August is here! If you haven't started marketing PA Produce Month yet, here are 3 quick suggestions for getting started.

Try one, two, or all three. You can always visit the PA Produce Month Toolkit for additional inspiration and resources.
Offer a different special each week of August to build excitement and
anticipation. If your peppers are overproducing, make them the giveaway item. Use specials that worked for you in the past or dream up something brand new. There are additional ideas for specials and events in the Toolkit .
Message, email, or call a local media outlet or an influential individual of the food and farming community to pitch a press story. Let them know about PA Produce Month and how you're personally celebrating. Find Press Release Instructions, a Sample, and a Template , in the Toolkit for assistance.
Announce PA Produce Month to your audience through a preferred platform (or platforms) of choice - Facebook, blog, email, flyer, etc. Use the  Graphics in the Toolkit, content from the Blog , or create something and share a message unique to your farm.
We'll be back in touch soon with more ideas. In the meantime, we welcome you to explore and make the most of the marketing resources at . Please don't hesitate to contact the PVMRP with questions, comments, or requests.