June 2024 Issue
From the Chair....

Is it really June? There is so much going on! As we approach the end of our program year, we look forward to providing you with a video montage of our accomplishments before the Annual Meeting in Kansas City, on July 17 and July 18. There is still time to register for our time together.

We are nothing without each of you – and your participation is key to our ongoing success. There are opportunities to be part of JASAN, whether it’s just for a one-time meeting, serving on a committee, or making recommendations for our future.  Please join us in Kansas City!

Chair, JASAN
Focusing on our Future
It’s time to focus on what’s next. Over the past seven years, we have changed our membership requirements, increased our membership, changed our name, and engaged new people in leadership roles. However, we don’t want to be what we always have been…in that lies stagnation. So – on to the future – and you are key!

You should have received an email inviting you to participate in a series of Zoom meetings between June 5 and June 12. We are embarking on a future planning process to determine what JASAN should be focusing on – and we need your input. Please join us for one of the four sessions we have planned. Once these sessions are complete, we will be sending a brief survey to help us focus on the best priorities – and then discuss the results and set the stage for the next steps during the annual meeting in Kansas City.

The most important task JASAN takes on is to provide connection opportunities to our members. Just a couple of weeks ago, several of our members “met up” in Colorado Springs – just to enjoy each other’s company.
According to Tami Godsey, “A small group, but big memories shared and conversations picked up like it was yesterday working together in Colorado Springs!!”

Several weeks ago, we held two virtual connection opportunities. All told, nearly 20 people joined to catch up and check-in. We plan to continue both in person “meet ups” and periodic virtual connections. 
Member Spotlight
The JASAN spotlight is on…Amanda Sattler!
Welcome Our New Members
Teresa Vaccaro
Please welcome Teresa Vaccaro to the JA Staff Alumni Network!
Teresa’s career with Junior Achievement began in March of 1980 in JA of Alabama, where she was hired as the Staff Secretary. Throughout her amazing 40+ years with JA … all with JA of Alabama… Teresa held many JA program leadership positions such as a Senior District Director, a Special Events Director, and now she is retiring in June 2024 as their Development Coordinator. Teresa has also served on various national task forces and helped pilot programs.

She is also very proud to have been a JA student. Yes, with JA of Alabama! Her history and connection to JA has been awesome:
Teresa shared … “Years ago, we all talked about how much fun it would be to be in the Pioneers
group (now JASAN). I look forward to getting together with JA friends that I have met over the years.
After June 30th, I will be enjoying traveling, scrapbooking, genealogy, and activities at the Phoenician
Club, bunco, and having lunch and visiting with friends and family.”
Rick Benson
Please welcome Rick Benson to the JA Staff Alumni Network!
In 1970 Rick began his association with Junior Achievement as a student in the JA company program in Des Moines, Iowa, and continued when his family moved to Toledo, Ohio. Intending to pursue a career in JA, he volunteered as a JA Company Advisor while attending the University of Toledo. Immediately upon graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Economics in 1977, he began his JA career with Junior Achievement in Toledo, Ohio. He went on to work for JA of St. Paul, MN as Outstate Operations Manager. He later served as President of Junior Achievement of Bakersfield, California, leaving the organization in 1990.

Rick is now fully retired from his second career in county government. He was formerly the County
Administrative Officer of Mariposa County, California. By joining JASAN, Rick hopes to stay in touch
with former colleagues and continue to keep up with all the great things happening with JA!
Final note ...
While we don’t require our members to make a financial contribution, we certainly hope you will join those who do. Our annual budget is less than $25,000 – with more than 80% of that focused on our key programs: the Karl Flemke Award, the Jim Sweeny Award, the JA Professional Staff Hall of Fame, the JA Oral Histories, and providing scholarships to JA associates (at all levels) to attend the National Leadership Conference in addition to the scholarships funded by our SOS campaign from 2022-2024. If you want to know why our members support JA, here are just a couple of endorsements:
From Bruce Nasby:
“From my days as a high school achiever from Tucson in the 60s to Conference Director at NAJAC in 1981 to my San Jose and Southern California leadership roles, Junior Achievement has always shaped me into a better person. Giving back financially to an organization that has done that for me is an easy decision.”
From Christy Kunz!
"I vividly remember joining the JA Heartland team (Davenport, IA/Moline, IL) as the administrative assistant with no idea or understanding of the impact Junior Achievement would have on my life. Two years later, after being promoted to Elementary Programs Manager, my first question was “Would I have the opportunity to attend the National Leadership Conference (NLC)?”. It was at NLC where I first experienced the power of the JA family and the importance of investing in your people.

I am grateful to those who believed in me and gave me so many opportunities to learn and grow with the organization, and I want to give back as “to those whom much is given, much is expected”.

We so appreciate our members. You can check out more endorsements on our Facebook page. If you would like to make a donation to support JASAN's mission, visit our website.
Connecting with Us
It’s easy to stay connected…find us on Facebook, join us on LinkedIn, check out our YouTube videos, and keep an eye on our website! We welcome your thoughts and ideas…always!