JWOC's Third Quarterly Newsletter!

Welcome to JWOC’s third newsletter of 2019!

This quarter we've been busy recruiting our next cohort of scholarship students and getting ready for our Race4Youth. We've got a lot to catch up on, so check out some of our key updates below:
It's time to Race4Youth!

Our supporters, students and staff are gearing up to Race4Youth from now until December! So far we have raised an incredible $4,071 in 1 week! We need your support to reach our target of $30,000 before the end of December - read more about how your donation can help JWOC students have a better future.
Sony and Tey are two 15-year-old students. They both live about 30 minutes from JWOC by motorbike (15-20km away) and join the English and computer classes offered at our Learning Center on the weekends. Tey doesn’t have a computer at home, and Sony has one but it broke a long time ago – they don’t have access to any at their school either. They both would like to join JWOC’s Better Futures Program because it will give them more experience, knowledge and help them get a good job. Sony wants to be a nurse, and Tey wants to be a teacher, but when asked if they get any support from school to reach their career goals, they said that they only know that they have to keep studying hard.
Our participants are taking on amazing challenges from their youth - cycling over 100km to their hometown, learning a language in 1 month, conquering their fears of swimming, running their first 10k, and more.
P.S. There's still time to take on your own challenge, so if you would like to join JWOC's Race4Youth movement, just send us an email and we can get you started!
From the blog:

Many of our staff and students have been involved in the recruitment process for JWOC's new cohort of scholarship students. Reasey and Saorou shared their hopes for the future and some advice for future scholarship applicants. Dane , JWOC's Scholarship Program Coordinator, provides some behind-the-scenes updates on our recruitment process, as well as reflecting on her time at JWOC so far.

Pictured below: Our new mural painted by JWOC scholarship students using words that describe their experience.
Support JWOC during Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

If you're planning on hitting the sales for the upcoming holidays, why not donate to JWOC at the same time? We are registered on Amazon Smile, iGive  and  Facile2Soutenir . If you sign up to any of these platforms, we receive a donation every time you make a purchase at no extra cost to you. We now have an updated section on our website, so you can find out more here .
Juju's Mews:

Young Juju here, reporting on some of JWOC's exciting mews! Over the last month, JWOC has been making some exciting changes to help our Learning Center feel more youth-friendly. We even got a sofa (I have been told that I'm not allowed to use it as a scratching post). I especially like the new JWOC mural ... although I'm a little annoyed that the students didn't paint the word 'Juju' when thinking of words that describe JWOC. I'll have to add it in myself.
Pictured below: JWOC's new Youth HUB!
With best wishes,

Kneath Heard
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