May 2023 Issue
Chair's Corner

The end of the year is just over a month away! With that, the JASAN Executive Committee is busy working on next year's budget, the Program of Work, and our plans for the Annual Meeting in Louisville. We're also finishing up our funding campaign (yes, you can still contribute!) providing the ability to deliver our program of work during the 2023-24 year. This issue of our newsletter is focused on the agenda for the annual meeting, and our new regular feature - a spotlight on one of our members.

I hope to see you in Louisville Wednesday, July 26, and Thursday, July 27. You can register for conference events and pay for events at these links.
What's Happening at JASAN's Annual Meeting?
Our vision for the JASAN Annual Meeting is to provide camaraderie, celebrations, and updates on the
work of JASAN and JAUSA. We’re excited about what we’ve put together and hope you will be too.
Wednesday, July 26 join us at 1:30 pm to hear from Jack Kosakowski about the 2022-23 year in JA, along with the exciting new strategic plan. We’ll also hear from Jack Harris about 3DE, the exciting initiative that involves re-engineering high school education to be more relevant, experiential, and authentically connected to the complexities of the real world to better prepare today’s students for the
demands of tomorrow’s economy. You can learn more at

After Jack and Jack bring us up to date, we will complete our official business – hearing from each of our committee chairs and hearing the results of the proxy vote approving the 2023-24 budget, 2023-24 Program of Work, and the 2023-24 Executive Committee membership.

At 6:00 pm, we will gather at the BBC Bourbon Barrel Loft to celebrate the induction of Don Floyd into the JA Professional Staff Hall of Fame. (Your cost is $30. This event has been significantly underwritten by personal gifts from the JASAN membership.)
Thursday, July 27, will begin at 6:30 am with breakfast and an opportunity to get to know the 50 JA USA associates who have been awarded NLC scholarships funded by our SOS Campaign conducted during the 2021-2022 fiscal year. We hope to hear from one of last year’s recipients about the impact this
scholarship has had on the most recent fiscal year. (Your cost for breakfast - $75)

After breakfast, we will join the JA USA National Leadership Conference for updates from the Achievement Foundation, JA Worldwide, and other JA USA departments. Most interesting, we will hear about JA’s new initiative for 18–25-year-olds, known as Project HOPE.

After the JA USA updates, we will reconvene our meeting to discuss the 2023-24 program of work and some long-term questions about what JASAN should be addressing during the next two years.

Lunch includes introducing those who are retiring from JA USA, along with introducing Don Floyd, the newest member of the Professional Staff Hall of Fame, to the JA USA Associates. (Your cost - $85)
We’ve left Thursday afternoon open to explore Louisville – there is much to do and explore within a
short Uber/Lyft ride from the hotel.

Thursday night is the traditional recognition dinner – The Flemke Award, sponsored by JASAN will be presented, along with the Charles R. Hook Award, and other JAUSA awards. (Your cost - $130)

It’s a busy two days, with exciting information – and great people to spend time with! Registering and paying for the conference requires two separate actions. Links to both can be found
on the front page of the JASAN website.
I hope you'll contact me if you have questions or comments that you feel need attention.

Best wishes, 
John Weil
The JASAN spotlight is on ... HEATHER ROGERS!

Our goal is to introduce you to individual JASAN members. The spotlight is now on Heather Rogers, who spent her JA career in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We asked Heather a few questions… see her fun responses in the video below.