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JUNE 2022 


Grads & Dads, Juneteenth, Summer Fun

Ardena Bartlett, MPA
Parent, Founder, Executive Director

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Celebrating Awesome Dads!!!

Juneteenth Freedom Day!! 

Family Summer Fun Activities!!

Hello Beautiful Parents & Caregivers of amazing children and adults. My beautiful Black boy who is now 11 wore a shirt printed: Autism - Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious - yes that’s him in a nutshell. 

My hope is that our children & adults, no matter what the difference, will have equitable opportunities to live their best lives through accessing services and programs that will help them do that. 

I remember the thought of going to an amusement park stressed me out because I wanted him to have access to the same opportunity as any other kid, but the thought of running after him or preventing him from jumping off into the abyss boggled my mind. So I researched and learned that all the major amusement parks offer VIP Accessibility Passes which allowed us to skip the long lines which decreased my stress allowing me to enjoy the experience with him.

Through this Resource Newsletter, I hope to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way as well as share current information related to our Equity and Community Partners: San/Gabriel Pomona Regional Center, Inland Regional Center, Parents Place, Early Start Family Resource Center.

DDS Service Access and Equity grant partner with

San Gabriel/Pomona and Inland

Regional Centers


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Juneteenth was officially signed a federal holiday by President Joe Biden in 2021. The holiday has been celebrated since 1865 and originated in Galveston, Texas.

It is a day that celebrates the end of slavery and the freedom of enslaved Black Americans in Galveston, Texas two months after Robert E. Lee surrendered and almost two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

It is the country's oldest national celebration commemorating the end of slavery.

The goal of Juneteenth is to celebrate Black lives, amplify Black voices, and showcase the resilience of Black people.

San Gabriel/ Pomona Regional Center 

If you are a parent or caregiver with questions about SGPRC client services, please contact:

San Gabriel/ Pomona Regional Center 

Executive Office

Sal Gonzalez

Director, Compliance and Outreach

Social Recreational Resource Development Survey for Individuals/Families

We are truly excited that social recreation services can now be funded by the regional center for individuals served over the age of three. Connecting with you to discover your needs is important to us. With this goal guiding us, we have developed an electronic social recreation services survey that we invite you to complete. The survey should not take more than 5 minutes to complete.

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San Gabriel Pomona- Parent's Place

Inland Regional Center

If you are a parent or caregiver with questions about IRC client services, please contact:

Inland Regional Center 

Community Engagement Department: 

Lilliana Garnica

Cultural Specialist

909-890- 4781 

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Social Recreational Activities and Summer Camps

Fatherhood Awareness Month

Juneteenth Celebrations

Additional Resources