Please join us in participating in a gift for the scientist who discovered the SDS gene
March 2015
 Join us in our personal gift to Johanna Rommens PhD
It is a surprise!

SDSF would like to invite you to participate in a photobook for Johanna.  She has been an integral part of researching the SDS gene. Her lab is responsible for isolating the SDS gene in 2003, which today makes genetic testing for SDS possible.  Johanna has been the Chairman of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board for SDSF for many years.  She attends Camp Sunshine with us and is very involved with the SDS Scientific Congresses as well.  We appreciate not only her professionalism but her caring for each and every patient.  

We are hoping to get as many patients/families participating.

Please email the photo(s) you would like included to  If you would like to add a statement please include that in the email along with names of the photographed.  Also, if anyone has any pictures with Johanna we would like to include those as well.  Deadline is March 14th.
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