Seven Essential Choices
It has been my joyful pleasure to teach and facilitate my patients/clients in their self-healing process, and empower them.

The last year and a half has been an additional opportunity for me to expand my own knowledge, passion and learn new things to serve you even on a higher level.

I am happily celebrating the fact that I became an Energy Codes Certified Facilitator with Dr. Sue Morter Institute, and that I will complete the Energy Codes Certified Coaching Program early in 2022.

Now is the time more than ever in our lifetime to take a closer look at our lives and determine what is the most important.

We always have choices. How we choose to use our mind is up to us.

Seven choices of our lives are crucial to our level of health and well-being.

Whatever your state of health is, it is a direct reflection of the choices you have made up to this point.

I believe that the seven essential choices for life are:

  1. ·      WHAT YOU EAT
  2. ·      WHAT YOU DRINK
  3. ·      HOW YOU EXERCISE
  4. ·      HOW YOU REST
  7. ·      HOW YOU LOVE

This is a surprising reality to most of us.

Usually, the first four are more well known in reference to our physical body.

The last three may be more STARTLING to you.

Our free will gives us the power to choose – so essentially your health is your choice.

Do you exercise your power to choose?

So, if you are unhappy with the way your health is and how you are feeling, you can start making choices towards greater health instead of making choices towards dysfunction and disease.

I can understand how challenging it is at times.


Our choices are based on our beliefs, and our beliefs are based on our personal experiences - what we see, hear, read, learn from others, see on TV and social media.

At one time in history people believed that the earth was flat. Even though we know now that the earth is not flat, that belief existed in people's mind for 200 years after Galileo and Copernicus discovered that the earth is NOT the center of our Universe.

Our beliefs control our lives and what you believe today may not be what you will believe in the future.

What if we have an incomplete view of our body and how things really work?

Is it possible that things are not exactly as you thought they were?

What if you had complete control over your life and your health?
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In Love and Health!

Izabela Adamus, PT
Master of Science Physiotherapy
Expert Myofascial Release 
The Energy Codes Certified Practitioner