Do you know your destination?
It's a new year, start it off by knowing your goals and what you want to accomplish. 
I want you to imagine a scenario for just a minute, what if you picked up a load, and as you are scanning the bill of lading, you realize, that it tells you exactly what’s in the trailer, the number of pieces, description, total weight, but, there is no destination. Think about that, the consignee line is completely blank, no name, no address, no phone number. Now tell me this, how long will it take you to deliver this load? Think about that, can you deliver a load without a destination? Of course not. Now, would you climb up into your truck and start driving and hope you get there? Of course not. Yet, so many people try to run their business and their life exactly that way. They have no clear destination, and they get up every day and work and work and work, and hope they get to a destination they’ve never identified. Then, they wonder why they never get there. 
For decades the Let's Truck team has helped people measure and improve their business and their finances.
Now it's time for us to help you measure and improve the most important aspect of your life...YOUR HEALTH.
It’s very easy to make a healthy lifestyle complicated due to the amount of information that is everywhere.
Our goal is to un-complicate the process !!!
If you want to improve your health,
you need to track and measure
This is HOW & WHY the Destination Health Dashboard came to be.
The DH Dashboard is one organized place that you
can access 24/7 from the web or mobile app. 
Given enough time, small changes yield huge results. The Grand Canyon was created by a river over millions of years. Ocean waves created the sand on the beach from boulders.
Likewise, small actions taken repeatedly can have a monumental impact in my life if I am consistent and patient.
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