March 2024 Issue
From the Chair....
“April showers bring May flowers” … well, here in Texas we’re hoping that our early spring flowers last through upcoming weather changes…I know that many of you have had those tulips and daffodils poke their heads up, bloom – and then get covered by snow!

Your JASAN Executive Committee has been busy – recruiting new members, raising funds for the next fiscal year (if you haven’t given yet, consider clicking here to donate now to make your gift), and planning for our Annual Meeting in July. Here are some highlights of our upcoming meeting (July 17 and 18 in Kansas City):

> Meeting the 2024 NLC Scholarship recipients – these are the final 50 JA associates who will be
awarded funds to support their attendance at NLC, courtesy of our SOS Campaign in 2021.
> Discussing the future work of JASAN – what should we “look like” in three to five years?
> Hearing from Jack Harris as he takes on the leadership of JA USA
> Recognizing Jack Kosakowski for his 50 (!) years with JA

We hope your calendar is marked – and that you’ve responded to the invitation to attend our next
online chat – April 18th. Jack Kosakowski will join us to provide updates on what’s happening at JA USA, and we’ll all have a chance to “see” each other!

I hope you will plan to join us in Kansas City! Registration will open in mid-April, so watch your email
for more information.
Chair, JASAN
Student Competition is Coming Soon!
JA USA is offering four immersive events for high school program participants! Mark your calendar to
watch some of these events live! We’ll send links once JA publicizes them.
> JA Titan National Virtual Competition to be held virtually on Tuesday, May 14
> JA National Virtual Stock Market Challenge to be held virtually on Thursday, May 16

Two competitions will not be available online, however, just so you know what’s happening:
> JA Social Innovation Challenge at the JA National Student Leadership Summit in Washington,
D.C. from June 9-13
> JA Company of the Year Competition at the JA National Student Leadership Summit in
Washington, D.C. from June 9-13

The Jim Sweeny Award, a $2,000 scholarship sponsored by JASAN, will also be awarded during the JA National Student Leadership Summit.
Did you know ...
> JASAN operates on a budget of less than $30,000?
> Is lucky enough to have an administrator who takes care of all our
“back office” stuff in less than 8 hours a week?
> We raise our funds in advance – so the funds we are raising now
will be used to support our activities during the 2024-25 fiscal year.
> Your gift is 100% tax deductible – that’s why JA USA processes
and manages our gifts. That way, we don’t have to have a separate
501 c3 designation, do an audit, or all those fun things we were
happy to give up when we left JA!
> Fewer than 30% of our members give?
> Please join us in making sure we can continue to provide support to current JA Associates to
attend future NLC events, appropriately recognize those inducted to the Professional Staff Hall
of Fame, support the Jim Sweeny and Karl Flemke Awards, and invest in our members by
providing opportunities to get together and stay connected.
> One more time… if you haven’t given yet, consider clicking here to donate now to make your gift.
Member Spotlight

The JASAN spotlight is on…KATHY ARNES!
Welcome Our New Members
Cathy Haga
Let’s welcome Cathy Haga!!
Cathy’s career with Junior Achievement began in 1979 in Ft. Lauderdale, where she was hired to introduce JA’s new in-school programs. In 1981, she established Junior Achievement in West Palm Beach, FL. Cathy was then hired by JA Orlando. Once again, she introduced JA to the communities and started JA of the Space Coast becoming the President of JA Space Coast in 1982. 

She has served on many JA USA committees, including the Major Area Strategy Committee, the first female CSO elected by her peers to serve on FOAC, and numerous leadership task forces. She remains the longest serving chief staff person in Junior Achievement. Cathy began her role as President in Miami in 1992. Shortly thereafter she assisted Miami’s district office, JA in Southwest Florida, to raise the funds that allowed them to become their own independent JA area. That same year, Cathy traveled to Armenia to start Junior Achievement in the former Soviet Republic.

Over the past 31 years, Cathy and her team have turned JA Miami into a thriving, highly visible and fiscally responsible organization recognized with numerous awards and accolades over the years. 

Oh…and did we mention she was a JA student in the afterschool program?! Now bring on retirement as Cathy is packing for a 45-day transpacific cruise and fun!
Jan Murfield
Let’s all give a big welcome to Jan Murfield!! 
Jan was the President of JA of Greater Kansas City before moving to Texas as the President of JA of Dallas. Jan started her career in April 2010 and retired in December 2023. She really enjoyed working diligently and succeeding in increasing the reach and impact of students in both JA areas, plus significantly increasing the net assets of both organizations.
Jan is now full-time retired and looking forward to spending time with her grandchildren, taking various classes, and living an active lifestyle as she and her husband, Jay, recently moved to Florida. 

Jan wants to stay connected to JA staff and informed about the organization and how we are impacting youth.
Tera Norris
Let's all welcome Tera Norris to the JA Staff Alumni Network!! 
Tera worked for JA of Lincoln in Nebraska from January 2006 until October 2022. She was the Events Coordinator and then Area President. Her awesome work and leadership were recognized as early in her JA career she was a Karl Flemke Achievement Award nominee, and she received the coveted Charles R. Hook Award in 2018.

Tera is currently the President of the Nebraska State Chamber Foundation and is definitely excited to stay in touch with the great people and her friends throughout JA and JASAN!
Connecting with Us
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