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April 13, 2024

Dear Elyse,

We are deeply saddened this evening to see the relative calm of Shabbat shattered by news of Iran's attack on Israel throughout the day. Over 200 missiles and drones were launched at Israel today, most of them destroyed en route by Israeli and American defenses. Like so many of you, our staff and leadership have been monitoring the harrowing events in Israel this Shabbat.


We know you join with us in sending support to our friends and families in Israel, especially the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces on the front lines. We are grateful for the statements of support for Israel from many leaders of the United States and other allies, as well as their help in defending Israel against this threat from Iran. At the same time, we are horrified at this Iranian aggression and stand with Israel during this critical time.


Tomorrow morning at 9:00 am CST, The Jewish Federations of North America will be holding a briefing with up-to-date information and action steps we can take here in our own community. Please click here to register for the webinar.

Our JCRC team will continue to follow the news coming out of Israel in the days ahead. We hope you will join with us to pray for the safety of everyone in Israel.


Rabbi Scott Shafrin,

Executive Director

Opportunities to Support Israel

Donate to the Israel Emergency Fund through the Jewish Federation of St. Louis

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