Marketing Award from UPCEA - OLLI at University of California, Irvine
Cyber-Seniors - OLLI at University of Rhode Island
Now Hear This Hearing Initiative - OLLI at University of California, Berkeley
International Exchange - OLLI at University of Denver
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Greetings from the NRC    Jan 2017 15
Warm New Year's greetings for 2017!
As OLLI members, volunteers, and staff we have a unique opportunity to "create community" in our local towns and cities. Recently, we were reminded of the power of this connection by members of the Osher Institute at Johns Hopkins University, Sharon and Carl Hantman. They wrote to director Mary Kay Shartle Galotto with a story we were pleased to hear:
"Several weeks ago we learned that our daughter had a lump in her breast. Multiple visits to her doctor eliminated just about every possible reason that we hoped had caused the lump. We were left with the most frightening one, cancer.  Our daughter had a biopsy and we began anxiously waiting for the verdict. While we waited, we reached out to our Osher friends, asking if they, or anyone they knew, had gone through the same or similar experience. We heard nothing but encouragement and support. People asked us to please let them know the diagnosis as soon as we learned it.
The news, fortunately, was good...the lump was not malignant.  It will require surgery, but the worst was not the case. We sent emails to our friends, who knew what was going on, and who had rallied behind us, telling them the good news. Not surprisingly, enthusiastic messages came back expressing joy and happiness at the result.
Our point, as clich├ęd as it may sound, is that Osher is not just a school. It is a community, even a family of people who care about each other and who reach out whenever they see people in any kind of need.  We do this for people we know and we do this for people we do not know. Osher is a very special place and we are fortunate to be part of it."
Our collective mission to enrich lives extends beyond the joys of learning to the joys of friendship. This takes place in happy times and in times of trial. Like Sharon and Carl experienced, we can all be joyful to share in this unique network of communities through our work in Osher Institutes.
Steve Thaxton, Executive Director

OLLI at University of California, Irvine
Marketing Award from UPCEA
A promotional video about OLLI at the University of California, Irvine, has won a marketing award from UPCEA (the national University Professional and Continuing Education Association). The three-minute video, created by Zen Yieh and Shaunt Kouyoumdjian from the University's Continuing Education Division, won the Silver Award in the Streaming/On Demand Content category. UPCEA receives hundreds of submissions for their annual marketing award in each category, from a wide variety of prestigious institutions. You can view the video by clicking on the picture below.  

This video is a valuable addition to our website as an introduction to OLLI featuring several members.
Submitted by: Karen McKenzie, office manager, OLLI at University of California Irvine

OLLI at University of Rhode Island
Beginning in fall 2015, faculty from the Colleges of Health Sciences, Pharmacy, and Arts and Sciences at the University of Rhode Island launched the URI Engaging Generations: Cyber-Seniors Program. It is an offshoot of an initiative started by teenage sisters in Canada in 2009 that has expanded to hundreds of communities.  Cyber-Seniors pairs students with older adults who want help learning to use computers, smart phones and tablets.
OLLI at URI actively encourages development of intergenerational programming, often with active involvement from other URI departments.  Pharmacy students receive service-learning credits for volunteering as tutors, while Human Development and Sociology students participate through a course on aging.
OLLI members were able to take advantage of the Cyber Seniors program with two options. The first was open to 20 OLLI members who completed an on-line survey concerning their technology support needs. Participants interested in assistance were matched with a student for six weeks, during which time they met at coffee shops, in the URI library and sometimes in the OLLI Lobby.  The second option was a drop in program with tutors available at OLLI two afternoons a week each semester. OLLI members would sign in as they arrived and the students would spend about 20 minutes with each member and then send them off to practice for a bit while they assisted another member.  Members could then circle back in during this same time period.
Technology needs varied. Some wanted to learn to file and share photos or how to use their new iPad, while others sought guidance with social media. Still others wanted to master their Smartphone and some even wanted help with their Fitbits!
Cyber-Seniors is so much more then gaining technology tips, it is a remarkable opportunity for students to interface with older adults. Very quickly the age difference fades away and both the students and OLLI members simply engage in comfortable conversation.  OLLI members remark that the students are more patient and effective in teaching technology use than they would find in a computer store.  In return, students are afforded the opportunity to improve time management, communication and leadership skills.
Perhaps most noteworthy is that friendships develop and stories are shared. There is always laughter and conversation. Cross generational relationships and memories are made for all involved in the program.
Quotes from OLLI members:
"It's not easy teaching "old dogs" new tricks - but they have it down to a gentle science. They are patient, courteous, and really know "their subject".  My thanks to them and I salute you all on this wonderful program." - Prentice Stout
"My heartfelt thank you to my cyber-buddy, in helping me create this site. She has been invaluable in launching me into the world of blogs and social inclusion. I had been working quietly in my corner of the world. But Samantha has shown me how to "put it out there," so that a wider audience can benefit from my knowledge and experience. Through this program, I have become more tech-aware, opened doors I never knew existed, and have made a delightful friendship with a  talented and creative student.  Thanks Sam!"

Submitted by: Beth Leconte, executive director, OLLI at University of Rhode Island

OLLI at the University of California Berkeley
Now Hear This Hearing Initiative   
A few years ago, after surveying members who hadn't renewed their membership, we saw a pattern. Many non-returning members hadn't renewed due to life events -- but we also had a surprising number of people telling us that they stopped taking classes because they couldn't hear.
Most OLLI staff are aware of the prevalence of hearing loss among older adult populations... but many older adults aren't! Given the importance of hearing to social relationships and emotional and cognitive health, we set out to make our courses more accessible and to build awareness among our members. 
In the classroom, we implemented a few standard practices to improve hearing accessibility. We asked our instructors to always use a microphone, to present key words in slides or on a white board, and to speak to the students rather than to the podium. In addition, we routinely pass microphones for questions-and-answer sessions. Most exciting, though, was the expansion of assistive listening options. In 2014, one of our members underwrote the installation of a hearing loop in one of our smaller classrooms, and last year she underwrote a hearing loop for our largest auditorium. Most of our other classrooms have portable assistive listening devices, and we are looking into ways to expand this.
But hearing loss goes beyond the classroom. And since many of our members aren't aware that hearing loss is so common -- affecting one in three people aged 65 to 74, and one in two people over 75 -- we also wanted to educate our members. We created a page on our website with general information about hearing loss, links for further research, and assistive listening options in our classrooms. You can view the page on the OLLI at Berkeley website
Our Advisory Research and Evaluation Team -- especially our Research Associate Cheryl Brewster -- has been essential to this effort. They reviewed available research publications and compiled a list of articles and a summary of key findings on age-related hearing loss. We hope that their work will be a resource to the community as well as to our members.
Submitted by : Susan Hoffman, director, OLLI at University of California Berkeley

  OLLI at University of Denver 
International Exchange
OLLI at University of Denver participants were afforded an exciting opportunity for exchange in 2016.  The journey began the year before when translator  Ljuba  Kaverina of St. Petersburg, Russia, was contacted by an OLLI member who had met her while doing business in Russia. The member asked if she would be interested in teaching an OLLI class in Denver on her book "The History of Russia as seen through Three Generations of Women" as part of a yearlong WorldView focus on Russia. 
Ljuba was proposed to OLLI as their first "visiting scholar."  Her travel expenses to and from St. Petersburg were paid as part of the program which brought her to Denver for six weeks where she taught three different, over-subscribed sessions for OLLI. More than 
160 people attended her classes.  Ljuba, with her delightful personality and fluent English, received so many invitations from OLLI members for overnight stays, weekends, dinners, hikes, and walks that she was out almost every night.
She stayed in a member's home (except for her frequent outings) and enthralled guests during the dinners people hosted for OLLI members, adding to the members' experience and Ljuba's as well.  Ljuba enjoyed the OLLI members so much that she expressed interest in repeating the class to other OLLIs that might find it of interest.  If you are interested in connecting with Ljuba, please contact recently retired OLLI at University of Denver director, Vonnie Wheeler at vwheel@comcast.net with your questions. 
Submitted by: Barbe Ratcliffe, executive director, OLLI at University of Denver

Osher NRC 2017 Webinar Series

We send our sincere thanks to all who presented or participated in the 2016 webinar series. After a hiatus for work on the national conference, the 2017 webinar series will begin with the first webinar in June of 2017. Keep an eye out on the May newsletter for an announcement of timing and topics.  

If you have interest in being a 2017 presenter or have ideas for webinar topics, please contact Diane Venzera ( diane.venzera@northwestern.edu ). 

  Irving, TX - April 2017
Osher Institutes National Conference
There are two airports in the Dallas, TX area, the Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) and Love Field Airport (DAL). It is about a fifteen minute drive from either airport to the Omni Mandalay Hotel, in Irving, TX.
If you are driving or renting a car, self-parking at the Omni Mandalay Hotel is complimentary.
Transportation to the Hotel
Uber/Lyft and Taxis
The quickest transportation option is to take an Uber/Lyft or taxi from the airport to the hotel. From both DFW and DAL, an Uber or Lyft typically runs from $18-$20, or a taxi is typically $25 depending on traffic and time of day. It is typically about 10-20 minutes from either airport to or from the hotel.
Dallas Airport Rapid Transit (DART)
Another option for transportation from both DFW and DAL is the DART train.
Travel from DFW Airport to Omni Mandalay Hotel
To use the DART from the DFW Airport, you will first need to get to Terminal A, Gate 10. If you did not check a bag, take the Skylink to Terminal A and follow the signs to DART Rail. If you did check a bag, go to the upper level of the airport after retrieving your bag and take the Terminal Link bus to Terminal A, Gate 10 and follow the signs to DART Rail. Buy a DART pass ($2.50 for 2 hours) and board the Orange Line Train bound for Las Colinas Urban Center Station. Call the front desk at the Omni Mandalay Hotel (972-556-0800) upon boarding the DART Rail at the airport and request their shuttle to pick you up at the Las Colinas Urban Center station approximately 20 minutes from your departure time. The shuttle is complimentary, but is based upon availability.
Travel from DAL Airport to Omni Mandalay Hotel
To use the DART from the DAL Airport, catch the DART local bus service #524 outside of the baggage claim area, along the row of rental car shuttle pick-ups, to the Inwood/Love Field Station. Buy a DART pass while on the bus ($1.75 cash for one and a half hours) that is valid for both the bus and the DART rail. Go up the platform to board the Orange Line Train bound for DFW Airport, travelling just four stops along the line to the Las Colinas Urban Center Station. Call the front desk at the Omni Mandalay Hotel (972-556-0800) upon boarding the DART Rail to request their shuttle to pick you up at the Las Colinas Urban Center station approximately 20 minutes from your departure time. The shuttle is complimentary, but is based upon availability.

An Advice Column for Osher Institute Staff and Volunteers
dearolliDear Olli
Dear Olli,
We would like to bring three people to the upcoming Osher National Conference. Would this be possible?
~Not Crashin'
Dear Not Crashin',
The Osher Institutes National Conference is generously funded by The Bernard Osher Foundation and coordinated by the Osher NRC. The intent is that one staff member and one volunteer leader be chosen to represent each local OLLI program. The spirit is to include both a volunteer and a staff member who contribute to the Institute's success. The Foundation and NRC work to keep the National Conference as personal and intimate as possible (not easy given around 250 guests). Program quality and staying within a budget becomes hard to maintain with more than two participants per OLLI. Beyond costs, hotel capacity could become stretched because commitments of specific quantities of rooms are made about a year before the event. The hope is that each Osher Institute will honor the spirit of the invitation and name just two representatives. If you have a special situation that you think merits an exception, please contact Steve Thaxton at the NRC prior to conference registration this month to discuss it.

Have a question for Olli? Please send it in care of Stacey Hart at the NRC:Stacey.Hart@Northwestern.edu  

Educational Travel Ideas from the OLLI Network
The OLLI Traveler
OLLI at Hampton University
Alaskan Glacier Cruise
Cruise out of Seattle to discover classic gold rush towns and spectacular seascapes. Alaska will thrill you with its winding waterways, towering glaciers and rushing waterfalls, all within camera-shot of the ship's deck. Keep your eyes peeled and you're likely to spot an array of whale species breeching in the waves. After a week on the water, return to civilization in Victoria, beloved for its blooming gardens and mild weather. Learn more about this Alaskan cruise.
Dates: Jul 26 - Aug 5, 2017

OLLI at Louisiana State University
Brazil's Urban and Rural Landscapes
Brazil is home to some of the world's most fascinating man-made landscapes. The richness of architectural designs in Brazil are exemplified by the beach promenade and boulevard designs at Copacabana and Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro designed by landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. The trip includes tours of Rio, site visits to Sitio, Paratay, and the Emerald Coast, a Jeep tour of mountain waterfalls, and a distillery tour. Join Professor Max Conrad for a Continuing Education course that will literally take you there and provide fascinating insights into the world of Brazilian land - and cityscapes. Learn more about this trip to Brazil
Dates: Jun 12-22, 2017

OLLI at The University of Alabama
Discover Scotland
Experience the Orkney Islands during a full-day guided excursion. See magnificent Edinburgh Castle, a stone fortress perched high above the city. Explore the legendary Isle of Sky while soaking up the dramatic views. Culinary Inclusions include learning the art of producing Scotch whisky during a distillery tour and tasting and enjoying an interactive cooking experience at one of Edinburgh's premier culinary institutions. Travel to St. Andrews, the town that gave the world the game of golf and reflect at Culloden Battlefield, the site of the half-hour battle that changed history. Discover the remains of a Neolithic village at Skara Brae. Learn more about this trip to Scotland.
Dates: May 7 - 16, 2017

Quick Tips for Helping Operate an Osher Institute
didyouknowQuick Tip - Contact Cards

A business card that lists general contact information on one side as well as having space on the reverse side for the name and contact information of an OLLI member who is willing to act as an ambassador for the program can be a great marketing tool to bring in new members. The cards can also be used to welcome new members so that they have a personal contact at the Institute to whom they can go with any questions they may have as they explore the program for the first time. There are many affordable options online for creating and purchasing business cards, or they can even be printed on card stock paper in the office with the reverse side filled in for those members volunteering to fill this role and distribute the cards. This example from the Osher Institute at Auburn University gives an idea of the helpful information to include. 

  Career Openings in the OLLI Network
jobboardJob Board
Program Manager, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Program Administrator, OLLI

Office Assistant, OLLI at Texas Tech University (Highland Lakes)

Is there a staff opening at your Osher Institute? Please send it to us at oshernrc@northwestern.edu