November 2022 Issue
Chair's Corner

As we end 2022, I hope that you are in good health and have plans to celebrate the Holidays with your family and friends. On behalf of the JASAN group, I wish you the very best Holiday Season.
Our committees have been busy making sure that we live up to our mission: to provide a network for staff alumni and to further the mission of JA USA. We have exciting news on both fronts.

> Your primary interest in JASAN is connecting with others. In addition to our Facebook group
and newsletter, we will have a gathering in Orlando, Florida. For those who live in Florida or
winter in Florida, we hope you will plan to attend. The gathering will take place at the Junior
Achievement office in Orlando (2121 Camden Rd, Orlando, FL 32803) on Thursday, January
26th. More details to come. I hope to see you there! Thank you to Dennis GiIfoyle for chairing
the Engagement Committee which is planning this event.

> I hope you will consider a year-end gift to JASAN to further our mission. Thank you to Brad
Kaufmann for chairing the campaign.

> The Junior Achievement Professional Staff Hall of Fame award is returning! Moving forward,
this award will be managed by JASAN, with input from JA USA. The purpose of the JA Staff
Hall of Fame is to honor and recognize former JA staff professionals whose long-term
dedication, commitment, and exceptional accomplishments made a significant impact on the
organization and created a foundation for the current organization. Honorees are role models
and set standards of accomplishment and behavior to which current and future JA staff should

We are planning a great 2023 of connection and commitment.
Best wishes, 
John Weil
Your Gift Matters
During this season of gratitude, we want you to know how much we appreciate our JASAN members! By participating in and supporting JASAN, you are ensuring that the rich history and camaraderie of Junior Achievement continue to thrive!
As we approach the end of the calendar year, our annual fund campaign has begun. JASAN is entirely dependent on the generosity of our members to help fund our staff and student scholarships, awards, and day-to-day needs to keep everyone informed and connected.
If you have not already received a letter asking for your support, you will soon. We hope that you will consider including JASAN in your charitable giving plans this year. You can conveniently donate online!
Whether you renew your support or become a first-time donor, we hope you will make a gift. The money is put to VERY good use for both JASAN and Junior Achievement!

Brad Kaufmann, Chair, Fund Campaign Committee

Welcome Our Newest JASAN Member
Let's welcome our newest JASAN member ... Rich Maladecki! 
Rich started working for JA in August 1977 in JA of Southeastern Michigan (Detroit) as the Program Director/VP of Training and Development. He moved to JA of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) and left JA in August of 1990 as Vice President of Operations in Philadelphia. While at JA, he was a member of a Hook Award Winning Team, earned several Summit Awards, served on two National committees, and helped introduce Business Basics and Applied Economics to the marketplace.
After 13 years with JA, Rich is now in Florida and is retired. He looks forward to staying connected to former JA colleagues and has some fun and positive memories from his JA career.
Who do you know?? The Membership Committee always welcomes your help in identifying and reaching out to any former colleagues/friends who had five or more years with JA.

Let Tami Godsey know if you know anyone with whom we might connect.
Take a Trip Back in Time!
The year is 1979 –
> "YMCA" by the Village People is topping the charts
> The Iran hostage crisis has begun
> The Three Mile Island Nuclear Disaster takes place
> Ryan O’Neal and Barbra Streisand star in "The Main Event"
> The last hurrah of disco is happening
> The UK elects Margaret Thatcher as its first female Prime Minister
> Sony releases the Walkman, and
> throughout the U.S., the Junior Achievement Company Program is
going strong.

The original Junior Achievement program was an after-school program that focused on students learning more about business and creating products to sell. Groups of high school students are working together to operate their own business venture. They are supported by advisors from local companies. They are selling stock to capitalize, paying wages, creating production charts, keeping books and records, and more.
In Norfolk Virginia, a group of students from various high schools in grades 9 through 12 are producing and selling a most unique product. The student company is sponsored by Virginia Electric and Power (VEPCO) which is today’s Dominion Energy.
This lamp, using an official electric meter, was in high demand. The lamp pictured here was produced in 1979 and is still operational today!!
Did you work for JA in the days of the JA Company program – when products were king? Send us some photos or post them on Facebook
Did you start your JA career with Project Business, Business Basics, or Applied Economics? We’d love to see those photos too!
Sally Moynihan Stamper, Chair, JASAN History Committee