December 2018 -- Issue #15
A Word from the CEO

I hope you and your family enjoyed a happy and healthy Hanukkah. Consider giving yourself a gift this season -- increase your retirement contribution.

As an investor, the last month has been a real roller coaster. On November 8, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) stood at 26,191. Just over two weeks later, on November 23, the Dow had fallen nearly 2,000 points to 24,285. People began panicking. Ten days later, on December 3, the DJIA stood at 25,826, regaining more than two-thirds of its losses. Over the last week, this pattern of volatility has continued.

We haven't experienced it much in the last few years, but, historically, volatility of this magnitude is not unusual. The question is how we respond to it. Our article, Putting Stock Market Volatility into Perspective, can help you understand, and cope with, these normal ups-and-downs.

Retired Rabbis and Cantors receiving distributions from the JRB need to submit their P arsonage Allowance Memorandum (see article below) to the JRB by December 28, 2018 in order to claim the parsonage allowance for all of 2019.

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Enjoy the holiday season and have a happy secular New Year,
Putting Stock Market Volatility
into Perspective
An emotional response to market fluctuations such as we've seen in the last month is natural. This article explains how to put this volatility into perspective.
2019 Parsonage Allowance
Declaration Due December 28
Please submit your Parsonage Allowance Memorandum to the JRB by December 28, 2018. To learn more about the parsonage allowance in retirement, see the letter from JRB CEO Mitchell J. Smilowitz.
Give Yourself a Gift
Increase Your Retirement Contribution
Do you have a salary increase going into effect the first of the year? If so, this is an excellent opportunity to increase your retirement contribution. If the increase in your retirement contribution tracks your salary increase, you won't notice the difference; you'll just reap the reward.

Contact your employer to increase your retirement contribution.
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