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What's New with JPus?

The new website is here! At times, the launching process seemed all-consuming. Despite its magnitude, it feels good that our little team pulled it off successfully. See our Technical Support section, below, for links to helpful articles so you can navigate our pages like a pro.

Massachusetts JPs, now is the time! The Resolve for a Commission to evaluate the 1-Day Solemnizer rule will have a public hearing on September 22. No complaining about the 1-Dayers if you don't step up and let your voice be heard. We've made it easy for you. Please see the details here.

Save the Dates
Unfortunately, Deaf, hard-of-hearing and DeafBlind couples have a difficult time finding a marriage officiant for their ceremony. Let's put an end to that. Save the date for our online training:
  • Working with the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing on October 19, 2021 at 1:00 PM

Even with the bustle of the new website launch, I'm pleased that we were able to squeeze in an August Zoom call. We kept it informal and had no agenda - just a chance to check in on each other. Be sure to join our next Zoom:

Town and City Clerks
I will be attending Massachusetts and Connecticut Town Clerk Association Conferences next week. And the following week, if Covid doesn't scare me away, I'm planning a trip to connect with Florida clerks. Strengthening relationships with our municipal partners is so important. Working together means we are there for each other: Collaborating on legislative matters, onboarding new officiants, and working out differences when needed.

I'd love to have some JPs help manage the information tables at the conferences: Springfield, MA on September 22nd and Westbrook, CT on the 23rd. Send me a note if you are available and would like to spend an hour or two together meeting our hard-working town clerks.

Best wishes,

Loretta Jay
Managing Member
News That JPs Can Use: Postage Increase

The US Postal Service increased its rates on August 29, 2021. This means that a First Class letter is now 58 cents. When mailing a license back to the town clerk in an 8 1/2 x 11" envelope, the cost is $1.16 if it weighs one ounce and $1.36 if it weighs two ounces. More at the USPS FAQ page. In addition, there will be a second temporary rate increase October 3 - December 26, 2021.
findaJP Blog

Consider our blogs another part of our professional development opportunities. They'll give you ideas when performing ceremonies and resources to share with your couples. Gold star for you!

Flexible wedding planning is always helpful, but it is necessary during the pandemic.

★ Another pandemic shift that seems to be here to stay? Smaller weddings are trending!
Technical Support: New Website Launch
The How-Tos to help you make the most of your findaJP listing
The new findaJP site's launch is brand new, and likely you are still getting used to it. The following articles explain the ins and outs.
The way we feature our Featured JPs has changed. See the difference!
Got stuck? Here is help navigating your JP Dashboard.
Time to renew? These are the steps to take.
New terminology. Understand the difference between a subscription and membership.
★ Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new JPus website.
Ideas into Action: Zooms
Where is the Zoom login information?
Connecticut JP Gerald Antunes asked for an easier way to find the Zoom link. We get it! When the Zoom is starting, no one wants to futz around looking for the login page.

Now there is a convenient link to the Zoom landing page! It is under the Membership tab on the menu bar. Never again miss those first minutes of networking time. See a screenshot of the dropdown menu, so you'll know where to look, plus other tips to participate.
Got an idea, question or problem? We want to hear your suggestions on how to make our network stronger. Tell us here.
Spotlight on a JP: Mary Kay Rendock

Justice Mary Kay Rendock saw her friend officiating a marriage and thought it was pretty cool - so she became a JP, too. This was about the same time her son came out as gay. Naturally, performing same sex marriages has had a special meaning to her, and she embraced marriage equality. Right now Mary Kay is pursuing the goal of marrying a couple in every Connecticut town. She has already run a race in every town in CT with the Run 169 Society and feels like this is a natural new goal!

An elementary school teacher by day, and a hospitality usher for the minor league baseball team Hartford Yard Goats at night, she is a busy woman. Weddings are a nice balance with her other jobs: It is all for the delight that she gets bringing two people together in marriage. She says it never gets old!

See all of our amazing wedding officiants, including Justice Mary Kay, at
JPus Wants to Know
Membership Perk - Let JPus promote you to couples on findaJP's social media platforms!

What is your favorite wedding tradition or ritual?

Let us know! You can read all the details about how we'll collect your stories and spread the word.
Did You See This on Facebook?

New Hampshire JP Debby Pawlendzio turned to fellow officiants regarding a recent dilemma. Her couple paid a nonrefundable retainer back in February for an August wedding - but they've ghosted her since May. The venue didn't have the couple booked for the date, either.

Most of the comments offered by JPus members suggested making sure adequate efforts were made to reach the couple - including using certified or overnight mail. And then if still no response, keep the deposit and move on.

Ask to join JPus' Facebook group for this conversation and more. Only for members.
Customized Tools for the Officiant
Customized with your name, hometown, state and officiating credentials (Justice of the Peace or Notary Pubic)
Make sure you've got the tools of the trade. See this self-inking rubber stamp and more in our Wedding Shop. Discount available for members.
Embossing foils to go with your customized embosser.
Got an idea? We welcome suggestions on how to make our network stronger.