June 2019
Annual records purge services!
How would you like to not have to worry about your annual records purge or clearing out those decades of old records.  

PRI is now offering low-cost annual records management, crime data and systems maintenance packages. We'll maintain your agency's compliance year-to-year on your behalf. Details here.

Submit your budgeting wish list with our training price list.
What is PRI?

PRI is a highly specialized management consulting firm that provides public safety agencies records management, IT and crime data consulting, training and project management services. With core competencies in public records compliance, UCR/NIBRS, CJIS, RMS/CAD systems, and digital transformation, PRI has proudly served over 3000 agencies since 2008.  
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What PRI Can Do For You

Enterprise IT planning  is what prevents disjointed systems from being purchased and implemented, resulting in data silos and fractured workflows.  It's what averts getting the latest shiny new tool without forethought given to its impact on existing business process. It's what enables cost-effective business decisions and cost savings.  We will assess, document, prioritize and determine the total cost of ownership of your agency's technology needs. 
  • Jail records assessment
  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Process Assessment/Re-engineering
  • Modernized Records Management
Plan ahead before buying uninformed.  

Business intelligence tools provide your agency with key performance indicators such as real-time clearance rates, report turn-around times, crime stats, use of force and report error-rates per officer, supervisor and agency overall.   In just a few days, we'll build a custom dashboard and live data visualizations which uncover patterns, trends and problems as they occur.

New Jail Records Training Course!
PRI is pleased to announce we are now serving correctional agencies through training seminars and consulting services.
Host a course and get 2 fee seats.

Are you pushing lots of paper? Printing records and creating files? In our training you will learn how to modernize and manage a correctional agency's records in a legally compliant and efficient manner.

Seeking a new JMS? You'll need a needs assessment and RFP done right.  We can help.
Information Management in Criminal Justice. Is yours efficient?
Recently I flew on Silver Airways, an airline I had never heard of. With only a couple of routes out of
South Florida it's a small airline yet, incredibly efficient. They had the only flight left to where I needed to go that day.

When I checked in at the counter, the representative was alone, handling me, the phone, the computer,
and the pilot. Yes, the pilot. On the desk was a desktop radio-phone. The pilot called in over the radio that he was "2 minutes out" and checked to confirm his gate was ready. The employee at the counter responded,"roger, all set". I had to ask- "is that the pilot?" Yes, it was; "we wear many hats here", he said with a smile.

Direct, simple and incredibly efficient. A full ground to air operation with a customer experience in
between that gets the job done with precision and utter simplicity. Naturally, being the process guy that
I am, I immediately thought, "if only...".
PRI is Hiring
PRI is actively seeking instructors with supervisory or managerial level sworn correctional/law enforcement backgrounds. Applicants who have extensive teaching experience with advanced knowledge in or have worked assignments in any of the following are highly preferred:
  • Writing and reviewing reports
  • IT related assignments and/or project management
  • UCR reporting
  • Property/evidence
  • Records management
  • Policy writing 
Resumes can be be submitted through PRI's Employment page.
Training Seminar
Managing Jail Records
(state law specific) 
Managing records legally, efficiently, and in a digital environment
Learn how to create digital records and processes, including electronic signatures, forms, routing, and submission electronically.  
  • The latest public records law 
  • What can/cannot be released to the public
  • Can originals be destroyed when digitized
  • Developing records retention schedules and procedures
  • Keeping track of what was destroyed and when
  • Digital signatures and forms
  • Booking, inmate, medical, classification, personnel, training, and standards records management 

Training Reviews
"I had the pleasure of attending your webinar yesterday on converting to NIBRS. It was excellent."

"The webinar was very informative and well put together.  It was very easy to take in."
Manatee Sheriff's Office

"I have attended many seminars and training classes over the last 20 years in law enforcement; I have to say with certainty, yours was simply amazing. You are very informed about the topic you teach. VERY informed."
Pleasant Hill PD

"I just recently attended one of your classes in Salina KS, which was one of the best classes I have ever attended by the way.  You spoke about a correction list that you would send to us if we emailed you.  Would you mind forwarding that to me?"
Norman, OK PD

PRI to Exhibit at ACA Conference
PRI Management Group is pleased to announce it will be attending and exhibiting at the 149th Congress of Correction in Boston, MA August 1-6, 2019. Drop by our booth and say hello!

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