February 2022 Issue
Chair's Corner
Big News – JA Worldwide has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize! This is an incredible honor for the entire JA network, which includes over 340 local offices in 115 countries.

Nominations may only be received from heads of state and certain elected officials, university professors in selected fields, past Nobel laureates, and a few other notable individuals.
Although the identity of each nominee is officially to remain anonymous for 50 years, we have received permission to share with you that we were nominated by a distinguished Professor of Law and International Affairs who was impressed by JA’s incredible global reach, our success in delivering economic empowerment to youth at scale, and our ability to find unity in diversity.

In our next newsletter, we will provide detailed information concerning the Annual Meeting at the JA USA National Leadership Conference in Fort Worth, TX. Our meeting days are not yet set, but they will be sometime during the week of July 11, 2022. Please consider joining us.
I want to thank our committee chairs for their expertise and leadership.
Linda Schoelkopf – Communications, Tami Godsey – Membership, Elaine Saunders – History,
Randal Mays – Awards, Rick Murray – Conferences, Brad Kauffman – Fundraising, Frank Evans – Secretary, and Ray Darby – Treasurer.

I hope you'll contact me or any member of the Executive Committee if you have questions or comments that you feel we need to hear.

Best wishes, 
How are Local JA Areas Coping with COVID?

We asked Jack Kosakowski, President, JA USA, to help us understand the impact that the current environment is having on JA professionals around the country. 

His thoughts: 
The past two years, riddled with pandemic challenges, economic uncertainties, social unrest, and political divide have been difficult. Junior Achievement USA and JA Areas have collectively, locally, and nationally responded. Rather than retreating from these many challenges, we collaborated to find innovative ways to provide young people with the skillset and mindset they need to be successful in life. And, perhaps more importantly, in doing so, we provided young people with what they needed most during these dark days, HOPE. We shined a light on their future and their possibilities for a better life.
One of the positives resulting from the past two years is the accelerated adoption of digital and blended learning approaches by our Nation’s schools and Junior Achievement. Having invested in a blended learning approach beginning way back in 2013, though with limited adoption locally, Junior Achievement had the technologies and learning experiences in place to support the rapid move to digital delivery.
The demand for JA programming from educators is strong. Finding virtual and in-person volunteers is the biggest challenge for JA Areas as many larger organizations, who typically provide the most volunteers, are not encouraging volunteer activities. Should you be interested in volunteering for JA, you can get details on the JA USA Volunteer page.
Finding Our Friends

What do people want most from JASAN? The opportunity to stay connected – or reconnect – with colleagues who became our friends. How can you find someone?

  • Go to the Members Only section of our website. If you haven’t already registered – it’s ok. We’ve uploaded everyone’s basic information! 

  • Your username is your last name. If you don’t have a password, click on “Lost password ?” and follow the prompts. Once you’re logged in, you can update your own information – and find information for all members by searching for their name! We’ve discovered that if you’ve changed your email since you joined our network, you will need to let us know your new email address. To change your email address – or for any other help, email us at jastaffalumninetwork@gmail.com.

  • Have you checked the Facebook page recently? We’ll be posting some polls looking for your opinions.

  • Are you part of LinkedIn? Be sure to search for our group. Our goal with LinkedIn is to provide career-focused resources and connections for those in the job market. We know that more than half of our members are still working full-time. Periodically, we will also post job openings with JA – just in case you know someone who would be interested in helping move our mission forward.
Here We Grow Again!
Please help us welcome our four newest members! We now have 310 members and are growing strong.

You too can help add to our membership...if you know a former JA colleague who worked for JA for five or more years, have them check out the JASAN website to learn more about the work we are doing and how they can become a member.

The Membership Committee is happy to help by reaching out to answer any questions potential new members may have. Just let us know if you have someone in mind. 
Sally Eidge
Tampa, FL
Joe Peri
New York, NY
Steve St. Amand
Jacksonville, FL
(no photo)
Temple Beeson
Baton Rouge, LA
Save the Date to Connect!
Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 7. We will host our next Connection Calls. These Zoom gatherings have been successful and we feel this spring is another perfect time to catch up with each other. We will host two calls on that same day so you will be able to pick the time that works best for your schedule. Look for more details coming soon! 

Tami Godsey, Chair, Membership Committee
Don't Forget!
Have you made your annual contribution to JASAN yet? You can do that securely through our online donation form.

Thank you for supporting the great work being done by JASAN to preserve our history, connect JA staff alumni, and support current JA staff at future conferences!