August 2019 -- Issue #23
A Word from the CEO

Deciding when to begin Social Security is a major decision. For most of us, Social Security provides a large portion of our income in retirement. In addition, the amount you receive varies greatly depending on whether you start when you are first eligible (age 62) or wait until your maximum benefit (age 70). There's no one right answer for everyone, but our article on when to start Social Security provides the information you need to make the right choice for you.

The two factors that most influence the size of your retirement savings are the amount you contribute and your asset allocation. The contribution side of the equation is simple: save as much as you can with a goal of investing 10%-20% of your salary. Determining the right asset allocation requires a more complex calculation. Our article, Building an Investment Portfolio, provides a perspective on how to approach this critical aspect of your investment strategy.

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When Should You Claim
Social Security?
The size of your Social Security benefit varies greatly by the age when you begin. This article introduces you to important issues to think about before making this decision.
Building an Investment Portfolio
Building an investment portfolio that allows you to meet your long-term financial goals is critically important to your success. This article explores the issues you'll need to consider.
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