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Spring is Finally Here !
We've had quite bit of wild weather over this past month, whether it was massive wind gusts that knocked down trees and blew fences over, or the ice storm that shutdown the CN tower, Skydome, and surrounding area, the winter weather sure created quite a bit of destruction on its way out.
Tip(s) of the Month: Three Tips for the Price of One

This month we are offering you not one, not two, but three tips. Many of which are simple tasks you can do on your own with no tools, and many  of the materials you would already have at home. We hope you enjoy reading them, and that you find them as handy as we have over the years. 

The World Was Crashing In Around Them. 

This month in the city of Toronto, an excavation-gone-wrong cost the neighbouring properties some serious land. It was during the ice storm and was quite the scene. According to experts, the collapse has nothing to do with the contractor and was an issue of freak weather. However, the expert Citynews asked was the one hired by the contractor to fix this massive disaster... Seems like a conflict of interest to us. In the end, regardless of if he followed the code, that is but a minimum standard and it's never a bad idea to go above and beyond that. 

Due to that massive wind storm we had this month, the lattice had broken free from the notched 2x4 and blown out of place. We replaced the lattice with new material and added some extra 1x1 supports around the outside of the frame to secure the lattice even tighter. To match the new side, we also add the extra 1x1 around the old lattice for both symmetry and longevity. 
Preview: Keep your eyes peeled for the next few newsletters. My Go-2-Guy will be doing a 3 part series in the tip of the month section on how to manage and rid your self of clutter.