September 2016

Once the hurricane hits, it's too late to prepare for the hurricane. The same is true for a crisis, which can come at you, your company or your organization in the most unexpected ways. When the crisis hits, the importance of an effective communications plan becomes clear.

In our newest blog post we take a look at the things you can - and should - be doing today to prepare for the hurricane, or any other event that you hope will never happen.

You can read it here:  The Best Defense...

So if you're thinking ahead and have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at any time.


More Crisis Prevention:
Telling Your Story Ahead of Time
Quonset Business Park,
by the numbers
When our firm began working with the Quonset Business Park in 2004 there were over 6,000 people working there at more than 150 companies. Yet the Park was widely perceived as an underachiever - at best - and at worst, a failure. Why? We would argue that one main reason was that it missed the last key ingredient it takes to be a champion in business - defining yourself on your own favorable terms by delivering core messages in a steady, consistent way.

This March, 10 years after we began telling the Business Park's story and after thousands of new jobs and dozens of companies had arrived at Quonset, The New York Times highlighted Quonset's transformation in a piece that we worked to place.

On Monday, Rhode Island's Governor Gina Raimondo and all four members of the state's Congressional delegation came together at our State House to unveil a report by Bryant University quantifying the Business Park's key role in our state's economy. It was another great opportunity to tell the Quonset story, and offer a preview of how to continue the Park's momentum for many years.

Providence Business News: Study: Quonset contributing to R.I. employment, boasts $2.9B in economic output

Providence Journal: Study seeks to quantify economic benefits of Quonset Business Park

NBC 10 News: New study breaks down economic impact of Quonset Business Park

Patch: Bryant Report on Quonset's Impact on State Economy Unveiled

A Good Way to Reach Key Audiences
One great way to reach key audiences is to have a member of that audience tell your story.  Our client the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank provides financing for local communities to build, maintain and improve the state's infrastructure.  This includes water and sewer projects, roads and bridges and energy efficiency projects (businesses are also eligible for the latter).  This makes community leaders in Rhode Island an important audience for the Bank.

Recently, Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien, an Infrastructure Bank "customer", shared his thoughts about the benefits of the Bank on a local radio interview program.  From there, we highlighted the Mayor's interview in the next issue of the Bank's email newsletter, which goes to - among others - local officials in Rhode Island.

All in all, a good example of how to effectively combine and deliver content in a way that reaches a key audience.
Nice Ink!
Our client SENEDIA (Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance) had a busy, successful summer. First, the group announced plans to open a Rhode Island-based hub for national undersea technology excellence called the Undersea Technology Innovation Center.

Link: Innovation center to promote RI as a leader in undersea technology

Then, they received national coverage for their high profile annual event Defense Innovation Days.

Link: Washington Times: Policymakers, defense businesses converge in Rhode Island

Now we're working on an encore for the Fall!

White Horse Vapor
Dino Baccari
Rhode Island-based White Horse Vapor is a national success story, with franchises in eight states, including California, Colorado and Ohio. Recently, founder and owner Dino Baccari published an opinion piece in the Providence Business News, highlighting how vaping is rapidly emerging as a better alternative to smoking and the industry's success in beating back new, excessive government regulation in the recent session of the state General Assembly. With social media support from New Harbor Group, the piece was viewed by readers more than any other story for over a week.

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