May comes from the Latin word Maius mēnsis, which means "Maia's month". Maius comes from the Old English word Maius, which entered English in the 1050s. The month is named after Maia, the Greek goddess of spring, fertility, and growth. 

Regina Wright Trimboli, JBHS Class of '74, Miss Eastman and Miss White (Coaches);
"Not only did they encourage good healthy activity but they were basketball and softball coaches that I will never forget."

Linda Esten Crosskey, JBHS Class of '62, Geraldine Lynch (History)
"She made me question my political views and use critical thinking."

Neil Pedersen: JBHS Class of '68, Geraldine Lynch (History)
"If I could remember whoever taught my typing class that resulted in me being a touch typist, I would nominate her. Best life skills ever!"
I think it was Mrs. Graff, Neil.

Diane Snyder Crompton, '74, Pam Goodpasteur (Tennis Coach)
"Pam was the head coach of Barlow's tennis team while I was there. She was tough, always fair and brought out the best in each individual and the team overall. She was also an outstanding person and earned the respect of those who had the pleasure of working with her."

Steve Golden, JBHS Class of '69, Kay Gadarowski (Math)


Wendy Prindle Berlind, JBHS class of '62, H. Ogden Morse (English).
"English vocabulary and grammar, plus how to write a sentence. He had a great sense of humor, too, and treated students as individuals."
Linda Esten Crosskey, JBHS Class of '62, H. Ogden Morse (English)
"He ignited my love of English literature and writing."
Jerome Meyer, (Latin)
"He made the study of Latin fun and wonderful."

Neil Pedersen, JBHS Class of '68, H. Ogden Morse (English); Russell Doblestein (Math)

Glyn Reinders, JBHS Class of '68, Gary Engler (Physical Education and Coach)
" I had him for phys ed and as a football and basketball coach. Took the place of my father who died when I was 12 and I became a phys. ed. teacher and coach because of his influence. Will always feel grateful that I had him in my life."

David J. Hargrave, JBHS Class of '79, Joe Falco (Math) and Stu Clough (Math)
"Their dedication to their students was pivotal in my passing both algebra and geometry. Math is tough on us poor dyslexics! They were also an awesome duo that played guitar and sang at local venues. Truly inspirational in both mathematics and music."

Bruce Freeman, JBHS Class of '65, (the first class to go through all six years at Barlow)
Russ Doblestein (Math) and John Profetto (Phys. Ed. and Football Coach)

Mandy McCubbin, JBHS Class of '93, Warren DeFrank (German), James Hopper ( ), Coach James Morros ( )
Mr. Warren DeFramk - "He taught me German, and how to be a good human being. He was always smiling and put life into perspective."
Mr. James Hopper - "He inspired me to become a teacher. He communicated so well and with such positivity."
Coach James Morros - "He taught me to drive and how to take life with a grain of salt."

Dan Rawson, JBHS Class of '71, Bob Joyce (Industrial Arts)
"He taught all the shop classes, wood shop, metal shop, drafting, etc. I took them all. He also provided driver education classes. I always thought of him as a very informative, helpful, patient and gracious teacher. My graduation year, he awarded me the Industrial Arts Award for my class.  
I went on to Norwalk State Technical College pursuing mechanical Engineering, and landed a very decent job in that field at Bridgeport Machines. Bob Joyce greatly contributed to my interest and success in that field."

Margaret Taylor, JBHS Class of '75, Gil Bastos (Select Choir); "Always positive and supportive."

Claudia Dragonnette Hobbs, JBHS Class of '91, Don Spinner (Photography and Track and Field Coach) and Dave Norris (Environmental Biology and Discus Coach)
"Hard to put one of these guys in front of the other. Both were incredible teachers, coaches and mentors. To this day, I recount memories that I shared with these guys both in the classroom and on the field.They set the bar high for all those who came after them in a leadership/mentorship role in my life! "

Joel Swanton, JBHS Class of '70, Aubrey DeWolfe (English) and Jerome Meyer (Latin)

It is not too late to share the female teachers/coaches and male teachers/coaches that you would like us to celebrate. Help us grow our lists.


Many have asked if we have another picnic or event in the works. At the present time, we do not. We are more than happy to hear your suggestions. We do know that our last few picnics were not as well attended as we hoped they would be. Many Barlow graduates are no longer in the area and so it often involves flights and accommodations. Some classes have worked hard to stay connected for milestones and have had great success. We will continue to update all alumni. In the meantime, feel free to share your ideas.
JANE BOGDAN, CLASS OF '61, janieglp@sbcglobal.net
"Hey there first graduating class ever, it's reunion time! Jane Rosborg Bogdan wants to hear from you so you all can gather for a reunion. If you are a member of the JBHS Class of '61, please send an email off to Jane and connect with her. Hooray for the JBHS Class of '61. You were trailblazers."

CLASS OF '77 is going all out with this flyer.
RSVP to Anne Lipkvich at glipkvich@snet.net by July 7th with # attending and include your current contact information. Be sure to put JBHS Class of '77 in the subject line. More details will be sent back to you.

Fellow Falcons,
Happy 75th Birthday, one celebrated with white diamonds and gold. Fitting for Falcons.
Are you 27393 or 27394? Hmmm. (Kent Borner)
For those who are unable to physically attend this celebration, many are now turning to social media to be present as they "zoom" in and rekindle old friendships. This is yet another idea for those of you who want to attend a reunion and are unable to make the event.
WHEN/WHERE? Saturday, June 22, Stonefence Farm, 26 Krug Rd. Preston CT
Contact: Kent Borner, stonefencefarm1725@gmail.com

JBHS CLASS OF '73 and '74 (Joint 50th Reunion): September 28, 2024 from 6:00 - 10:00 p.m. at Boca Grille and Raw Bar Bar. 2425 Morehouse Hwy, Fairfield, CT. Contact: Joanne Spalla, jsspalla@aol.com

JBHS CLASS OF '84:  Class of ’84 is beginning efforts to organize our 40-year reunion in 2024. I’ve set up a Facebook group (“Joel Barlow High School Class of 1984”), and I’m exploring other ways to publicize it. Classmates are also encouraged to reach out to me directly (omorse3@gmail.com).

Warren DeFrank was one of those stand-out teachers that many have continued to follow.
He had a huge presence in our big 50th reunion of the entire school in 2011 and has remained close to many former students.
Warren has lived in Florida since his retirement and recently developed some health issues and as a result has moved to be near family in Wisconsin. Debbie Cole and a small group of Barlow alumni gave Warren a wonderful send-off before he moved to Wisconsin.
For those of you who would like to remain in contact with Warren, here is his new address:
Warren DeFrank, Clifton Court, 6801 Loomis Road, Room 23N, Greendale, WI 53129



It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Steven P. Rowland, JBHS Class of '76. On May 9th, 2024, Steven and his Aunt and Uncle, Tom Vitale and Olga Vitale, were hit head on by a wrong way driver on the Merritt Parkway in Fairfield, CT. The driver was a Fairfield University student. At the time, Steven was driving his Aunt and Uncle back from Yale New Haven Hospital.

Steven was a very successful architect who loved helping others and that is exactly how he died, helping his Aunt and Uncle. While at Barlow, Steven was a proud member of the undefeated championship football team and a star wrestler. He then went on to the New York Institute of Technology and received his bachelor's degree in architecture. After working for ABC studios in CA, Steven returned to his much loved Connecticut and started his own architecture firm in NYC completing some very exciting and notable projects. Steven was also the co-chair of the building committee for the new Samuel Staple Elementary School in Easton. He was a huge car enthusiast and collector and he was involved in the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance.

Steven is survived by his children, Samantha Rowland, Katie Rowland (McVeigh, Andrew Roland, and their mother, Andrea Rowland as well as his two sisters, Joan Rowland (Sabrina), Tracy Gilbert, and his brother, David, as well as his nieces and nephews. Steven's family would like him to be remembered as a reliable family man who was passionate about doing what was right.

We extend our deepest sympathy to Steven's family and friends and Barlow classmates for this profound loss.

MARVIN BOROFSKY, JBHS CLASS OF '66: It is with great sadness that I share the passing of yet another one of my '66 classmates. Marvin Borofsky. Marvin died very unexpectedly in Haymarket,VA on May 13th, 2024.He and his wife, Ellen, had moved to VA to be near their children and grandchildren.
Marvin had a dry wit and was a very successful attorney in Danbury, CT. He kept a low profile in spite of his success. He will be dearly missed by his family, extended family, law partner, and his many friends and classmates.
Marvin was predeceased by his brothers. His obituary has not yet been posted so we are hoping for a photo and more information. We extend our deepest sympathy to Marvin's wife, Ellen, his daughters, and his much-loved grandchildren and to all who knew Marvin and enjoyed his wonderful dry sense of humor.

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Joel Barlow High School
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