. Hitch your wagon to our 6 pointed star and come along for the ride. We will hopefully raise enough money this coming year to fulfill our hopes and dreams. Looking forward to your continued support during this magical Jewish year of  5777.
A Valentine's Day Love Story
Starring Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna
Creative Arts Temple 
Westwood United Methodist Church

Hollywood lovebirds Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna star in "50 Years Together in Hollywood- Why?" A stage production written by Taylor and Bologna that reveals the secrets of their long-lasting romance and how they've accomplished it. Is it their inner strengths? Is it their shared spiritual values? Is it their sexting with Anthony Weiner's mother? Find out!

Mix and mingle with Joe, Renee, and their celebrity pals after the show, drink coffee, take pix and nosh.

Sunday, February 12 
7:00 pm

Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Donation - $50 a person (tax deductible)

RSVP at (310) 474-4511

We are so Blessed 
to have such a 
Supportive Community

We are doing very well with collecting the pledges you so generously promised on the High Holidays. For those of you who didn't pledge, please consider doing so.

Please send in your pledges to P.O. Box 241831, L.A., CA 90024 or contact the office at  (310) 446-1800 . Every little bit counts! 

Arne's Corner

 Formula for 2017
           (1) You want to end poverty, homelessness, illiteracy and any number of social ills. As inconvenient as it may seem, your political opponents also want to make life better for people.
           (2) Stop saying you hold the moral high ground. Sixty three million Americans voted for Donald Trump. They can't all be racists. bigots, sexists, evil, stupid, etc. Stop calling people names.
           (3) Stop rioting when things don't go your way. It hurts people whose businesses and property you've damaged or destroyed.
           (4) There are over 300 million people in the USA, they're not all going to think like you, and it's not your job to alter or adjust their views. Get over it.
           (5) Assume the best in people. In most cases you will not be disappointed.
           Let me take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Hanukkah and a Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year. G-d Bless.

Arnold Charitan


We received a report from Ralph's telling us that 11 families are registered on the Community Contributions list naming Creative Arts Temple as their charity of choice. 

We know you've heard this pitch before, but it costs nothing out of your pocket to do and takes a minute to sign up and it benefits CAT. Please help us reach our goal of 50 families as we ring in 2017.

Please see below how to sign up for Ralphs and Smile.Amazon.

grocery cart
Please Register today!
For your convenience, step-by-step website registration instructions can be found at, click on Community, click on Community Contributions, click on 'Enroll Now'. 

If you don't have computer access, please call Ralphs at 1-800-443-4438 for assistance.

CAT NPO# 92136
Ralphs Rewards Card
Donate to CAT while you grocery shop

Participants are required to register for the new term online at
or by calling Ralphs at  1-800-443-4438. 

You will be asked for The Creative Arts Temple NPO number. It is NPO# 92136

Even if you registered as recently as August 2016, you are required to register again beginning September 1 st.  

The Scan Bar letters will no longer work at the register.

Do you shop on Amazon?
Support CAT when you shop on Amazon!

If you want Amazon to donate to Creative Arts Temple, you need to start each shopping session at and they will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases.

Bracha Bar
Silky clay based handmade soap bars that are made only with natural ingredients that nourish you.

Bracha Detox Bar with Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay to draw out impurities and detoxify your skin (unscented)  
Bracha Glow Bar with French White Clay, Turmeric, and Lemon to moisturize and brighten (Indian women use turmeric before their weddings to ensure glowing skin)

Bracha Clarify Bar with French Green Clay, Activated Charcoal, and Lime to balance and toneify combination/oily skin, 
Bracha "Botox" Bar with French White Clay, Hibiscus, and Grapefruit to tighten, lift, and moisturize

Bracha Lustrous Bar with Moroccan Red Clay, Neem Oil, Amla, Rosemary, Nettle, Lavender, and Tea Tree oil to promote growth, tame frizz while giving volume, and prevent graying 
Bracha Beard Bar with Moroccan Red Clay, Bentonite Clay, Neem Oil, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus to smooth beard and promote even and robust growth

BABY BAR: Bracha Soothe Bar with gentle White French Clay, Lavender, and Tangerine proven to soothe fussy babies and their delicate skin

PET BAR:  Bracha Fur Baby Bar with Bentonite Clay, Neem Oil, Cedarwood, and Lemongrass to deodorize, control fleas, alleviate itchy skin/hot spots while giving a healthy shiny coat.

Bracha Clarify Bars


Body, Facial, Pet, 
Baby Bars 

Hair Bars 

Handmade by 
Chelsea (Bracha) Cutler
(310) 995-1943

Rosh Chodesh 
Red Tent
red tent

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
@ 7:00pm

Village Church of Westwood
363 Church Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90049

$18 donation for evening and

Join CAT for our 
Rosh Chodesh Red Tent Gathering  for women only

Rosh Chodesh  literally translates to head of the month, rebirth. According to the Talmud and mystical tradition, it's a time to honor the feminine Divine presence-

Led by Chelsea Cutler of Creative Arts Temple and Rabbi Miriam of Ahavat Torah Congregation, the evening is a celebration of womanhood, consisting of chair yoga, the sounding of the shofar, a candle lighting ceremony, a washing of the hands ritual, refreshments, and a lively discussion.

or call 
Chelsea Cutler at (310) 995-1868

Monthly Events
Services, Dinners, High Holidays 

Friday - Jan. 6 @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services 
Belmont Village
10475 Wilshire Blvd

Friday - Feb. 3 @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services
Belmont Village
10475 Wilshire Blvd

Sunday - Feb. 12 @ 7:00 pm
Valentine's Day Love Story
Wtitten by and Starring
Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna's 
"50 Years Together in Hollywood...Why?"
Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd

Friday - March 3 @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services 
Belmont Village
10475 Wilshire Blvd

Thursday - April 13 @ 6:00 pm
Passover Seder/Maundy Thursday with members of
Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd
(Donation Requested)

Review from the Pew
by Rabbi Jerry Cutler

  With an abundance of pressure placed on me, I sat with kids seated on my left, right, front and back, I waited for the film to start to be followed by high pitched happy screeches. The film opened and much to my delight the music and animated animals of every species came on screen mesmerizing every kid in the audience - including this kid. Buster Moon, a koala bear whose veins are filled with an undeniable thrust for show business, is voiced by the indomitable Matthew McConaughey.

3 ½ Bagels out of 4
Read the full review at Beverly Hills Courier


Jim Jarmusch, the writer/director of "Paterson" is without a doubt, a brilliant moviemaker who is able to make something out of nothing. The nothing is the script, the something is a humble and thought provoking homage to poetry. Wisely casting Adam Driver, one of cinema's wonderful and endearing actors as "Paterson,"  a simple bus driver who aspires to be a poet. The writer's humor is evident immediately as "Paterson," the bus driver drives a city bus in Paterson, New Jersey. When inspired by something, i.e. an overheard conversation by two passengers, or a sunset or a storefront in the once proud wealthy city now reduced to a lower echelon of workers, Paterson takes out his meticulous kept writing pad and jots down a poetic line. 

3 ½  Bagels (with a schmear) out of 4
Read the full review at Beverly Hills Courier

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January Anniversaries
Mazel Tov to our CAT lovebirds!

January 2: David & Nicole Kessler
January 4:  Sherwyn & Edythe Horwitz 
January 6: Lou & Gloria Milkowski
January 14: Joe & Bobbie Siegman
January 24: Marty & Ronnie Trugman
January 26:  Marvin & Sara Silver

January Birthdays
And many happy returns!
bday grumpy cat               
Barbara Dekovner- Mayer Harris 1/7/17
Nicole-Marie Slayton 1/7/17
Barbara Weinger 1/9/17
Ron Fields 1/11/17
Sharon Shaw 1/12/17
Phyllis Spear 1/14/17
Alan DuFine 1/15/17
Julie Gold 1/15/17
Larry Crestol 1/16/17
George Goldberg 1/18/17
Mallory Sobel 1/22/17
Steven Matlin 1/27/17
Barry Smith 1/27/17
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December Onegs
Thank you to our sponsors!

Sandy Benson in honor of her Birthday and
Lou & Fran Zigman in honor of Fran's Birthday

As always, thank you to our annual oneg sponsor:  ARNOLD & GLADYS CHARITAN 

CAT Member Shout-Outs

Chelsea & Tess Cutler wish a Happy Birthday to Lady Jeff Cutler

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Get Wells
Refuah Shleima

CAT wishes speedy recoveries to
December Yahrzeits 
May you be comforted by the mourners of Zion

 Joni Berry & Stephen Maitland-Lewis In memory of Martin Maitland-Lewis
Faye Frankel In memory of James Born
Herb Freed In memory of Marion Freed
 Joseph Hoffman In memory of Rochelle Hoffman
Morris Lazar In memory of Trudy Lazar
Sharon Mason & Robert Masino In memory of Rueben Mason
Alice Michelson In memory of Joel Russell Michelson
 June Miller In memory of Sidney Miller
Persten, Barbara In memory of Barry Block & Peter Block
Schron, Sandy & Beth In memory of Sherry Weinberg
Barbara Lee Schulz In memory of Annette Gruman Schulz
Bernard & Jane Shapiro In memory of Estelle Loeffler
Murray J. Smith In memory of Bertha Smith
Phyllis Spear &  Irwin Schwartzman In memory of Rebecca Gomberg
Louis & Fran Zigman In memory of Charles Newman and Joseph Zigman

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