Shady Lakes Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
January 2017

Don Hearing
Shady Lakes Drive has been a long planned connection road intended to provide additional vehicular and pedestrian linkages between PGA Boulevard and Central Boulevard.  The primary goal of the project was to reduce congestion on PGA Boulevard, the main street of Palm Beach Gardens.  To address concerns of the residential communities adjacent to the roadway, the City of Palm Beach Gardens developed a plan that has achieved everybody's mutual goals.  Shady Lakes Drive now provides the much needed vehicular connectivity, but in a way which provides traffic calming and an attractive, aesthetic corridor.  The newly extended portion of Shady Lakes Drive consists of a series of shallow, linked "S" curves, tied together by round-a-bouts at its point of origin and at the roadways transition at 117th Court North. 
Cotleur & Hearing's landscape architectural design reinforces the beauty of the road and creates an atmosphere which fosters pedestrian and bicycle activities.  Large clusters of tall curved sabal palms combined with standard form flowering crape myrtles line the street.  Areas to provide the necessary drainage and water quality enhancements for the roadway are contoured into the overall design. Native grasses and everglade palms are planted along the road, which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but act as a bioswale that purifies the runoff before it is discharged into nearby lakes.  The overall landscape design reinforces the traffic calming efforts of the roadway and helps by creating a spatial context that naturally informs drivers of their speed.

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2017 Office Renovations
Jupiter,  FL
January 2017

Front doors, lobby, reception and front conference room.

If you have not stopped by our office in the past few weeks, the Cotleur & Hearing Jupiter office is under renovation. Construction started in the garage bathroom, with a new shower, tile walls, and floors. The entire office is getting a "face lift" including new stand up desks, ergonomic chairs, fresh paint, carpet, and tile floors. The theme of the redesign is based on natural features and textures with colors to emulate a landscape scene.

The second phase of construction will break though the north office wall and open up into a large kitchen, second conference room, an employee lounge, and four new work stations.

The grand reopening is anticipated in the end of March. In the meantime, please pardon our dust!

(left) Material samples of the carpet, chairs, barn door and reception desk (middle) Lobby and reception desk (right) Wall tile in new bathroom formally known as our tiny kitchen

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Employee Spotlight
Jupiter, FL
January 2017
Kristy Lee

Kristy Lee attended Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL and graduated from University of South Florida in May 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Kristy is a South Florida native who enjoys spending time out on the water and traveling to new places.
After spending several years living in Fort Myers and St. Petersburg, Kristy returned to South Florida to start her career at Cotleur & Hearing in June 2016. Ms. Lee works under Don Hearing and assists him with every day details from scheduling to project submittals. Ms. Lee's background in Customer Service and her constant enthusiasm to learn has made her a great asset to Cotleur & Hearing. 

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