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Members Representing PBA On-the-Road!

Nicole Boyer, Mount Hope Estate & Winery and Emily Opple, CTIS, Country Inn of Lancaster, shared a picture with us, proudly displaying their #PBArollsinto100 ribbons while attending the recent MCASC-NCMA-VMA Regional Meeting and Marketplace. Thank you for sharing! 

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Wishing Our Members with School Buses a Great School Year Ahead! 


2023 Marketplace

March 27-28, 2023

Hosted by Pennsylvania's Americana Region at the Holiday Inn in Morgantown!

Save the Dates!

Registration Opening September 2022!


2023 Annual Meeting

June 18-21, 2023

Hosted by Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel!

Save the Dates!


2024 Marketplace & Annual Meetings: 

Interested in Hosting a PBA 2024 Event? 

Please visit our 2024 event pages for a copy of the bid specs:

-2024 Annual Meeting

-2024 Marketplace

Deadline 1/1/23


PBA 100th Anniversary Committee Meetings

Every 2nd Thursday of the Month.


PBA Article on What to Know Before Using Bus Brokers for School Trips

Our chair, Tammy Wolf-Baker, wrote an article for PASA, titled "What to Know Before Using Bus Brokers for School Trips". We thank Tammy for helping to educate the schools on the benefits of working directly with a bus company, vs. a broker.

Read the article.

NYC Congestion Pricing Effort - Take Action! 

New York City is moving forward to implement a congestion pricing toll program for the Central Business District of New York City, referred to as the Central Business District Tolling Program (CBDTP).


Details of the final tolling structure are not decided, several of the options proposed would include tolling private motorcoaches and buses entering the Central Business District, including the Port Authority terminal and other downtown locations. Without an exemption for motorcoaches, trips to New York City could get a lot more expensive.


The proposed CBDTP is currently at the environmental review stage, with a 30-day comment period on the environmental assessment or EA (a document describing the CBDTP). Virtual public hearings are being held to take oral comments on the EA.

Get more information and take action today by clicking the below button.


Have Our 100th Anniversary Decals on Your Buses?

Show us the decals on your buses! If you ordered our 100th anniversary decals, send us a picture and we will share on our social media channels!

Share Your PBA Testimonial Before September 1!

If you feel inclined to share your experience and the benefits of being a member, we invite you to submit a testimony

The survey will close this Thursday! Some of your testimonies have already been shared via social media, and may even be in the 100th anniversary video we are working on! will be entered for a chance to win an Amazon gift card.

Here's a shout-out now!  Thank you for your testimonial Vaughn Crouse, Explore York!

Your PBA Info Hub! Have Your Created Your Account Yet?


ICYMI - A few months ago, we announced that we rolled out a new membership platform. Did you know that you need to create an account to register for PBA events to receive member pricing? You also need an account to view your member record. Create an account today!

We are happy to share with you how you can use your membership with us to network, view member only events, share your contact information with other members for networking and access vital resources.

If you are interested in a tutorial on how to use the new Info Hub, please send us an email and we will schedule a short demo with you. If we get enough interest, we will schedule a group tutorial.

PBA Refer-A-Friend Program!

Member referral cards, for 15% off new member dues, were available at the Annual Conference. Let us know if you would like us to mail you some by sending an email to

Also you can refer-a-friend in your Info Hub. Login and fill-out the short form and we will do the rest! 

As the referrer of an organization who signs up as new member, you will have the choice to receive $100 off your next renewal OR...get a $50 gift card!

Do you have ideas to grow our membership or are interested in joining PBA's Membership Committee? Send them an email!

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2023 PBA Marketplace Registration Opening September 2022!

We are very excited to let you know that the 2023 Marketplace registration will open right after Labor Day weekend!

The 2023 Marketplace will be hosted by Pennsylvania's Americana Region at the Holiday Inn in Morgantown in Morgantown, PA on Tuesday, March 28. The seminar, reception and setup will occur the day before, Monday March 27.

LAST CALL!  You’re Invited To Bring Your Group Leaders to the

GNJMA Marketplace - Registration Closes 9/1!

As a reminder, the PBA Executive Committee received an invitation from the GNJMA Board of Directors to attend the September 29th Marketplace at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City.  Get more information.

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Women In Buses Driving Force Webinar November 2nd

ABA's Women in Buses will host their next Driving Force webinar, with a focus on recruiting, as part of their Wednesdays Series on November 2nd at 2:00 PM. Click here to register.

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5 Minutes of Your Time Could Lead to Major Tax Savings with the CERTS Tax Exemption Act

New Co-sponsors have joined efforts to support the CERTS Tax Exemption Act introduced to help motorcoach operators and other CERTS grant recipients gain some relief from enormous tax bills in 2021. We are now up to nearly 70 members of the House of Representatives who have signed on in support of this bill. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Brenda Lawerence (D-Mich.) were the latest to sign on this week. Keep contacting your members of Congress to secure their support. Several bus operators have shared with ABA that this tax fix could lead to over $10,000 in tax savings for them. Take Action Today!.

State Transportation Commission Adopts Updated 12-Year Transportation Program

Pennsylvania's State Transportation Commission (STC) updated the 12-Year Program. The new plan anticipates $84 billion will be available over the next 12 years for improvements to roads, bridges, transit systems, airports and railroads. Read more...

PA Officials Still Exploring Funding Major Bridge Repairs Without Tolls

With the possibility of tolling eliminated, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Senate Transportation Committee are trying to work together to figure out how to replace nine major bridges across the state. Read more...

Your License Plate Frame Is Enough for Police in PA To Pull You Over

Thousands of drivers in Pennsylvania could now be at greater risk of getting pulled over by police — all because of the frame around their license plate. Read more...

Top 10 Stories On Harrisburg/PA Politics Last Week

Because in politics, everything is connected to everything else. Read more...

PennDOT Enhances 511PA to Assist Travelers to Little League World Series

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) encourages motorists traveling to the Little League World Series in Williamsport to plan their trip using the real-time travel and alternate-route information available online at more...

Inflation Reduction Act Tax Provisions

On August 16, 2022, President Biden signed the $750 billion Inflation Reduction Act bill into law covering health care, climate and tax changes. The key tax provisions outlined will take effect on January 1, 2023. Read more...

Federal Transit Agency (FTA) Charter Rule

The Federal Transit Agency (FTA) charter rule requires bus companies to register every two years. It does not auto-renew your company. Renew or enroll.

FMCSA Updates Guidance for Driver Medical Examiners

Chris Rotondo, FMCSA NJ Division Administrator, advised that this is a handbook of sorts, to help the industry with FAQ's, and other common issues, medical questions and concerns over the years. It will allow the industry to see that others had or have similar issues and this was the answer from either FMCSA or OST. Chris recommends contacting the FMCSA or state (depending on the situation) if you have any real issues or regulatory concerns. Read more...

FMCSA to Take on Request to Add Hair Follicle Drug Testing to Clearinghouse

A coalition group of big-name trucking companies is once again asking federal regulators to allow hair testing for drugs to determine if a person is fit to drive. Read more...

Intercity Bus Lines See Encouraging Signs As Riders Return

While ridership remains below pre-pandemic levels, experts see a “sustained recovery” and opportunities for expansion ahead. Read more...

WIB Driving Force Webinar Scheduled November 2nd

ABA's Women in Buses will host their next Driving Force webinar, with a focus on recruiting, as part of their Wednesdays Series on November 2nd at 2:00 PM. Click here to register.

The Latest Traveler Trends You Need to Know

Understandably, the needs of travelers are evolving just as the rest of the world grows and changes with time. Group travel professionals are tasked with keeping up, ensuring their offerings align with their client's expectations. If you're interested in learning more about what trends you should be aware of to instill confidence in your groups, keep reading.


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