Volume 9 Issue 9 November 2022
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Do YOU Love a Parade?
When we start hearing and reading about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, it's a sure sign that the 'season' has begun. As a colorful, musical start to the holiday festivities, there are many ways to enjoy this seasonal spectacle. Read more about the parade, the route, the lineup and more here.
Tips for a Smoother Thanksgiving
For some children with autism, Thanksgiving is anything but a fun day. With all the people, noises, foods, aromas and more, it can be very stressful with many meltdown triggers. These tips might help you in your planning, whether you'll be hosting the day or visiting outside your home. And take a look at the infographic below, from the Chattanooga Autism Center, for more information.
Holidays, Festivals and Activities, Oh My!
We are entering that magical, very busy time of year. A little overwhelmed by obligations and pressure to still find time for fun? We're sharing a few resources for holiday events, trips and things to do, hoping it makes the season a bit easier!
What are YOU reading?
Our list of recommended books continues with a theme of Thanksgiving:
- I Am Thankful by Sheri Wall
-Pookie's Thanksgiving by Sandra Boynton
-A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by Charles M. Schulz
November is...
Child Safety Protection Month, National Model Railroad Month, and National Sleep Comfort Month. So fasten that car seat, go see a train show, and have a good night's sleep after a busy day! Enjoy.
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