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Welcome to our bi-weekly newsletter's current edition (Volume 41), "LEAD LIKE ANDREW." It's a quick-read, multi-topic news channel for members to see what is going on, what is planned, and what successes from the previous weeks.

We urge you to contact us with news, tidbits, or notices of upcoming events in your area so that we can include them! We also value your feedback on this newsletter or how your national office is serving you.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with Conrad Jones (email Conrad) or

Dr. Roy Benavides (email Roy) for feedback or for sharing newsletter information!

Please share this newsletter with other men in your parish or community.


Mark your calendar NOW for our next webinar

Wednesday April 5

8pm EST/7pm CST/6pm MST/5pm PST

We will hear a very special Holy Week message from

Rev. Carl Buxo from St. John Divine, Sun Center City FL.

Rev. Buxo has recently retired as the rector of Trinity in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. And yes, he is a cousin of our Treasurer, Br. Cecil Buxo.

You can join that night at this Zoom link


or click here


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First Annual “God’s Kingdom Building” Sweepstakes

Anglican Episcopal Men’s Ministry Community


The Stewardship and Generosity commission wants to thank the 1868 ticket holders supporting the First Annual Kingdom Builders Sweepstakes.

Let it be known that you stand for a growing number of Brothers and Sisters who want us out in the vineyard sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

We need five times this level of support. We are issuing a call for action that is desperately needed. Hundreds of men and their families have gotten out of the habit of going to church. This vacuum has been replaced with a secular world activity that can only make the “Evil One” smile.

The Brotherhood offers a shining light on the hill that few can make within the church. We are asking you to tell your story, our story, to others: For those looking to travel on a new spiritual journey, this is our message: The men’s ministry community is a place that builds Relationships. It is a foundation for Brotherly Fellowship, which expresses belonging to something greater than oneself.

Join us in prayer that will ask God to help us fulfill the call of the Great Commission. Lord God, here I am. They will be done.

Form a parish recall phone tree for those who have bought Sweepstakes tickets. Tell others your story. Invite them to join the battle on the playing field of life. Let them see our Fellowship and a sense of Belonging once again. 

Blessings from the Stewardship and Generosity Commission

Our national webinars continue!

Episcopal Church Lent resources


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  • 40-day gratitude challenge
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We want stories from Chapters and Ministries

CROSS Deadlines!

The April edition of The Cross will have a theme about "gardening". Prepare (dig deep), stabilize, seed, feed, weed, water, prop up/support, prune, harvest, give thanks, share the bounty, evaluate the results, expand into the future---Brotherhood initiatives with gardening parallels. 

Our editor Kathy Copas really would like to include news of chapter events and ministry meetings or events. If you have something to share, please send to


Deadline for submitting for the MAY edition is APRIL 3

Episcopal Scouting Needs You!!

Forward in Faith!

The Scouting ministry of the Brotherhood of St Andrew will be operating an exhibit booth at the 2023 National Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America, held this July at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.

The Episcopal Scouting booth will profile each day the life of a different Saint, and how they moved their communities “Forward in Faith”. We will also be creating an awareness of The Episcopal Church, and the various Scouting religious awards available to Episcopal youth. Scouts who complete a majority of our program days will receive an Anglican Prayer Bead kit.

We are expecting to hold an Episcopal Mass on Sunday, July 23rd celebrated by the Bishop of West Virginia. We are in desperate need of booth staff. Volunteers are welcome to join as day staff for 1-2 days at a time. Day staffers visiting for more than 2 consecutive days will be charged a small fee for visiting Jamboree, but for 1-2 days, there is no charge. Volunteers are also welcome to join the exhibit full time staff for either 5 day session or for the full event, July 19-28. Volunteers who are not currently registered with the Boy Scouts of America will need to take a short online youth protection training, and be background checked or submit evidence of a background check by another youth focused organization.

Those who are not able to volunteer but wish to support the Scouting Ministry financially may send a donation to the Brotherhood of St Andrew specified for the Scouting Ministry-Jamboree Fund. Our expenses for printed materials, the cost of the exhibit space, and the prayer beads, were much higher than expected this year, so any support is greatly appreciated.

For more information, please contact:

Mel Chapman

Jamboree Lead -Scouting Committee

Brotherhood of St Andrew






Pray Day

Join us...

What better way to level set during the middle of the week? We will hold a weekly Wednesday noon (CDT) prayer time over ZOOM open to all Brothers and guests. Let's pray for the Brotherhood, for our Brothers, and even share some stories of how Prayer has impacted you or someone you know!

We can all spare 20 minutes in prayer. It's like stopping at the faith service station to fill up your prayer tank!

Please join us every week when you can to recharge your prayer batteries!

The Zoom link can be accessed by clicking here. 

Copy and paste this Zoom link into your calendar so you can join us for 20 minutes

every Wednesday at 1 pm EST/noon CST/11 am MST/10 am PST!


Prayer Leaders Schedule

March 22 Jeff Butcher

March 29 John Thompson-Quartey

April 5 Tom Welch

April 12 Roy Benavides

April 19

April 26

If you'd like to lead the program on a Wednesday, it's simple...we already have the script made out (in our devotional handbook or the Book of Common Prayer)!

We're done in about 20 minutes....that's it!

Contact conrad.jones@brothersandrew.net or roy.benavides@brothersandrew.net

National Days

We have several days of celebration during 2023 so mark your calendars now when you or your chapters are planning events this year!

National Day of Prayer - May 5

We will again be coordinating a joint celebration with the Daughters of The King. If you would like to assist in our joint planning with them, please let Conrad or Roy know. We could use a couple more volunteers with working on the script of prayers and the presentation format.

National Day of Service - July 29

We pushed this to later in the year so as not to overload the spring with Day of Prayer, Day of Service and Holy Week

Houghteling Day - November 30

Celebrate our 140th Anniversary!

National Council Meeting - September 9 (tentative)

Accessing Member Portal

on Brothersandrew.net

How to find your Member Portal on Brothersandrew.net

The Member Login portal allows you to access your information as we have it in our database. You can view and update your contact information to ensure you receive emails and our print edition of The Cross magazine. You can also view your donations and renew your membership. You can just follow the steps below to go ahead and access your member portal.


1.    Visit our website, www.brothersandrew.net

2.    At the top of the home page, click “Members”

3.    Click “Update & Renew”

4.    Scroll down until you see “Member Login” in a red box; click that button

5.    This leads you to your online portal. You can log in or sign up for the first time if you haven’t logged in before. Follow the instruction on that page. 

6.    If you are unsure of the email address used for your account, contact the National Office at 502-450-5640.

Membership Updates

(Through 3/22/23)

1027 Sr. Members paid (54% of budget need)

116 New Members!

422 Life Members

9 Junior Members (160% of budget)

26Associate Members (105% of budget)

Have you sent in your 2023 renewal YET?

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The 2023 President's Trophy Challenge!

Congratulations to Province III for winning this year's President's Challenge Cup! They achieved 79% membership renewals by March 17 to win this year's trophy!

They were closely followed by:

ACNA 78%

Prov VII 77%

Prov IV 72%

Prov II 69%

Prov VIII 64%

Prov V 63%

Prov I 56%

Prov VI 53%

Remember, we are still significantly short of our budgeted Sr. Member numbers 1027/1900 (52%) so if you have not sent in your renewals please do so as soon as you can!

Thank you for supporting this ministry with your annual membership renewals!

Our Fellowship Community of Brothers is blessed by your membership!!!

Welcome New Members in 2023!

(most recent in bold font)

Jonathan Quinn, Matthew Abrams, Jose Calderon, Charles Collins, David Cotton, Brian Couvillion, Eugene Dickens, Susan Dickens, William Dove, Hank Drummond, Jesus Garcia, Lowell Garrett, Steven Gottlieb, Don Grace, Bill Grenek, George Guy, Doug Halversen, Larry Harris, Edmun Horn, Bobby Horne, Dillard Horton, Charles John, Sam Johnson, Jarvis Jones, Warren Josephson, Michael Kawesa, Kerry Kirspel, Scott Klaverkamp, Christopher Klukas, Alex Lenzo, Michael Leonard, Richard MacMaster

Wally Marx, Tem McElroy, Peter McGanity, Scott Meiller, John Mell

Kyle Morin, James Morton, Steven Norman, Bernard Pecaro, Mark Penley

Bruce Pinkham, Dan Power, Benjamin Rainey, Kerr Ramsay, Charles Reece

Daniel Rodriguez, Steven Rodriguez, Ali Ronaldi, Andy Rossi, Charles Roy

Ken Schloesser, David Schrantz, Timothy J Seidler, Bob Sellinger, Zachary Shives, Frank Simcik, Michael Solomonides, Lawrence Stankus, Thomas Stevens, Micah Thornton, Mark Tittel, Art Travenor, Vinnie Versaci, Bradley Wasko, David Wesson, George White, Gary Whitener, Bruce Wilson, Matthew Woolley, Bob Coon, David Maultsby, David Rummler, Robert Gambill, Richard Hall, Gary Pebworth, John Shivel, William Sepe, Bill Harvey, Dick McGuire, Buck Barnes, John Brechtenwald, Matthew Levesque, James Thompson, Edward England, Walt Joyce, Chuck Kane, Don Perkins, Robert Post, Bruce Powell, David Jones, Lawrence Stankus, Michael Solomondies, Kerr Ramsey, George White, Thomas Murray, Darrin Ledford, Patrick Greene, Gregory Phelps, Geoffrey Lea, John McCallum, George Schoonover, Ed Carrigan, Gary Dickhart, Peter Kardash, Bryan Norman, Charles Bethany, David Mayberry, Kathy White, Kayla White, Mark Alan, Tom Phillips, Jay Tillitt, Richard Griffin, Roy Atkinson, James Rhudy, Stephen Braud, Lawrence Parker, Paul Kageler, Gregory Heard, Patrick Moore, Frank Simmons, Bryan Norman, Donna Stanford, John Deppel, Lee Martin, Martin Bartholomew

Brothers Departed

Walter Anderson, Bruce Warren, Robert Gould, Dr. Richard Medlock

Local Chapter News!

Send us pictures and short writeups of what great things are going on in your Brotherhood world! We'd love to share!

Christ Church, Elizabeth City. NC Springtime activities

Members of the chapter built a balance beam for use by the Elizabeth City Boys and Girls Clubs at the local playground.

And they sponsored a "Prayer Fence" at the church where church members or the general public can stop by, say a prayer and tie a ribbon around the fence! They hope the fence is covered by Easter!

Prayer Requests

If you have a personal prayer request please contact (502) 450-5809 to access the list and/or submit your requests. Accessing the list to join in the power of praying for those in need.

Many chapters have used various methods of keeping track of their prayer request. One such form has been used that organizes the requests and corporate prayers.

Click Here to submit your request

Learn to Pray the Anglican Rosary


A poem from Br. Michael Bickel

St. Michael and St. George

St. Louis, MO

I pledge allegiance to my God

Who knew me in the womb.

And I’ll still praise Him ‘neath the sod

Below that stone cut tomb.


He knows each atom that I had

Which is His property.

He knows when I was good or bad

But still He cherished me.


He gave me rest and let me dream

Such dreams of joy and fears.

When wide awake He knew my thoughts

Through all my lifelong years.


Although He knew me way back then

It took me years to follow

That heartborne “still small voice” within.

I was a callow fellow.


“You cannot hide from me”, said He

“I want for us to talk.

Let’s go outside, just you and me

We’ll take a prayer-filled walk.”


From that point on I’ve taken walks

Still praying with my master.

He’s sent me guides to keep me straight

A wife and many pastors.


I’m prone to stray, but then I see

That darkness lies ahead

And quickly turn about to be

Again where God has led.


I wish I knew my Lord and God

As well as He knows me.

I try to follow where He trod:

Forgiveness on a tree.


St. Timothy's Greenville, NC holds men's social!

The Brothers of St. Timothy's hold a Wednesday evening social every other month to invite men from the church to hear speakers, enjoy a meal and hear more about The Brotherhood. National President Conrad Jones attended their March social and saw the chapter's charter from 2005, and the letter from then National President Ronald Warfuel's letter to the Bishop on NC ....

Rt. Rev. Michael Curry !

Front Row L-R

Steve Callendar, Tommy Tucker, Malcolm Williams

Back Row L-R

Conrad Jones, Ray Franks, Scott Crippen, Frank Crawley, Greg Ness

Dear Brothers Andrew,

The Priest in Charge, Father Landon Moore, the Vestry and parishioners of The St. George's Episcopal Church, Brooklyn, NY, cordially invite you to attend a Eucharistic Celebration of Thanksgiving for the Ministry of The Very Rev. Canon Dr. Glenworth D. Miles, Rector, and Brooklyn Assembly Chaplain of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, on Sunday, April 30, 2023 at 4 pm


Val Henry, Vice Director

BOSA, Chapter 2575S

Hymns with Link

When Christ Our Lord to Andrew Cried

When Christ Our Lord To Andrew Cried Lyrics

Jesus Calls Us, o'er the Tumult

Eternal Father

Brotherhood of St. Andrew Asset Map

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Books and Articles

Some Recommended

Books to Read

Leadership NOT by the Book


David Green, CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby

Lent: The Season of Repentance and Renewal


Esau McCaulley

Signs of Life: Nurturing Spiritual Growth in your Church


Jay Sidebotham

The Work of Prayer


James O. S. Huntington

Do you have any book recommendations? Write to us and give us the title and author so we can share it with your Brothers!

We Always Need Cross Articles and Ideas!
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The Operating Income beginning balance for the month of February was $53,925.00, a more than 50.5% increase over the same period last year. During the period 2/1 through 2/28, total deposits stood at $30,648.00, of which $12,835 consisted of pledges from 7 junior members, 3 associates, and 254 senior

members. As of 2/28/2023, operating income balance was $84,573.00.

The Sweepstakes fundraiser raffle has taken off to a good start by returning $11,150, or 1115 tickets sold so far. Our goal is to raise this income to continue the organization’s evangelical ministries and the Finance Committee encourages all members to turn in their raffle ticket stubs with raised funds as soon as possible to meet the March 31st deadline. A reminder that 50 percent of the sales will be shared equally among 5 winning tickets. The Finance Committee is counting on your support to keep this ministry, your ministry.

February cash expenses for the same period totaled $20,671.00, or 23.25% less than last month’s expenditure (a good sign). Year-to-date total expenditure of $47,563.00, realizing a net income of $9,977.00. The goal of the Finance Committee is to keep our costs within normal spending ranges. Printing and mailing costs still continue to be a challenge; while overall National Office Expenses are practically unchangeable, we must continue to meet these demands through focused planning and sacrifices. Thanks to our executive director for negotiating and implementing a prepaid expense strategy, we are now able to control rent costs for the next 3 months until we return to the bargaining table in July. Other plans to control costs and improve revenue generation are ongoing.

Regarding our current cash position, February beginning cash balance was $49,741.00, and after all monthly activities were accounted, with some transactions still pending, the brotherhood operating account year-to-date retained a positive cash balance of $58,453.00.

Respectfully submitted,





FEBRUARY 28, 2023


Cash received from Ministry Pledges* 53,765.00 40,930.00

Cash received from Senior Leadership Donations 1,380.00 755.02

Cash received from LM Donations** 190.00 145.00

Cash received from Parishes *** 760.00 110.00

Cash Received from Special Contributions 345.00 1,340.00

Cash Received from Other Contributions 2,680.00 0.00

Cash Received from Foundation Income 9,409.00 9,409.00

Cash Received from Reimbursements 238.00 39.00

Cash Received from Other Income**** 2,655.61 1,196.61

Cash received from Fundraising Activities 11,150.00 0.00

Cash Paid for Administrative Expenses - -29,892.67 -15,774.67

Net Cash from Operating Activities 54,679.94 38,149.96


Cash paid from Endowment Trust Fund - -9,409.00 -9,409.00

Net Cash from Investing Activities - -9,409.00 -9,409.00


Card payments for Admin & Program Expenses -22,818.66 -16,265.66

Net Cash from Financing Activities - -22,818.66 -16,265.66

Net Increase (Decrease) in Cash and Cash Equivalents 22,452.28 12,475.30

Transactions Not on Bank Statements - 1,265.32 0.00

Cash and Cash Equivalents - - Beginning of Year 37,265.73 37,265.73

Cash and Cash Equivalents - End of Year 58,452.69 49,741.03

From the Director’s Chair

By Tom Welch

“Tending the Vineyard”

As the year progresses, we are again receiving inquiries about our ministry, how to form one, and how to connect with one another. It’s coming from both clergy and lay people. I have learned that nothing is more important than a real, in-person, face-to-face meeting to help those inquiring minds. It takes two to four opportunities to connect. For example, in October, I spoke at a clergy conference for my home Diocese of Mississippi. I was asked to speak at the Annual Council/Convention in late January and conduct a workshop there. Interest cards were completed, and calls commenced. I will be scheduling time in Mississippi, staying with family there while meeting at various parishes across the state in April and May. I will never forget the dean of a cathedral in Province V, whom I finally met at a conference in Atlanta nearly two years ago. The conversation began a year or so before that. At the conclusion of our lunch, he said, “Tom, now that we’ve met in person, I’m ready to go with it.” Within months they were re-chartered. Three takeaways from that:

1. Our archives showed that the chapter first chartered in the late 19th century, and 2. There is absolutely no substitute for “real” face time, and 3. Winery owners remind us that tending the vineyard takes time, year after year. So, to those of you in leadership levels at the local level and/or in centers of influence within your faith community, if you want to see us grow, TALK with key clergy and laypeople you may know within your Diocese. CALL our office before you do or your province president for tips. We are here to help you. No single person can “do it all” across the entire country. Join us, won’t you? It’s fun tending our vineyards!

Lastly, thanks so much for the kind words and well wishes offered to our Staff Support Specialist of almost eight years, Jess Shelton. A special thanks from me to those who contributed to the “purse” for her in a recent email. There is still time to contribute if you like. This week she began working at the School of Business at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. We bid your prayers as I seek to fill and reposition that job to the office here in Louisville. Thanks for your prayers and patience in responding to our needs during this interim period.