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Client's Transformation Before and After Myofascial Release
This month I interviewed one of my clients who has made tremendous progress in his life, health and wellness through Myofascial Release. Due to his request for privacy, we did not use his name.
1.  What was the original problem that brought you to seek Myofascial Release therapy? What was your diagnosis? I was diagnosed with D.I.S.H. Syndrome/Forestier's Disease (calcification and ossification of my neck and spine), with no hope of recovery.  It is a rare condition (in its severity) that has taken me through the Loyola Medical system, the Rush Medical community In Chicago and I was turned down for treatment at Mayo Clinic. I very much endorse the traditional medical system and still see doctors at both Loyola and Rush. However, through Myofascial Release, I came to realize that while my diagnosis was rare, and the cause unknown (as I found out there are many other no-cause, no-cure conditions), the cause/diagnosis was not important. Myofascial Release taught me that paying close attention to how my body and mind reacted to my condition was going to lead to the best possible outcome. I had tried traditional medicine and learned through Myofascial Release that healing is a thoughtful process that requires awareness.

2.   How much pain did you have before coming to see me? How much pain medications did you take?  I experienced consistent pain levels of 6-10, living hour-by-hour trying to extend the time between taking Opioids to make my 5 to 6 pills a day last 24 hours.
3.   How was your lifestyle? What could you do or not to do? How did you feel both physically and mentally, emotionally?   My life was totally consumed by managing my pain. I would use thermal pool exercises, shiatzus, therapeutic canes, neck braces, heating pads or most any device/activity to try to help manage my severe chronic pain. Nothing worked to ease the pain for more than a few hours until I increased my awareness and focused my efforts on Myofascial Release (MFR), self-myofascial release (SMFR), breathing more fully and meditation. 
4.   What sort of services or therapies did you receive before you started MFR? What was your outlook for your future?  I have seen many physical therapists, chiropractors, rheumatologists and other medical professionals over the past 6 years. My outlook was feeling lost in a maze that had no way out.
5.   How long have you been receiving MFR? What was the difference between other forms of therapy?   I have been receiving MFR for almost 3 years. Unlike other forms of therapy that I have tried, MFR is the only approach that has helped in managing my no-cause-no-cure condition.  It is a full-body, hands-on technique that releases the fascial system. MFR works to remove tightness while restoring balance and movement. Using MFR, you have helped me tap into my own body, improve my awareness and has given me a feel for what is truly holding me back from healing.
6.  If you do not mind sharing some of your insights? What did you discover was holding you back form healing?  The most challenging part of healing is letting go. I still struggle with it. I was taught to fix things, take medications and look outside of myself for causes and cures. What held me back was not completely embracing that healing is largely an inner journey, and not fully recognizing that the body, from its organs to its individual cells, has wisdom. I think it is all complicated by the fact that MFR (and other forms of treatment) can produce autonomous physiological responses that can complicate your interpretation of results from therapy. The insight I can offer is that through awareness and self-acceptance, we can empower ourselves to heal from the inside out.
7.   How long did it take for you to start experiencing like something was shifting in your body and how you felt?   After about 6 months there was a marked difference in pain. I will have been a client of Myofascial Release at Wholistic Therapeutics for 3 years in December of 2018, and it is within the past year that I feel less discomfort from tightness. As I get more skilled and disciplined in awareness and meditation (I am particularly fond of the meditation Deep Meditation for Healing) the shift toward well-being advances. Through Myofascial release approach, the pain has diminished to consistent levels of 1-3 without Opioids. I feel that I am doing extremely well!
8.   How much home program (SMFR) have you been doing? How much you were committed to feel better in a natural way?  I  was introduced to Jon Kabat-Zinn's "Mindfulness for Pain Relief" CD 3 years ago this past July and have been under your care since December of 2015. There are many exercises and devices I have embraced, and each has had benefit in managing my condition when I maintain awareness. Through Myofascial Release I have undergone an "at home" transformation in developing that skill, discovering the power of self-acceptance, the importance of listening to one's own body, and the excitement that comes with taking responsibility for my wellness.  My commitment is endless, to embrace life, doing what I need to do at home to seek the highest quality of life within each day as it unfolds.  It is my growing skill of awareness that has enabled me to manage the subtlety of touch while using a variety of SMFR tools and exercises. With MFR you learn over time that less is more, while putting your (and the therapists') energy to the best possible use.
9.   How are do feeling those days? How many medications are you taking? How are you feeling physically, emotionally and physically?  With the help of MFR, awareness and meditation I am feeling very positive, calm and powerful in dealing with this last phase of healing.  Through Myofascial Release, my pain has been drastically minimized and I am no longer taking any prescription medications.
10.   What made you never quit? Do you feel the correlation between the way you feel physically, emotionally and mentally?   I never quit because I have always embraced change and believe that while pain and discomfort are unavoidable, suffering is optional. Through Myofascial Release, and my own efforts in gaining knowledge, a joy-centered transformation of my being has occurred, setting the stage for further healing.
11.   What is your outlook now on your future, health and wellness?   Working with Myofascial Release has taught me that self-acceptance, patience and intentional living with positive emotions frees energy that can be redirected at healing. My outlook on my future, health and wellness is one of an empowered sense of well-being and gratitude for an improved quality of life.
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