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  eNewsletterJanuary 2012



Happy New Year from MEAMFT!  Our board and membership continues to be busy in 2012.  Thank you for joining MEAMFT by "Making Maine Connections" for Marriage and Family Therapy in this state.


In this eNewsletter: Presenting "I am ME MFT" Video;  Call for 2012 Annual Conference Workshop Presenter; Take our Conference Planning Online Survey; AAMFT New Membership Categories for inclusion & MEAMFT Members ACT NOW on Ethics Code Revisions; MAMFT Colleagues offer CEU opportunities; SAD? ~ Seasonal Affective Disorder; check-out the service listed in our MarketPlace.  We hope you'll follow our links.   



The Maine Association for Marriage & Family Therapy Board of Directors  




MEAMFT News ~ "I am ME MFT" Video  


"I am ME MFT"


"What is the LMFT?" a colleague recently asked me. 


Now, thanks to all the MEAMFT Members who participated in our "I am ME MFT" Video production during our annual conference last November, we have another tool to share with colleagues and the public.  This video will be hosted on YouTube, linked into our website, posted on our Facebook page, and available for discussion on LinkedIn.  Thank you to our videographer Virginia Armstrong.  And a very BIG thank you to John Neal, Composer & Musician for giving us permission to use his original work "Introduction of the Doll" from his album Vasalisa.


Members:  We need YOU!  There's a lot going on in MEAMFT and we need a few Members to step up into currently open board positions.  We currently need to fill our Secretary and a Director position.  Please consider these opportunities to get involved.  Email meamftcommunication@live.com for more information. 



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MEAMFT Calls For:

Workshop Presentation Proposals

2012 Annual Conference

DUE on or before 3/23/2012


Ted Chaffee
Ted Chaffee "Couples Communication" 2009

The Maine Association for Marriage and Family Therapy is now accepting presentation proposals for our 2012 Annual Fall Conference.  The workshop offered during our fall conference will span 6 hours and offer 6 CEUs.  Proposals need to be submitted in writing, provide the workshop objectives, a workshop outline, and a summary of the presentation.  Presentations should include videos, demonstrations, and/or exercises that require attendee participation.  Presentation topics should be directly specific to the theory and practice of couples and family therapy.  



RLT w/ Lisa Merlo-Booth 2010

Our past 3 Annual Conferences were held in Freeport at the Harasseeket Inn.  We enjoy the venue and hope to return.  Last year's attendance was 70 and we hope to do as well or better this coming fall.






We plan to hold our 2012 Annual Conference in November.


GMT w/ Dr Joan Hoffman 2011


Submit proposals

on or before March 23, 2012 to meamftcommunication@live.com


We Aim to Get What You Ask For ~

Help Us With Conference Planning

Take This 2 Minute Online Survey


Take Survey Now


Last year we surveyed our "Making Maine Connections" eNewsletter Readers and asked a few short questions that helped us plan our successful 2011 Annual Conference.  Your comments expressed interest in Gottman Method Therapy and we got "An Introduction to GMT" with Dr. Joan Hoffman.


Let us know what you want this November.  Follow this link to a very brief survey and help us get started on the planning!


MEAMFT Conference Planning Online Survey 2012


AMFT New Membership Categories

Approved in 2011 ~

Proposed Changes to the Code of Ethics




In 2011 the AAMFT Membership voted to approve new membership categories that will be rolled out in 2012.  These new categories are intended to make membership in AAMFT more inclusive to other mental health professionals practicing family therapy.  More information about membership, and how other licensed mental health professionals with education and practice experience in family therapy can join, will become available in upcoming months.  MEAMFT will keep our MFT Members and "Friends" informed as the roll out occurs.  MEAMFT hopes that our current MFT Members and our "Friends" can benefit from this collaboration.  We hope that our current "Friends" will seek membership in AAMFT and through that membership become New Members in MEAMFT.



MEAMFT 2 sky blue logoMEMBERS ~ The AAMFT Code of Ethics are being revised to reflect these new membership changes.  Your Opinion Matters.  Several AAMFT members have expressed concern about the wording of these changes and the long reaching effects that these changes in the code may have on the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy.  It is most important that you ACT NOW.  Your opinion is being collected by the AAMFT Board until January 31, 2012.  More information is available to Members by accessing the AAMFT Community.  Please take a moment to go to the AAMFT Community Web Page  LOGIN as a Member using your membership ID & password.  After you are logged in, come back to this email and  "click this link for summary" on the AAMFT website. Then go to the bottom of that summary page and "click" the blue print "Code of Ethics: Proposed Revisions" and you'll get the pdf of the document.  If you want to engage in discussion in the AAMFT Community, "click this link to participate" (you must be logged in).  If you want more insight into the concerns expressed by other AAMFT Members, while logged into the AAMFT Community, "click this link FMI" for a Member's blog posting which includes a letter sent to the AAMFT Board from past AAMFT Presidents outlining their concerns.  Members interested in voicing their opinion to the AAMFT Board can do that by following the email link available in the summary link, community participation link, and the FMI link above.


The MEAMFT Board realizes that this takes time and effort on your part, the Members, to login to the AAMFT Community as a Member, review the proposed changes, review what others are saying, and potentially email the AAMFT Board with your own opinions.  The MEAMFT Board values your opinion, the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy, and the inclusion of other licensed professionals practicing family therapy within the AAMFT. 


With your interest in mind, on Friday, January 13, 2012, the MEAMFT Board of Directors voted in support of the points raised by the AAMFT Past Presidents. 


Thank you to our Members for giving these proposed AAMFT Ethic Code revisions your consideration.


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MAMFT Colleagues Offer

Treating the Out of Control

Adolescent and Child

with Dr. Scott Sells


Dr. Scott Sells


Friday March 9, 2012

9:00 - 4:30

Bentley University

Waltham, Massachusetts





The Massachusetts Association for Marriage and Family Therapy are offering "Treating the Out of Control Adolescent and Child" with Dr. Scott Sells.  Registration Fee includes continental breakfast, lunch and 6 CEUs. 



MAMFT has several upcoming CEU opportunities you might find interesting.  MEAMFT is proud to support our New England AAMFT Divisions by linking you to their offerings.  For more information on all MAMFT's upcoming offerings and to register for "Treating the Out of Control Adolescent and Child" go to www.mamft.org/events  


Seasonal Affective Disorder ~



Consoling MomSAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is fairly common in northern latitudes.  Do you consider SAD when you work with your clients?  People with SAD have many of the signs of the normal signs of depression including: 


  • decreased levels of energy
  • difficulty concentrating
  • fatigue
  • increase in appetite
  • increased desire to be alone
  • increased need for sleep
  • weight gain

    Here's a few web resources for your review:


    WebMD has a good article with an overview of the disorder, diagnosis and treatment options. 


    Yahoo Health has a Seasonal Affective Disorder Health Video that gives a good overview of the disorder and treatment options.


    Sharecare.com share links to what the Cleveland Clinic, the Honor Society of Nursing, New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Dr. Jill Grimes is saying about SAD.  They also address a list of related questions and topics. 

    MarketPlace ~Looking for services? 

    Products & Services Supporting Mental Health and Family Therapy Practice


    Behavioral Health Billing Services

    Joyce Cyr

    207 760-8244

    443 Caribou Rd, Presque Isle, Maine

    PO Box 339, Caribou, Maine 04736


    Your Products and Services could be listed here!  Linking to your website and pdf hosting options are available.  This email has a long "shelf life" on our on the MEAMFT website, it is posted on Facebook page, and discussed on LinkedIn.


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