We've designed a brief aptitude exam to help determine whether you might be a suitable candidate for our Fundamental Italy trip this January.  Please select from the pairs listed below the option that most closely matches your values and aesthetics.  

Weather Preference 
(January in New England versus January in Rome with Italian Journeys)
Image A:                                                                   Image B:  

Meal Preference 
Image A:                                                   Image B: 

Pompeii Preference 
(July versus January with Italian Journeys) 
Image A:                                                 Image B: 

Coffee Preference  
Image A:                                             Image B: 
Favorite Clown 
Image A:                                                                 Image B: 
Catch Rigoletto this January at Naples' Teatro San Carlo

Shopping Preference 
(January sales in US versus shopping with Italian Journeys) 
Image A:                                                         Image B:

View From Window Preference
(Anywhere in the US versus January with Italian Journeys.) 
Image A                                              Image B: 

If you consistently chose Image B and have NOT YET traveled with us in January, we strongly suggest that you join us very soon on our Fundamental Italy tour.   Click here for details. 

Please note:  Libby is in Oxford, UK, for the year.  Best to contact her via email:  libbylubin@gmail.com. 
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Then come see us in Italy. 
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