May 2019 -- Issue #20
A Word from the CEO

A recent report from Fidelity Investments estimates that the average couple retiring at age 65 can expect to pay $285,000 in after tax dollars for health care expenses in retirement. Our article, Paying for Health Care in Retirement, explores options for managing your health care costs, including a brief overview of Medicare.

The second article in this issue of the Financial Pulse addresses investment risk. Understanding and managing investment risk is critical to achieving your financial goals. Few of us can reach our objectives by investing solely in low-risk investments. This article describes the different types of risks investors face and three strategies for managing the various kinds of risk.

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Paying for Health Care
in Retirement
Explore options for managing health care costs in retirement, including an introduction to Medicare.
Measuring Investment Risk
Investment risk comes in many forms. Learn about the different types of risk and how you can manage them in your investment portfolio.
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