The Power of the Breath
With deep and slow diaphragmatic breathing we choose to re-engage with ourselves.

We are learning, and teaching the brain and the body how to be a unit again, and we stimulate the VAGUS nerve which produces neuro-physiological reactions for relaxation and healing.

Diaphragmatic breathing reduces our anxiety, fear, racing thoughts, rapid heart rate, and relaxes the tension in the body, thus decreasing pain and inflammation. Be aware and present while deeply breathing in and out.

I have recorded an audio for you to practice diaphragmetic breathing, both in English and Polish:
Click on an image to play the audio in English or in Polish.
Please take the time to listen to the audio I created for this BLOG, "The Power of Breath". It can also be accessed under My FREE Library / BREATH Audios on Other recently posted My Free Library content includes my Inner Wisom Video and my Healthy Neck Video Series.
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In Love and Health!

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